Snow hearts

Good morning and happy Monday! Ok, seriously, every time I use happy and Monday in the same sentence, I sigh. Those two don’t make sense together. Anyways, we’re getting closer to Christmas so the mood is getting better. Not because I love Christmas that much, no. Because I’ll get to have some days off from work. Have you made your plans yet? I haven’t even started decorating ! One problem at a time though. Today’s post features a bunch of new stuff from Tannenbaum and The Arcade. I mentioned yesterday all the important information you need to know about The … Continue reading Snow hearts

Fall vibes

Good morning! I don’t have much time today so I’m going to post this and run straight to work. No, don’t take this as enthusiasm. It’s not. It’s probably guilt, as I have so much work to do since yesterday and apparently, working for 10 hours isn’t good enough! Ugh! Anyways, today’s post features some fashion stuff from the Arcade. Have a look at the credits below for every one of them and enjoy shopping. The scene details can be found on my blog post yesterday. Have a great one and see you all next time. ♡ HEAD/SKIN: Genesis Lab – … Continue reading Fall vibes

The Subway Camp

Good morning world! Going to share some facts with you today, since it’s the weekend and according to our agreement, whenever I post in the weekends, I don’t ramble. So here we go: Fact 1: Indie Teepee has opened and it’s awesome. Read here for more info. Fact 2: DRD participates and as always, their creativity is surreal. Have a look at the vendor picture here. Fact 3: I collab’d with Hara after a long, long time. She’s so much fun so I highly recommend it. Fact 4: Hara’s version is beautiful. Check here. That’s all for now folks. See … Continue reading The Subway Camp

Change my mind or turn my back.

Yes, apparently I was kidding when I said I will try to post “every other day”. I did say that, it’s blogged and documented. And I tried. For a minute. But apparently I can’t do it and it’s now even worse. I’m posting twice a day! To be honest, I’m suffering from a disorder, which probably all noob bloggers like me go through (or at least that sounds comforting to me) where I need to blog everything I like. The stores I’m working with always leave me a choice but I’m like “no, just give me more”. But hey, compared to the … Continue reading Change my mind or turn my back.

The briturn

Hello! Another collab…Yes, it’s me on the left and guess who’s down on the right…It is Julie! I thought you got it from the title. Briturn is the amalgamation of British and Return. You know, because Julie is British? And she’s back in my pictures? No? Not good? OK, moving on, it’s been so long since we last made a picture together and with everything going on for both of us in RL and SL, we had forgotten what our avatars look like. Good thing we’re both blogging so we can be informed in case something changes on us. Actually, it is … Continue reading The briturn

Redtastic glam

It’s been a while since the last time I rambled on here, hasn’t it? Today I won’t be rambling either, but at some point, I do have to – I’ve missed it. As you’ve probably noticed, I changed the name of the blog. I have changed the layout many times too. Blog name was originally “Do It Yourself”, a title we both came up with Jules, but since my beautiful bestie has started her own blog, I figured I’d change the title to something more personal. Exis-tence. What do you think? I’m usually bored easily and constantly change everything in … Continue reading Redtastic glam


The past few days have been super crazy long and busy. Which is exactly why I won’t ramble as always. In the mood I’m in, bitching is all I can offer right now. Hehe. Just want to mention my friend Rosita, for posing with me for this picture. She’s crazy which makes her perfect! Also quick mention to the new releases from Lybra and Panavia. Skin is new from ItGirls too but you will see it clearly in a portrait I’ll make for it soon. Everything is credited below. Have a good day/night and be kind to one another! ♡ … Continue reading Pallas


One of the reasons why I barely go to sims to take pictures is crash issues. I take my pictures on ultra settings but apparently that is too much for my poor computer to handle. I really hate it as it limits me photography/blogging wise but at the same time it challenges me too. Using my studio is more convenient for sure but does keep me to myself. There are so many sims, especially winter themed ones now, perfect for photography, that I do visit but don’t even dare to take a picture in them. In fact, Soul Crimson recently … Continue reading Fagus


“…is not something you find…it’s something you create…” ♡ HEAD: CATWA – Dyana V4.10 SKIN: [PUMEC] – Evie @The Crossroads (NEW!) HAIR: Wasabi Pills – Natsumi GLASSES: PANAVIA – COLIAS NECKLACE: Zenith – Feather Dream Catcher Necklace TOP: Dead Dollz – Regan Sweater @TLC (NEW!) SHORTS: Maitreya – High Waisted Shorts Torn TATTOO: Speakeasy – Drift @TMD (NEW!) SOCKS: fri. – Lazy.Socks SHOES: [Gos] Boutique – Hi Tops (gacha common) BACKDROP: Pseudo – Cafe Bicycle (gacha rare) @Sanarae (NEW!) (ends November 18th) Continue reading Balance