Humble such a nice word, I saw a quote today, I know I know I’m a huge lover of them lol it said “I’m humble enough to know I am no better than anyone else and wise enough to know I am different than the rest”  I love this quote and a great way to be in my opinion, I am just average every day girl, nothing special just a nice person, a good friend to have and loyal to the end,  does this make me a push over?   Far from it, I just choose my battles wisely and let the small things go as let’s face it there is bigger more important things to worry about, so focus on those.

I would like to think I am a humble person, am I different from the rest, I would like to think so to, because differences are what make us unique, original, I have never been one to run with the crowd just because they are popular, I would sooner be loved for who I am and make friendships built on love, trust, loyalty, companionship not because they are “the cool kids” I guess that makes me secure in who I am, yes I still have insecurities like most people do, lots of them it feels at times lol but one thing I am confident in is that I am a nice person, who treats others how I like to be treated.  I give everyone a chance and form opinions on my own not word of mouth.   I am also very fortunate to have some wonderful friends in real life, and online too some of which I have had the good fortune to meet in real life,  this not only makes me lucky it makes me very thankful,  what are you thankful for in your life?

Have a good evening everyone ♥



BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

HEAD:  CATWA HEAD Jessica v4.9

SKIN:  Egozy – Shenty

EYES:  .ARISE. Rema Eyes / Grey

HAIR:  .Entwined. Amber @ Shiny Shabby (NEW)

DRESS:  Dead Dollz – Grace Eggshell @ Whimsical (NEW)

SHOES:  Essenz – Riga (White)

ARMBAND:  SMASH – Angelic Armbands Silver

SIM:  The Outer Garden


“Don’t let the World change your smile, let your smile change the World”

Today’s post is in honour of the gorgeous Sexy Outfit Kelie by LSR Moda.   It’s a really cute top and skirt that comes in standard sizes aswell as Freya, Isis, HourGlass, Venus, Physique,  Maitreya and TMP aswell as a colour changing hud for many options.   If you haven’t seen this store yet, stop by and check it out, or why not take a peek on Market Place here.



BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

HEAD:  CATWA HEAD Jessica v4.

SKIN:  Egozy.Shenty

HAIR:  +elua+ Tricia_Darkbrown

EYES:  IKON Sovereign Eyes  – Dune

SKIRT:  LSR MODA Sexy Outfit Kelie SKIRT (MP Link)

TOP:  LSR MODA:  Sexy Outfit Kelie TOP (MP Link)

BRACELET:  eppy / *BOOM* Soul Searchers Bracelet (white)

EARRINGS:  erratic / hoop earrings / silver

ARMBAND:  SMASH – Angelic Armbands Silver

POSE:   -Lalochezia- Somewhere Pose 1

SIM:  Dimrill Dale

Rose 3rd June 2016

“Be very casual…It’s more relaxed that way”
Welcome back everybody!

Hope everyone is doing well. Personally I’ve had a busy week but never too tired to play with clothes and make up. This time I was given the beautiful creations from Easterling to work with and since I’m feeling casual today, I figured tank top and jeans are always a good choice. Smash glasses and heels made it look even cuter!

Have a good day and happy shopping

❤ ❤ ❤



HEAD: Genesis Lab – Olivia 2.0
BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5
SKIN: Genesis Lab – Olivia (TOFFEE)
MAKE UP: Genesis Lab – SIMPLY GIRLY (Eyeshadow) & SECRET OF PANDORA (Lipstick)
HAIR: Tameless – Julieta
TOP: [EA] – Lisa Tank Top
JEANS: [EA] High Waist Jeans
SHOES: SMASH – Ella Stilletos
GLASSES: SMASH Duotone Glasses
POSE: flowey. – Midsummer Night

Seduce 31st May 2016

“I don’t use my body to seduce, no. I just stand there”
Ursula Andress

“I need you to come over so I can get you naked and grope you, oops I mean pose with you”  not the most usual sentence you will hear from your Best Friend well that is unless your Besties with Exis, then it’s kinda normal lol that’s what happened when we both purchased this gorgeous lingerie by Dead Dollz at this month’s Shiny Shabby.  We both knew right away it was time for us to glam up and show the rest of you how sexy and alluring they look.

Changing from our normal everyday comfy wear to this delicate lingerie, well as you can imagine ladies it felt totally amazing and wonderfully sexy, go grab yourself a set or both you won’t regret it.





HEAD: CATWA – Jessica 4.9
BODY: Maitreya Lara V3.5
SKIN:  [theSkinnery] Nana Toffee @ c88 (NEW)
HAIR: TRUTH – Fenella @ UBER (NEW!)
EYES: IKON Sovereign Eyes – Dune
LINGERIE: Dead Dollz  -Effie Bandeau Bra & Thong (White) @ SHINY SHABBY (NEW!)
ARMBAND: SMASH – Angelic Armbands (Silver)
JEWELRY: RE LUX Anya’s Pearls Set
BELLY RING: Misha J – Belly Ring


HEAD: CATWA – Annie 4.9
BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5
SKIN: L’Etre – Linda (Chocolata)
MAKE UP: L’Etre – Linda [#2]
HAIR: Exile – Wisteria (past FLF)
EYES: S0NG – Sublime
LINGERIE: Dead Dollz  -Effie Triangle Bra & Panties (Pink) @ SHINY SHABBY (NEW!)
ARMBAND: SMASH – Angelic Armbands (Rose)
NECKLACE: MG – Necklace – Knotted Shimmer Pearls
RING: [trs] – Pink Cloud Stone Ring

POSE:  {pose maniacs} 136

Passion 23rd May 2016

“People with great passion will make the impossible happen”

That is so true…!

Passion inspires and motivates you. Makes you take action and create magic. Passion is often found in small things. Whether it’s a kiss or a simply gorgeous armband, passion has always been the fuel to my engine.

When I laid eyes on this beautiful jewelry from SMASH, I had to immediately blog it and share it with the rest of you.

Thanks to Fetching Poses, I was given the perfect pose to blog it in. I only needed the right partner for the job.

Many many thanks to my friend Mark, for being, once again, a perfect model.

❤ ❤ ❤



HEAD: Genesis Lab – Ingrid 2.0 (Human)
BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5
SKIN: Genesis Lab – Ellie (TOFFEE)
HAIR: little bones. Fears @C88 (NEW!)
LINGERIE: Maitreya – Anais (NEW!)
EARRING: [Modern.Couture] – Valli
ARMBAND: SMASH – Angelic Armbands
RING: =Zenith= – Plum Flower Deer Ring
SHOES: #EMPIRE – Petunia
POSE: Fetching Poses – Fly Away
SIM: Black Basalt Beach

Ella 18th May 2016

Is it just me or in my recent projects, I keep blogging my butt? I just scrolled up and down the page and I can see it everywhere! Thank SMASH for sending me these lovely pumps to blog so I could focus on something else for a change! Lovely shoes, available in 14 colors, for Slink high feet and unrigged if you want to adjust them to your Maitreya or Belleza feet.

“Life is too short to wear boring shoes” someone once said. Has been my motto ever since I read it and these ones are definitely the epitome of it.

Now you might see a little butt in these pictures too, but it’s only because erratic jeans flatter it too much. At least be thankful that it’s clothed! Haha!

☺ ♡


HEAD: Genesis Lab – Ingrid 2.0 (Human Version) @TDS3 (NEW!)
BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5
SKIN: Genesis Lab – Ingrid (Human Version) LATTE @TDS3 (NEW!)
MAKE UP: Genesis Lab – Spring Dream (Eyeshadows) & Cute Matte (Lipstick)
HAIR: Besom – Wicked Tides
BRA: Dead Dollz – Manon Bra GACHA COMMON (from the Manon Lingerie Set)
JEANS: erratic – taylor – denim pants @C88 (NEW!)
SHOES: SMASH – Ella Stilletos
POSE: IOS – Shoes Poses (Pack 2)
SIM: Netherwood