Cookie is a word that always sounded funny to my ears. Cookies are also delicious. I’ve been to London many times and if you have been as well, you’ve probably tasted the notorious Ben’s Cookies. That store on Oxford street in particular, probably remembers me still, after they sold out in one day. Last time I was there, I bought probably 100 of them and I came back to Greece giving those cookies to every person I know, simply because everyone has to taste them. I have been demanding for some Ben’s cookies from  Jules, since she’s in the UK, but my demand still hasn’t been fulfilled! I still have hope though! If you’re reading this and you’re British or live in the UK, please contact me for details and shipping info. He he…

The Annex participates in this round of Tres Chic with lingerie. It’s bras and panties, available for Slink, Belleza and Maitreya mesh bodies. There are four different textures for you to choose from, Cookie being the one I’m wearing in the picture. The socks are the exclusive item from Fri.Day for the Epiphany event and hair is from Rezology. Rezology will soon release mesh heads and I’m super excited about that. Last but not least, the skin applier is a new release from itGirls. Her name is Cleo, available for your Catwa heads only and she is gorgeous.

That would be all for now, see you all next time! Until then, be well and kind to one another.

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BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5

SKIN: itGirls – Cleo (NEW!) (available on MP too)

EYES: {S0NG} – Lovelee

HAIR: Rezology – Low Braided Pigtails

SOCKS: – Charity socks (exclusive) @The Epiphany (NEW!)

LINGERIE: The Annex – Jolie @Tres Chic (NEW!)

The Forbidden Apple

You’ve all heard the theory, “We always want what we can’t have”, right? I believe on some level, it is absolutely accurate. I remember when I was a kid, I would always do the things I was told not to, only because someone would forbid them. My friends don’t call me a spoiled brat for no reason. Hehe. But thinking about it, depending on how ambitious one is, don’t you feel slightly challenged when someone tells you, in a condescending way, umm, no I don’t think you can do this. Or, you’re not allowed to go in there, you won’t make it. I know that personally, as soon as you tell me I can’t do something, I want to immediately try it. But I think we’ve established by now that I’m a very very intricate person. Haha.

When I got my hands on The Annex’ new release for the We Love Roleplay event, Red Riding Hood came in my mind. But I was feeling creative and thought, what if Red Riding Hood, met Snow White and they were both in their adult versions. The beautiful dress’ generous cleavage leaves no other option. And what if instead of the Big Bad Wolf, the Riding Hood is the villain and instead of eating the poisonous apple offers it herself.

Anyways, that’s all about my wicked brain and imagination, I’ve given up trying to rationalize what’s going on in it, long long time ago. I just call it Art. So convenient. But hey, TGIF and the weekend is only a few hours away, so make sure you have a great one!

Big, tight hugs for you all!

PS: Many many thanks to all of you that contacted me, asking if I’m ok, after my previous post. First of all I’m so glad you actually read my posts and second of all I’m so touched. I am ok, one family member is not but will be. Hopefully, all will be well and back to normal soon.

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HEAD: CATWA – Skye (NEW!)(static – for 400L$ until September 10th)

SKIN/MAKE-UP: amara beauty – Wendi

EYES: {S0NG} – Adam

BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5

DRESS: The Annex – Wren @WE ❤ RP (NEW!)

TATTOO: Nanika – Luna @On9 (NEW!) (opens today)

Apology accepted…Trust denied…

Cameron, thank you so much for letting me use your beautiful house and your handsome face in my pictures, I wouldn’t have made this without you…!

Apology accepted...Trust denied...
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HEAD/SKIN: Genesis Lab – Emily 2.0 (gacha rare)

HAIR: Stealthic – Aquaria

EYES: {S0NG} – Lovelee

ROBE: tres blah– Closed Robe (gacha common)

POSE: XXY – Gently @Pose Lover & Friends Event (slightly edited) (ends July 31st)


“Why fit in when you were born to stand out…”

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HEAD/SKIN: Genesis Lab – Bianca 2.0 (Gacha Rare)

MAKE UP: Genesis Lab – SHINY GEOMETRIC LINERS (eyeshadows) / SENSATION (lipgloss) (Gacha commons)

BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5

EYES: {S0NG} – Yuna


ROMPER: The Annex – Judy Romper @The Seasons Story (NEW!)

NECKLACE: LUXE. – Vale Necklace

TATTOO: Speakeasy – Good Fortune @TLC (NEW!)


“There are only two styles of portrait painting; the serious and the smirk.”

Charles Dickens

I just love that smirk on Annie.

SlackGirl told us she’s updating her website and needed a profile picture from her bloggers. At first I thought okay time to make a fancy close up using her fantastic make up of course. But I’ve decided I’d do something different. Something that would feel more “me” and more comfortable but still in her make up. So there you go…

PS: Since we’re on it, you can have a look at her website here.

Be good!

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HEAD: CATWA – Annie 4.9

HAIR: Rezology – Voluminous Topknot

SKIN: Bold & Beauty – Valerija

EYESHADOWS: SlackGirl – Jasmin Shadow (NEW!)

LASHES: SlackGirl– LashColl16 Lashes (NEW!)

EYES: {S0NG} – Adam


“Don’t limit your challenges, Challenge your limits”

I had been informed about the Elysion June 2016 Photo Challenge last month, and even though I love challenges unfortunately, I don’t have the time or concentration needed to take part in it.

I’m a huge fan of the Elysion sim, so I immediately had to check the Redemption sim out. As expected, it didn’t disappoint. Whether you’re a fan of the theme of it or not, you will find so many beautiful spots to take pictures in.

I’d like to encourage everyone to participate and show their creativity and amazing ideas. Only hurry as it’s scheduled to close on the 27th of June.

Below you can find more details about the challenge.

Enjoy  ❤

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HEAD: Genesis Lab – Gemma 2.0 (GACHA RARE)

BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5


EYES: S0NG – Yuna


DRESS: Zenith – Summer belted shirt dress @C88 (NEW!)

SHOES: fri. – Harper Clogs @SHINY SHABBY (NEW!)

POSE: BodyLanguage SLC – SS Pose BackShot

LOCATION: Redemption (Opened 6th of June and will stay open for 3 weeks – Requires Elysion group join)


Please read the info about the Elysion Photography Challenge that was sent via Notecard from the lovely and so talented owner of the sim Syn Beresford to all Elysion members:

“Hello Ely peoples,

 I wanted to send out some general info on an upcoming Photography Challenge that will be open to Elysion members during the month of June.  Sim Landmark and more info will be sent out via group notice when the challenge gets closer to opening date. This Photography challenge will be a three week long challenge that will be located at an additional sim where the look and feel of the sim, was inspired by the popular comic series PREACHER.

 For those of you who are a fan of Preacher, you will have more of an idea of what to expect, for those who are not familiar with the comic series

 AMC is about to kick off a new show based off the books, and you can watch the trailer at the link below (if you are wondering what in the hell I am yapping about)


The idea of designing/building an entire sim with a limited life has been something that I have wanted to do for quite some time. It gives me a chance to challenge myself to create an additional environment, for members to explore, photograph, and enjoy. My hope is that the Redemption photography challenge will inspire members to enjoy and explore SL photography, regardless if they are a seasoned SL/RL photographer, or someone trying it for the first time. 


 Photos taken at the Redemption Challenge Sim can be shared in the Elysion Flickr Pool, which now hosts over 11,000 photos from several talented photographers, the pool is located here:

At the end of the challenge, there will be a Redemption Gallery Exhibit at The White Pines Gallery.

So get your camera’s ready!  And let’s get creative!  And as always, thank you everyone for always being supportive of Elysion, all of you have made Ely a very special place that continues to grow and evolve.




Mr. Darcy

“All women desire a Mr. Darcy. Unfortunately, most men have no idea who that is…”

Welcome back everyone!

In this project, I’m using another one of Fetching Poses, Tropical Summer event exclusive pose. Fetching Poses released movie-themed poses which fascinated me and the featured movie in this one is Pride and Prejudice.

I figured dressing up in costumes, similar to the movie, would be the easy option. I was inspired to create a different style instead, posh and formal but less of an era.

I had the assistance of the wonderful and brilliant Brad Zeurra  once again.

If you still haven’t checked out the featured poses, I think you definitely should. If you are into photography and blogging, they definitely provide a different platform for everyone to create beautiful images.

Enjoy and happy shopping!


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HEAD: CATWA – Justin V4.9 (NEW!)

BODY: Signature – Gianni v2.7

HAIR: Deadwool – Undercut hair

SKIN:  theSkinnery – Jason (No body skin appliers available for the Signature mesh body yet so he’s wearing L’Etre’s Ian.)

TUXEDO: Hoorenbeek – Tuxedo

SHOES: Hoorenbeek – Regal

EYES: IKON – Odyssey


HEAD: CATWA– Sarah V4.9

BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5


HAIR: Rezology – Dicty

EYES: S0NG – Aki

DRESS: MoDANNA – Leather Gown

EARRINGS/NECKLACE: MG – Alexa Black Choker Pearls

GLOVES: Moon Elixir – Lush

POSE: Fetching Poses – Pride and Prejudice (bench is included) @TSF (NEW!)

LOCATION: Saint Pete City