Good morning world! Happy Monday… (or whatever, you know my thoughts on Mondays but I have to keep it professional, you know…). So, let’s talk about how crappy this weekend has been, shall we?

I’ll start with the fact that I have not been productive at all. And I wanted to! I wasn’t supposed to work on Saturday but I got a phonecall at 7am, informing me that someone called in sick, so I had to fill in. That’s what I get for leaving my phone on, right? I came home around 5pm and went straight to bed. Woke up 2 hours later, all ready and prepared to make a picture with my friend Hara for the Epiphany. It took us a couple of hours to figure out what we would do, we started setting up and then we couldn’t get our shadows or angles right, we did take a bunch of pictures and then she fell asleep. After that and since I had no plans for Saturday night, I figured I would work on more pictures. And I did! Then went to bed all happy that I had made some progress.

I woke up on Sunday though and I hated everything. My face in the mirror, the fact that I had woken up early, the taste of the cereal and of course, all of the pictures I had taken. So I deleted everything. For the rest of the day I was struggling on making one single picture and took me forever. Felt like it was my first day of blogging. Now, I know what you might think, and no, it was not that time of the month. Is it exhaustion? Could be. Am I burnt out? Probably. All I know is that SL designers have been super productive lately and I, once again, want to be the hero that keeps up with everything. I still think that I can make it. We shall see!

So here’s some new stuff from Bloom and Collabor88 for you. A super long list of credits follows so I’d suggest you grabbed your coffee first.

click for full size

Have a great day and see you all next time!

hive // potted plants II @Bloom (NEW!)

hive // kentia palm plant
hive // pink caladium plant

Ariskea [ Forsythia ] @Bloom (NEW!)

Ariskea [ Forsythia ] – Paper flower [Greenery]

[Bad Unicorn] Putney Picnic @Bloom (NEW!)

[Bad Unicorn] Putney Picnic Bench (8 texture options)
[Bad Unicorn] Putney Picnic Watering Can
[Bad Unicorn] ‘White’ Putney Picnic Table

PILOT & Can’t Even – Gloves and Trowel @Bloom (NEW!)

PILOT & Can’t Even – Soil Bags @Bloom (NEW!)

PILOT – Hanging Planter @Bloom (NEW!)

PILOT & Can’t Even – Ladder with Blanket @Collabor88 (NEW!)

PILOT & Can’t Even – Shadowbox Sign [Welcome] @Collabor88 (NEW!)

PILOT & Can’t Even – Tobacco Basket [Leaning] @Collabor88 (NEW!)

PILOT & Can’t Even – Shutter Sidebard Table [White] @Collabor88 (NEW!)

floorplan. door trellis @Collabor88 (NEW!)

Loft & Aria – Dixie @Collabor88 (NEW!)

Loft & Aria – Dixie Frames
Loft & Aria – Dixie Photo Frame

tarte. farmhouse dining @Collabor88 (NEW!)

tarte. farmhouse dining chair
tarte. farmhouse dining dining table
tarte. farmhouse dining centerpiece
tarte. leafy centerpiece
tarte. mason jar chandelier

NOMAD // Antique Tiles @Collabor88 (NEW!)

NOMAD // Antique Tiles A // Mix Color
NOMAD // Antique Tiles B // Mix Color
NOMAD // Antique Tiles C // Mix Color

Ariskea [Dairy] @Kustom9 (NEW!)

Ariskea[Dairy] Dairy Sage Container Empty
Ariskea[Dairy] Dairy Sage Container
Ariskea[Dairy] Dairy Plank box

*:..Silvery K..:* – Shabby Chic (gacha) @TSS (NEW!)

*:..Silvery K..:* – Shabby Chic (Frame_WhiteM)11

Soy. Garden Shed with Lblue Bricks

..::THOR::.. The Garden Life (gacha)

..::THOR::.. Soil Burlap Sacks
..::THOR::.. Stack of Pots

ANHELO-M45LR-183GA :: my little garden (leaf rake)

ANHELO-M45GH-183GA :: my little garden (garden hook)

ANHELO-M46BI-182GA :: misty London morning (bike)

ANHELO-M45SH-181GA :: my little garden (shelf)

Apple Fall Cranfield Fence

*alirium* DwarfForest

*alirium* Titan

HPMD* WildGrasses

HPMD* Garden Vine 01


Good morning world! It’s Monday but feels like Tuesday. Only because I stop work on Thursday due to Easter holidays and I could not be more happy. I think I’m going to spend whole Friday sleeping. And it would still not be enough. Mood is great, let’s take advantage of that!

Today I want to ramble a little and write a few things about the Blogger and Vlogger Network. It had come to my attention by Kess, who is one of the people responsible for it. I’ve been following Kess’ work for a while now and I’m enjoying every single one of her posts. She always has a few things to write about her day or her life in general, which I adore, as it makes me relate to her and makes this whole thing, more personal. If you haven’t seen her post regarding the BNVN already, I’m quoting her vision about this:

“I mentioned briefly yesterday the new Blogger & Vlogger Network that I have been working on for a while now with my wonderful colleagues from Spotlight Magazine, Trouble Dethly and Delicate Flower. BVN is a new support, education and networking resource for bloggers, vloggers and photographers in Second Life with a website packed full of useful tutorials and articles and a programme of live events including talks and panel discussions for designers and bloggers. Check out the website and suggest anything you would like to see and join the group in world to keep up to the date with the schedule of events and network with other like-minded bloggers and vloggers. I personally am very interested in learning more about vlogging so I am very much looking forward to Cassie Middles talk on transitioning to vlogging in a couple of weeks time.”

Source: https://theglamoursauce.com/2017/03/07/bright-lights/

I think you’ve probably seen a bunch of the Network’s posts on social media already, regarding discussions, blogger and vlogger opportunities, picturesque sims and basically anything blogger and vlogger related. There is an inworld group you join for free and you can then be up to date with everything or simply ask for assistance or advice on the matter.

Last Saturday they had invited 3 well established SL brand owners to talk about their perspective when it comes to blogging, to give and share some tips and ideas on how to represent a brand better and what they think bloggers should or should not do. I was out Saturday night and couldn’t attend, but the whole discussion was being streamed live and recorded on YouTube. I watched it last night and I was excited. There were a lot of interesting Q&As. On Tuesday, Strawberry Singh will be on the panel talking about social media and the use of them. Can’t wait.

Blogger & Vlogger Network’s social media




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A mention to this beautiful head is also important! Genesis Lab. participates in the new round of The Seasons Story which opens today. The new release is a skin applier, created and worn on Jane bento head. There is a shape included as always but, like all bento heads, you can also modify it to your liking. She comes in all available skin tones and she has a very youngish doll face that I love. Genesis Lab. skins are also pretty affordable compared to most skin stores on the grid. Price is usually 500L$ and the body appliers (all tones included on the hud) are 200L$ and sold separately for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza (Vista bento hands too).

That’s all for now peeps! Have a lovely day and be kind to one another. See you all soon.

HEAD: Genesis Lab. – Jane 3.2 (bento)

SKIN/SHAPE: Genesis Lab. – Elisa @The Seasons Story (NEW!) 

EYESHADOW: Genesis Lab. – Wet Eyeshadow (gacha common)

EYES: Genesis Lab. – Orpheus 3.0 (gacha common)

LASHES: Genesis Lab. – Annice 3.0 (gacha common)

HAIR: Photoshop hair by Rayne Morgan


Can you guess the theme of this picture? I’ll give you a hint. Pumpkins! Funny fact about this one is I really don’t like pumpkins. We make a pie in Greece, call it Kolokithopita (good luck pronouncing that you non-Greek readers) and even though most of the Greeks love it, I personally hate it. The taste of it, for some reason is not good enough for me. But since pumpkins are the “accessory” of the month, I figured, I’d play along and get it over with. At least I didn’t have to eat them!

Panavia participates in this round of Cosmo with two decor props. One ladder and one pyramid. I believe you can see in the picture that the textures are simply gorgeous and so detailed. I was very impressed by them and needed to share. There are actually more colors for you to choose from as well so make sure you have a look. Hair is new exclusive release from Entwined for the Forest event. If you haven’t heart of it before or don’t know what it is about, read more info here. Dress is from Laksmi for On9 and legwarmers are a new release from Muka for Seasons Story. Behind the ladder, you can probably spot a nice pot with a bunch of pumpkins and a tree inside. That’s the new release from Little Branch also for On9 event. And last but not least, the skin applier is new from Glam Affair for this round of Collabor88. Wow I just realized, I’ve been busy!

That would be all for now! Hope everyone’s having a great weekend so far! I’ll see you all next time.

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HEAD: CATWA – Annie 4.10

SKIN: Glam Affair – Moirah @C88 (NEW!)

HAIR: Entwined – Kels @The Forest (requires group join) (NEW!)

DRESS: LAKSHMI – Paniz @On9 (NEW!)

LEGWARMERS: MUKA – Leg Warmers  @The Seasons Story (NEW!)

PYRAMID: Panavia – Pumpkin Ladder @Cosmopolitan (NEW!)

LADDER: Panavia – Pumpkin Pyramid @Cosmopolitan (NEW!)

TREE POT: Little Branch – Young Boxwood @On9 (NEW!)


“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”

Todays outfit is by LSR Moda and its a super cute and sexy skirt, top and shoes all in one purchase, the skirt comes in sizes Slink Physique, Venus and Maitreya and the top is available in Slink, Belleza and Maitreya and both have 30 textures to choose from.   The shoes are available in Slink High and also have a Hud with 25 textures, the variety of combinations you could choose is amazing.   I also wanted to mention the pose I am using is by my new Sponsor Meow Poses, check out her store on Market Place she has some awesome pose packs to choose from, some of which I will be showing you in my forthcoming posts.   Enjoy ♥



BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

HEAD:  CATWA HEAD Jessica v4.

SKIN:  Glam Affair – Catwa Applier – Viktoria – India

EYES:  .ARISE. Nona Eyes / Blue

HAIR:  +elua+ Zephne

SKIRT:  LSR Moda Hailey Skirt Lara Comp. (MP Link to Item)

TOP:  LSR Moda Hailey Top (MP Link to Item)

SHOES:  LSR Moda Hailey Heels Slink High (MP Link to Item)

CHOKER:  Izzie’s – Cowrie Shell Choker @ The Seasons Story (NEW)

BELLYRING:  ~Misha J.~ Belly Ring

POSE:  ::M E O W  P O S E S:: Sensual Pose 4 (MP link to Item)

SIM:  Khaled


“A goal should scare you a little & excite you A LOT”
Joe Vitale

This sexy little black dress comes from Noir Neige and is designed exclusively for the ATB aka Addicted to Black Event that starts today and runs through to August 19th.  The stunning shoes are also by Noir Neige and whilst normally can be found as a Gacha Rare at the Store are also going to be available at the ATB event, so if you’re like me and love exclusive clothes, get yourself down to the event and check it out, you won’t be disappointed.  Enjoy ♥



BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

HEAD:  CATWA HEAD Jessica v4.9

SKIN:  Egozy.Shenty

EYES:  .ARISE. Rema Eyes / Grey

HAIR:  .Entwined. Alison

DRESS:  >NOIR NEIGE< PANTERA Dress Exclusively @ ATB (Addicted to Black Event) (NEW)

SHOES:  >Noir Neige< Toxic Heels – Multicolor @ ATB (Addicted to Black Event)

CHOKER/BRACELET:  Izzie’s – Cowrie Shell @ The Seasons Story (NEW)

POSE:  LUMIpro 2016 HUD

SIM:  Elysion

Corn 25th April 2016

Welcome back everybody to our blog!  Today’s post is Corn…Don’t know how I came up with the name, guess it has to be the whole outfit that made me think of fields and agriculture in general…haha…don’t judge, my mind works in mysterious ways.


MESH BODY: Maitreya – Lara
EYES: .ARISE. Star Eyes
DRESS: :NuDoLu: Robe boho en denim @THE SEASONS STORY
SHOES: =Zenith=gladiator sandals @TRES CHIC
RING 1: ieQED chaos.ring @KUSTOM9
RING 2: Swallow– handmade Ring
EARRINGS: [Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Orix @TRES CHIC
POSES: Flowey – Walkin’
SIM: Frisland


Chic 23rd April 2016

Hello and welcome back lovely bloggers! Tres Chic opened this week, which inspired me for Chic outfits…! Chic can be interpreted as elegant, fashionable, feminine, classy and sexy. Lots of great products there and the best staff you’ll find, willing to help you out with anything you might need (my personal favorite Fofina, the CEO, friend of mine, fellow Greek girl and great taste in clothes). I’ll be posting soon outfits from Tres Chic but in the meantime, have a look at this Chic outfit. Happy shopping : )

HEAD: Genesis – Liu
BODY: Maitreya – Lara
SKIN: Genesis – Latte
EYES: .ARISE. Rema Eyes / Grey
MAKE UP: Genesis – Fabulous
HAIR: [e] – Lillian
DRESS: Clef de Peau. – Chloe Dress @THE SEASONS STORY
SHOES: Essenz – Singapore
EARRINGS: Baubles! by Phe MelodyEarring
BRACELET 1: Kibitz – Cicely cuff @TLC
BRACELET 2: *MM* Resin Bangles – Multiple Bangles
WATCH: StyLovely Watch Diamond *BLACK*
RINGS: Kibitz – Catherine Ring @KUSTOM9 (MARCH 2016)
TATTOO: IAF – Chinese back tattoo
POSE: AN LAR – The Lola Series @ROMP
SIM: Elysion