Stand up and face a new day

“…So the time has now come to conquer my fears, And to stand up and face a new day, Let the hurts of my past wash away with my tears, And stop letting my life slip away…” Hello peeps and happy humpday. I’m posting a quickie today and going back to work, as I have a lot left to do. I’m showing you more stuff from the current round of Collabor88 today and there are still a lot to come. Happy shopping! Have a great day and see you next time! ♡ HEAD: LeLutka – Simone 3.0 HAIR: TRUTH – … Continue reading Stand up and face a new day

Shadow symphony

Lately, I’m feeling that all I’m talking about in my blog posts is how miserable and tired I am from work and how I can never take a break. Well, it is true but there’s no reason to share my misery every day with you. Thinking of my blog as my journal too, I often miss the point and talk about what bothers or affects me every day, even though some people might not be interested in reading about that at all. There are bigger issues to deal with in the world, than a spoiled unhappy little princess, hehe… Every … Continue reading Shadow symphony


Autumn is real. I live in Athens, Greece, where we don’t get much cold or bad weather in general, but lately it’s been quite chilly and moody. Had rains the previous week and a coat or light jacket is definitely needed. I love this weather change. Was about time. I really enjoy the summer but I’ve mentioned before how it is impossible to do any work or focus on anything other than vacation when it’s hot outside. So yay, the cold is finally here. Jules, who lives in the UK will probably smack me when she reads this, but hey, … Continue reading Brownie


Ok, I have managed to catch up with pretty much everything. I love the feeling when, you are so overwhelmed with all the things you have to do and you are so far behind but once you make them, it’s heaven again. Blog-wise I know I wanted to make more than I have made already, but I’ve come to terms with the reality. September was not my month. Five more days to go and goodbye September. I’m really counting on October. Brings us closer to Christmas, weather changes and it’s all different again. Reality-wise work will always be work and … Continue reading Grace

Vertical expression of horizontal desire

The Makeover Room opens tomorrow! Yes, once again, cosmetics and skins are up for grabs. Kosmetik for one, participates with lipsticks in 4 colors for your Lelutka, Catwa or any Omega compatible mesh head. What more can a girl want? Even though Jules is not here with me now, I can totally hear her replying to that “shoes, shoes, shoes”. Lol. Well you won’t find any shoes there, but you will find things to make your heads even prettier. More info for this month’s round will soon be available on event’s website. HEAD: LeLutka – SIMONE 1.6 SKIN: itGirls – … Continue reading Vertical expression of horizontal desire


“Better days are coming. They’re called Saturday and Sunday” Good morning everybody! TGIF! Jules and I are always excited when Friday arrives! SL-wise it’s FLF time and, if it’s the first Friday of the month, MM time. But in general, who doesn’t feel slightly better on Fridays? You know that the weekend is just around the corner, that the long, stressful week you’ve had is finally coming to an end and you’re anxious for a new week that is going to start soon. No big plans for the weekend (yet) but I don’t mind staying in and just resting for … Continue reading Liquid


“When you have nothing to say, say nothing” Charles Caleb Colton Nothing. ❤ Exis: HEAD: LeLutka – SIMONE 1.6 BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5 EYES: ID – SL13BD GIFT@TMD HAIR: elua – Olivia (GACHA COMMON) SKIN: Glam Affair – LiuLy (India) SEPTUM: Swallow – Savannah Septum (GROUP GIFT) NECKLACE: phedora – Valeria Necklace @ON9(NEW!) PANTIES/HARNESS: phedora – domna TATTOO: Nanika – Anika @ON9 (NEW!) CUFF: E.A.Studio – Mordrem Cuff @ON9(NEW!) Arnno: HAIR: YUTH – Lewis @SHINY SHABBY (NEW!) SEPTUM: Zoom – Mytho @SHINY SHABBY (NEW!) TATTOO: 7P – Adam POSE: Amitie Couple – My King @ON9(NEW!) Continue reading Vixen

Doll Factory

“The first 5 years of a girl’s life, are spent playing with Barbies. The next 15 years are spent trying to look like one” Welcome back everyone! TGIF!!! I had warned myself that this month would be a busy one, but it’s not even close to what I’ve imagined. New releases, new events, new sims, stores closing, others move, other re-open. I’m always trying to be up to date and keep up with everything but, oh well, you know how it is. So speaking of events, Vintage Fair opens today! SlackGirl is in this round with a very interesting product. … Continue reading Doll Factory