It was all a dream

“And one fine day,
even if you tell me that it was all a dream,
I’d still smile, teary eyed,
knowing that I spent an entire lifetime in it”

Good morning and happy almost Friday!

I finally made a picture for the Epiphany and I’m happy to share it with you today. The event has opened since the 15th and the creations are more than I can count and wonderful. If you haven’t visited yet, you have the weekend coming up so save some money as you’ll definitely need it!

I’m showcasing the gorgeous skybox MINIMAL made for the event along with the releases from Valentina, RAMA and Zenith. Also, the skin is from Glam Affair, currently available at Collabor88 and the shape is included!

For more details check the credits below and happy shopping!

Here’s also all the necessary information about The Epiphany:

Sim  •  Mirror Sim 
The Epiphany Flickr Group
The Epiphany Shopping Guide April 2018

click for full size

Have a great one and I’ll see you all next time!


HEAD: CATWA – Catya v3.0

SKIN: Glam Affair – Terry @Collabor88 (NEW!)

FLOWERS CROWN: Ariskea – [FlowerChild] Peony Crown (gacha rare)

HAIR: RAMA.SALON – Melanie (gacha rare) @The Epiphany (NEW!)

DRESS: VALENTINA – Arya  (gacha) @The Epiphany (NEW!)

GLOVES/SOCKS/SHOES: =Zenith= Lolita (gacha) @The Epiphany (NEW!)


MINIMAL – Forgotten Library (gacha rare) @The Epiphany (NEW!)

HPMD* Garden Tree 07

Skye Log Bridge

+Half-Deer+ White Baby Bird

Warming memories

Hello world! It’s the weekend, remember our agreement? There’s no rambling in the weekends and it’s super convenient at the moment as I don’t have much to say, other than, have a great one!

click for full size

See you all next time.


Genesis Lab. – Warming Memories (gacha) @The Arcade (NEW!)

Genesis_Head_Marlene_3.2 Bento
Genesis Lab. – “Warming Memories”- Camera – Unrigged – Male
Genesis Lab. – “Warming Memories”- Glass – Khaki
Genesis Lab. – “Warming Memories”- Watch – Khaki

HAIR: [monso] – Laureline @Sanarae (NEW!)

COAT: :V.e. – Matilda Belted Coat


[ keke ] winter maple leaves

[ keke ] winter maple leaves . whirling rime

ionic : Flowers in December @TCF (NEW!)

ionic : City Apartment -Snowy- RARE

hive // christmas tree lot & fir tree set @Tannenbaum (NEW!)

hive // fir tree A . snowy

Cock your hat…angles are attitudes

Weekend is finally here!

Am I at the beach? Nope…Not really at least. Virtually I’m SO there.

I’m hoping this will be a quiet weekend. I’ve been working so hard the past few months, so now I feel exhaustion all over my body and mind. Today will also be the day I will know if I leave for vacation or not. I know it’s something I’ve been looking forward to, and need, big time, but it’s not entirely up to me unfortunately.

Anyways, last night, I read Kess’ post on SL Blogger Support blog and I really liked it. I could totally relate to everything she wrote. I believe every blogger/blogger manager and designer/sponsor should read it. It’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about writing recently, but I blame my poor english! I’m so glad someone more fluent in it, did it and did it well.

Only thing I would like to add to all that is, the lack of support from designers to their bloggers. Kess is right, designers don’t spend time to meet their bloggers, which is understandable considering all the time they spend on designing and promoting, but the way I see it, if you choose your blogger team, you’re proud of it and you trust in it to make a good job and showcase your products well, least you can do is promote your bloggers work as well. Most of the designers, have websites. Whether it’s flickr, or just a simple blog, I would expect all of them to have a section there, with their blogger team, their info, flickr pages and blogs. That way you get mutual support from both sides and would start to feel more like a collaboration than just work or advertising.

I have so so much to add to this whole story as well, and hopefully I’ll make a post about it soon. For now I believe Kess said it all. I’m a new blogger so I haven’t had tons of experience yet, but for the few months I’ve been doing it, I can tell for sure that blogging can be a fun thing to do, when you have a cool designer sponsoring you, trusting you and looking forward to seeing what you come up with, without telling you what to do all the time or it can be a huge chore, where the pictures are biased, the quality is bad and the result is just another vendor image. I think both cases are legit, it all comes down to what you like and you’re on board with. We know what we’re getting ourselves into. We can’t expect designers to ask for less, only thing we can do is stop and let someone else do it if we realize we can’t.

Have a beautiful weekend everybody!

click for full size

HEAD: fiore – Soft Mesh Head (2.1)

BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5

SKIN: ITGirls – Amber

HAIR: Entwined – Alison

HAT/SWIMSUIT: Lybra – Valentina (gacha commons)@The Gacha Garden (NEW!)

SMOOTHIE: [evoLove] –  Blueberry Smoothie@ TLC (opens August 7th) (NEW!)

EARRING: Izzie’s – Flower Earring

LEGS: PHEDORA – Leg Accessory

POSE: Pose It – Beach Time (edited)

CHAIR: 8f8 – Driftwood Chair