“Hold me tight…

…and never let me go” Many many thanks to Kaiden ♡ Exis: HEAD: CATWA – Annie 4.9 BODY: Maitreya – Lara BRA/SKIRT: CandyDoll -Veronica Dress @C88 (NEW!) SHOES: REIGN.- ESTEE (LuxeBox June 2016) Kaiden: BODY: #TMP – Deluxe Body HAIR: BURLEY – Joe BRACELET 1: AITUI – Rocker Bracelet BRACELET 2: [CX] – Bound Wristband EARS: MANDALA – Tunnel – Stretched ears RINGS: { m o d u s }  – Ring TATTOO & NECKLACE: I’ll ask Kaiden again (lol) Pose: JAPS – Valeria @Pose Lover & Friends (NEW!) Shot in: Elysion Continue reading “Hold me tight…


Current Status: Half Asleep Writing this now with my eyes half open. I feel so tired but I wanted to share this picture with you before bed. Once you’ve seen it, I’m going to pass out for about 24 hours. Hope Jules has my coffee ready in the morning. Lol! JAPS have been working hard to create an amazing collection of poses. This is one of them. JAPS will also be participating for the upcoming Pose Lover & Friends event that opens soon among other notorious poses designers. Can’t wait! Also this time I had the amazing assistance of the … Continue reading Eternal


“Fantasy mirrors desire, Imagination reshapes it.” Mason Cooley How many times have you heard me complain about not being good with fantasy themes? Yet here I am with another one. Lucifer, my bestie’s fiancé and good friend of mine, got this gladiator/hunter/archer/vigilante/assassin  outfit on, combining different products, all wonderfully made by Gabriel. You know how men usually get with their new toys or gadgets. Lucifer was no different. He walked around all over SL with it shooting arrows at imaginary targets.When I saw him in it though, I have to admit, I loved it. Bauhaus Movement makes amazing poses. So … Continue reading Gabriel

Romantic 4th June 2016

“It’s not about who hurt you and broke you down. It’s about who was always there and made you smile again” I’ve blogged in my previous posts about the new Tropical Summer Fair that opens today and Fetching Poses are participating. They are movie themed poses and this is the second one. The featured movie is The Notebook and it’s so romantic (the movie but the pose as well). Lucifer and Jules were the perfect models for the pose, as, their relationship all these years, inspires me so much. Grab your loved ones, throw them in the boat and smile. … Continue reading Romantic 4th June 2016

Showgirl 3rd June 2016

“Love is strong in its passion; affection is powerful in its gentleness” Jules Michelet “I’m late, people are waiting”, she said. “Don’t worry about the people. Let them wait. Anticipation works to your advantage” he replied. With a quick move grabbed her by her waist, pulled her close against his body and held her tight. Kissed her neck softly as she leaned her head back against his shoulder, allowing him to explore the surface better. “Miss, miss, is everything ok? People are screaming your name, you’re late” she heard someone scream while knocking on her door. “I’ll be right there” … Continue reading Showgirl 3rd June 2016