The Bounty

It’s 2am and I had a long day so, I won’t ramble about my everyday happenings and go straight to the point. Decor!

For this post I worked with the new releases from two of my favorite decor stores. Thor and Newchurch. Thor participates in this round of Cosmopolitan – changes on the 22nd – with the Winchester Hideout set. Consists of furniture and props, most impressive one would have to be the knife in the polaroid picture, which is pretty cool actually. You can drag and drop any picture in there. Thanks to my friend Jayke I used his profile picture that looks like a mugshot. He he.

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Newchurch participates in the On9 October round with a gacha of terrariums, successfully and playfully renamed as TERRORiums! Gacha consists of 6 commons and 1 rare, a pretty amazing animated rare one actually. You can have a better look at the gacha key here.

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That would be all for now, hope everyone’s well and having a great day/night! Be kind to  one another and see you all next time.


HAIR: Tableau Vivant – Starry Night – Side tail (gacha common)

OUTFIT: Zenith – Autumn sweater with skirt @C88 (NEW!)


NEWCHURCH – TERRORium – Field of Screams (gacha common) @On9 (NEW!)

THOR – The Winchester Hideout Set @Cosmopolitan (NEW!)

THOR – Old Hunting Trophy

THOR – Shotgun In a Teque

THOR – Old Industrial Stool

THOR – Old Halfmoon Table

THOR – Hunting Knife With Polaroid

THOR – Revolver Pen Holder

THOR – Thor Pilsener Bottle

THOR – Ashtray (not part of the set)

The Vintage Beach

Mid August already. Time passes by so fast. I read an article online recently, according to which, time flies as you get older. The author, tried to explain this phenomenon by researching it online and came up with lots of explanations. Some religious ones, others about parenting and others philosophical. The most reasonable explanation to him had to do with “anticipation” and “retrospection”.
“Whatever the nature of our individual lives, we all anticipate things important to us. Then after they happen, we look back at them. For example, most school children look forward to the long summer vacation, which always seems to be an eternity away. Finally, it arrives. Then, almost before they blink an eye, it’s over and they are back in school again.”
Who can’t relate to that? We’ve all been looking forward to summer holidays and we’re already half way there. It is going to end before we know it and make us all wonder, when? how? why? I know, I know,  and I’m sorry for bringing you down and ruining your holiday mood, but you know it’s true. At least, now, you know what you have to do. Go out and live your day. Make the best out of it and make every minute of it count. That would definitely help time accelerate even more but at least you’ll have so much fun.

Am I following my own advice? Nope! But isn’t that usually the case?

Have a good day!

PS: Just in case you’re interested in reading the article too, it’s this one: “Why Does Time Go Faster As We Get Older?”

Annex 14-8
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HEAD: Genesis Lab – Mariko 2.0 @Bon Voyage (NEW!)

BODY: Belleza – Venus V4.01

HAIR: Rezology – Speed Vault

GLASSES: XRAYED  –  magazine shades 1.0 (FREE!)

OUTFIT: The Annex – Dottie Outfit @Enchantment (NEW!) (store has moved to new location)

TATTOO: Nanika – Flora @On9 (NEW!)



Beach Towel – Aphrodite Shop “Vintage  Beach”@On9 (NEW!)

Deco Bag – Aphrodite Shop “Vintage  Beach”@On9 (NEW!)

Parasol – Aphrodite Shop “Vintage  Beach”@On9 (NEW!)

Magazine – Dead Dollz – Beach, Please! (gacha common) @The Epiphany (ends on the 15th)

rest of decor can be found @Black Basalt Beach