Cause even a white rose has a black shadow

Good morning world. No surprises today, I am still completely blank! I have absolutely nothing to write about other than the weather or work. And I even am bored to read about the weather or my work. So… let’s move on to the stuff.

Today’s post features more goodies from 22679. Their gacha set is called Under the Milkyway Tonight, is beautiful and consists of 16 items for you to collect. It is currently at Whimsical and in case you were confused like me and thought the event is over, it is not. I’m not sure whether it got extended or I had it all wrong from the beginning (thinking it ended on the 8th of June) but I checked and everything is still there for you to grab. You can also have a good look at the gacha key here.

The sandals I’m wearing are also gacha, by Friday and currently at the Arcade. Have a look at the credits below for the rest of the details and have fun.

click for full size

Have a great day and be kind to one another.


SANDALS: friday – Nellie (gacha) @The Arcade (NEW!)

JUMPSUIT: ISON – Kelly (Luxebox April 2017)

ROSE: [ keke ] – wild roses


22769 – Under The Milkyway Tonight (gacha) @Whimsical (NEW!) (ends June 18th)

22769 – Under The Milkyway Tonight – RARE
22769 – Floating Bed – COMMON
22769 – Star Window Decor – COMMON
22769 – Light Ladder – COMMON
22769 – Floor Pillows – COMMON
22769 – Bookshelf – COMMON
22769 – Caged Floor Light – COMMON
22769 – Sun Clock – COMMON
22769 – Vase with Cherry Blossoms – COMMON
22769 – DIY Endtable – COMMON
22769 – Puffy Plant – COMMON
22769 – Wooden Dreams – COMMON
22769 – Star Books – COMMON
22769 – White Leather Pouf – COMMON
22769 – Plate with Candles – COMMON

NEWCHURCH – Dragonfly Bridge-Arm Floor Lamp @TCF (NEW!)

:: N:: – Dragonfly Bridge -Arm Floor Lamp, Brass

dust bunny . natural habitat @C88 (NEW!)

dust bunny . fiddle leaf tree
dust bunny . potted bromeliad

22769 – The Lake House (gacha) @The Arcade (NEW!)

22769 – Tray with Water Bottle – COMMON

22769 – Home Dschungel

22769 – Succulent 1

dust bunny . storybook living (gacha)

dust bunny . storybook living . black candlestick phone

GA Home – Imagine Painting


Okay I have to go start packing. Yes, I’m leaving again! Sorry but I worked hard, I deserve it (or that’s what I keep telling myself every time I’m alone at the office working my ^&%# off). I’ll let you know more about my upcoming trip in my post tomorrow (I know, you may not care much about it but I still want to share and brag a little, hehe). But until then, all you Fiore mesh head owners out there, you have to try Pumec’s newest release for Whimsical. It’s beautiful.

Hugs and muahs, See you all soon.

click for full size

HEAD: .: fiore :. – Contoured Mesh Head (2.1)

SKIN: [PUMEC] – Marina @Whimsical (NEW!)

LIPSTIC: ItGirls – Amber (applier includes make-up)

HAIR: MINA – Farah @Fameshed (NEW!)

NOSE RING: PUNCH – Diamond Nose Ring


Wasn’t this the quickest weekend or what? They say time flies when you’re having a good time, so all I have to say to that is, it sucks! I just came back from the movies, watched the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them movie and being a huge Harry Potter fan myself, I enjoyed it a lot. It had humor, action, magic, (and Colin Farrell-yummy) so if you’re into movies like that, I highly recommend it.

So now let’s get to the stuff. Thor participates in the second round of Cosmopolitan that starts tomorrow with his new “Reception Set”. Here is some info about his release (copying the notecard included in the set):

“This set is composed by 16 items (for the complete setup), almost all modifiable and copyable.
-lamp with script that allows turning on and off the light. It has a menu for features: hold the click on for 5 seconds on the object and display the menu with all options, as to show or not the shadow and permission about others.
– Guest book works as a real one: just click on it and leave a message. More options in the menu for the owner.
– the desk has operating drawers with something inside.
-The Wood Letters Holder has a mail system inside. This is a copyable item and has a resize script. Just touch the table for have a menu. You can select to show if you are on line or not and if visitor can send you an IM on object touch. You can set your E-mail also (read in the instruction about “help”). You can select the sensor scan timing (rate), the range in meters (range), the report time wait (report), the mail the report need to be sent to (mail).
Drag inside the object as many notecard and landmark you want to be sent to the visitor. The system will not bother recurring visitors. Type help for further info.
This object records the names of everyone who comes within 30.000000 meters. Commands the owner can say: ‘help’  – Shows these instructions.
‘say list’   – Says the names of all visitors on the list.
‘reset list’ – Removes all the names from the list.
You can create also a black or a white list choosing “Patrol” on the menu.
You can put the table status in off mode choosing “Offline” on the menu.
at first rez you have to reset all scripts because the table work properly.”

Impressive right? All items are listed individually in the credits below, so have a look.

click for full size

That’s all for now peeps, I’ll see you all next time! Have a nice day night and be kind to one another.


HAIR: *barberyumyum* – 51 (past FLF)

HAT: PInk Acid – Hipster In The Outback Hat

BODYSUIT: Jeune by Rowne – Denim Boiler Suit (Luxebox October)

BOOTS: BUENO – Fringe Boots


..::THOR::.. Vintage Reception Set – @Cosmopolitan (opens November 21st) (NEW!)

..::THOR::.. Old Guest Book

..::THOR::.. Wood Letters Holder

..::THOR::.. Vintage Reception Desk

..::THOR::.. Vintage Telephone

..::THOR::.. Vintage Key Holder

..::THOR::.. Consierge Sign

..::THOR::.. Color Scale Poster

..::THOR::.. Postcards – Wall

..::THOR::.. Vintage Desk Lamp

..::THOR::.. Brushes Jug

..::THOR::.. Old Jug with Projects

..::THOR::.. Stamps Holder

..::THOR::.. Cup of Coffee

..::THOR::.. Vintage Reception Chair

..::THOR::.. Metal Bucket 1

..::THOR::.. Metal Bucket 2

..::THOR::.. Recycled “Willy” Set

..::TH::.. Encyclopedia

..::TH::.. Pen Holder

..::TH::.. Motivational Moleskin

..::THOR::..  Vintage Set

..::THOR::.. Poe Tales Book

..::THOR::.. Newspaper

..::THOR::.. Bowl Sign

..::THOR::.. Magazine Holder

..::THOR::.. Pen Holder Mug

..::THOR::.. Carroll Tales Book

..::THOR::.. Vintage Car Magazine

..::THOR::.. Old Dirty Coffeeshop Set

..::THOR::.. Amsterdam Gouden Gids

..::THOR::.. De Gruyer’s Store Poster

..::THOR::.. Old Trays

..::THOR::.. Teapot Simple

..::THOR::..Raven Carousel

..::TH::.. Raven Carousel

..::THOR::.. Living On Two Wheels (gacha)

..::THOR::.. Bicycle Beyge + Pic-Nic Set (common)

..::THOR::.. The Winchester Hideout Set

..::THOR::.. Old Industrial Stool

22769 ~ [bauwerk] – Corner Coffeehouse @Whimsical (NEW!)

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Coffeehouse Wallart (gacha common)

.:Bee Designs:. – Dusk set

.:Bee Designs:.Dusk  set Gacha Rug (gacha common)

SKYBOX: DRD MS – Magick Shoppe


Posting at 3:30am! My own personal record. Needless to say I won’t be staying up for much longer. Only to share with you the new skin applier Pumec released for Fiore heads. Her name is Marina and she is gorgeous.

It is available in 4 different skin colors plus versions with freckles. You can try the demo now at the Whimsical event. The flowers on the head is the new, beautiful release of Evolove boutique for the Tres Chic event. Tattoo is from Speakeasy for the Coven event and last but not least, necklace is from Phedora for the Collabor88 event (comes with pasties).

B/W versionorchidea


Colored versionorchidea_color

Have a lovely day/night everyone and see you all soon.

HEAD: Fiore – Contoured Mesh Head (2.1)

SKIN: [PUMEC] – Marina @Whimsical (NEW!)

MAKE-UP: ItGirls – Amber Applier (the skin applier includes make-up hud)

HAIR: Rezology – Voluminous Topknot

HAIR ACCESSORY: [evoLove] – Vintage Flower Head Piece @Tres Chic (NEW!)

NECKLACE: PHEDORA – Desdemona @Collabor88 (NEW!)

TATTOO: {Speakeasy} – Catnip Tattoo @The Coven (NEW!)


Humble such a nice word, I saw a quote today, I know I know I’m a huge lover of them lol it said “I’m humble enough to know I am no better than anyone else and wise enough to know I am different than the rest”  I love this quote and a great way to be in my opinion, I am just average every day girl, nothing special just a nice person, a good friend to have and loyal to the end,  does this make me a push over?   Far from it, I just choose my battles wisely and let the small things go as let’s face it there is bigger more important things to worry about, so focus on those.

I would like to think I am a humble person, am I different from the rest, I would like to think so to, because differences are what make us unique, original, I have never been one to run with the crowd just because they are popular, I would sooner be loved for who I am and make friendships built on love, trust, loyalty, companionship not because they are “the cool kids” I guess that makes me secure in who I am, yes I still have insecurities like most people do, lots of them it feels at times lol but one thing I am confident in is that I am a nice person, who treats others how I like to be treated.  I give everyone a chance and form opinions on my own not word of mouth.   I am also very fortunate to have some wonderful friends in real life, and online too some of which I have had the good fortune to meet in real life,  this not only makes me lucky it makes me very thankful,  what are you thankful for in your life?

Have a good evening everyone ♥



BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

HEAD:  CATWA HEAD Jessica v4.9

SKIN:  Egozy – Shenty

EYES:  .ARISE. Rema Eyes / Grey

HAIR:  .Entwined. Amber @ Shiny Shabby (NEW)

DRESS:  Dead Dollz – Grace Eggshell @ Whimsical (NEW)

SHOES:  Essenz – Riga (White)

ARMBAND:  SMASH – Angelic Armbands Silver

SIM:  The Outer Garden


“People will stare. Make it worth their while”

Harry Winston

Please meet, Antonia.

Genesis Lab did it again. Created this new, gorgeous mesh head for new round of Collabor88.

If only I could count the number of times I have worn a Genesis head, fell in love with it, only to betray my love, as soon as I put on the next one.

Can you blame me?

click for full size

HEAD: Genesis Lab – Antonia 2.0 @C88 (NEW!)

SKIN: Genesis Lab – Antonia Cappuccino





SEPTUM: Yummy – Luxury Septum’s – Chain Link Septum GACHA COMMON @THE ARCADE (NEW!)

CHOKER: !IT! – Ra Choker


Sunshine 30th May 2016

“Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows”
Robert Green Ingersol

Today’s post is “Sunshine” purely because as soon as I put this gorgeous Romper on by RealEvil Industries from this month’s Shiny Shabby I just wanted to go find a place to sit in the sun and watch the world go by.  Sunshine is many things to many people from the warm touch on your skin, the brightness of a day or the cute nickname a loved one refers to you as (yes my Fiancé calls me his Sunshine lol )

I think it’s safe to say it brings a smile to everyone’s face or day just as wearing such a wonderful outfit did to mine so I wanted to share with you all.  Enjoy ♥



HEAD:  CATWA HEAD Jessica v4.9
BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
SKIN:  Egozy.Shenty
HAIR:  TRUTH HAIR Elira @ Uber (NEW)
ROMPER:  **RE** Deliah Romper White @ Shiny Shabby (NEW)
TATTOO:  Custom made
SHOES:  Essenz – San Fransisco (White)
EYES:  IKON Sovereign Eyes – Dune
NECKLACE:  TABOU. Whimsical Necklace- Silver @ Whimsical (NEW)
SIM:  Black Basalt Beach


Ninety 25th May 2016

“Ninety percent of everything is crap”
Theodore Sturgeon

Not the case this time though. If that was true, I would be one happy lady.

I have wished so many times designers took a break for a couple of months and allowed me to catch up with everything, wear it, pose in it and blog it. But no. Events keep opening one after the other.

Designers are on a high roll releasing better and cuter designs every day. So I would say ninety percent of everything at the moment, is beautiful.

By the way, 90 is the number on the back of this jacket as well…



HEAD: CATWA – Sarah V4.9
BODY: Slink – Hourglass V1.5.1
SKIN: Atelier Pepe – Sophia (Spring Tone)
MAKE UP: L’Etre – Haily lipstick [TresChic Special color GIFT @TC (NEW!)
HAIR: Entwined – Alexis
EYES: {S0NG} – Adam
JACKET: Indented – Meshie @WHIMSICAL (NEW!)
BODYSUIT: Indented – Nyvia @WHIMSICAL (NEW!)
SHOES: REIGN – All Star Thigh High Heels @N21 (NEW!)
POSE: Label Motion – Scene#2 Pose2 @SHINY SHABBY (NEW!)
SIM: Elysion

Nicki 23rd May 2016

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

Catwa released a new mesh head last night. Her name? Nicki. I’m definitely not the most familiar person with Catwa mesh heads (although I find Annie and Sarah quite beautiful) but Nicki, for a change, is created to be static only. That basically means no add-ons and no upgrades. This is also the reason why it costs only 100L$ (wear your Catwa group tag and you will also receive 30 of those Lindens back as store credit).

If you’re into photography, modeling or just want to put something different on your neck, I’d say it’s a good deal. Also if you’re into thick, juicy lips, she’s definitely your girl. Hehe.

Happy shopping everyone!




HEAD: CATWA – Nicki (NEW!)
BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5
SKIN: L’Etre – Sarah (Cotton)
EYES: AMITOMO – Eye Collection 2 – 6
MAKE UP: [LF] – Ushio Lip gloss @TC (NEW!)
HAIR: Bold & Beauty – Cecile GACHA @WHIMSICAL (NEW!)
TOP:  villena – Cropped Sweatshirt @K9 (NEW!)
SHORTS: Addams – Electra Denim Short
SIM: Black Basalt Beach

Noir 22nd May 2016

“Crying doesn’t always mean you’re weak…It just means that you’ve been strong for too long”

Have you ever been so overwhelmed you just burst into tears? Sometimes you can’t help it. And feel so good afterwards. My dad raised me as a boy. I remember him always saying, crying is for the weak. And then he played football with me. Haha.

Well I’ll say crying can also be very sexy. At least that was my goal on this project. This beautiful hair from Rezology did the whole work. I’m sure you’ve all checked Rezology catalogue out by now, but in case you haven’t, HURRY! You’ll be amazed with how many different, sexy, elegant and picturesque hairstyles you’ll find.





HEAD: Genesis Lab – Ingrid 2.0 (Human) @TDS3 (NEW!)
BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5
SKIN: Genesis Lab – Sandra (CAPPUCCINO)
HAIR: Rezology –  Manbait
EYES: {S0NG} :: Aki~ Black Eyes @K9 (NEW!)
DRESS: Vinyl + Azuchi – Dyne Vintage Dress @WHIMSICAL (NEW!)
STOCKINGS:  Erratic – delice
SHOES: .: KC :. – CINZIA Classic Pumps
GLOVES: =Zenith= – Cosy Long Gloves
POSE: flowey. – You’re mine (Edited)