“I won’t cry for you… my mascara is too expensive” One of my favorite events is definitely We Love Roleplay. Even though I’m not a big fantasy, roleplayer girl myself, I find it that I’m shopping a lot from there. As a blogger, I’m constantly thinking, this might look good if I ever did a vampire picture and this would look great if I ever decided to become an elf. Not happening any time soon though. WLRP was scheduled to open, as always, on the 4th, but due to 4th of July it has been postponed and opens now in … Continue reading Stevie

Seduce 31st May 2016

“I don’t use my body to seduce, no. I just stand there” Ursula Andress “I need you to come over so I can get you naked and grope you, oops I mean pose with you”  not the most usual sentence you will hear from your Best Friend well that is unless your Besties with Exis, then it’s kinda normal lol that’s what happened when we both purchased this gorgeous lingerie by Dead Dollz at this month’s Shiny Shabby.  We both knew right away it was time for us to glam up and show the rest of you how sexy and … Continue reading Seduce 31st May 2016

Margareth 29th May 2016

“Simplicity is the key note of all true elegance” Coco Chanel New releases, new mesh, new colors, new designs… Try to keep up everybody because it’s getting better and better. New Uber round with lots of goodies. New Kinky Monthly round for every sexy girl out there. Meanwhile, Easterling keeps making one beautiful design after the other. Current new release, this Jacket – comes with top and hud of 6 colors for the Jacket, 21 colors for the top and you can customize the fringe as well. Shopping is therapy, and I’m definitely better now… ❤❤❤ CREDITS: HEAD: Genesis Lab … Continue reading Margareth 29th May 2016

Ninety 25th May 2016

“Ninety percent of everything is crap” Theodore Sturgeon Not the case this time though. If that was true, I would be one happy lady. I have wished so many times designers took a break for a couple of months and allowed me to catch up with everything, wear it, pose in it and blog it. But no. Events keep opening one after the other. Designers are on a high roll releasing better and cuter designs every day. So I would say ninety percent of everything at the moment, is beautiful. By the way, 90 is the number on the back … Continue reading Ninety 25th May 2016

Vanya 24th May 2016

“Being kinky doesn’t make me a bad girl; it makes me a good girl, because good girls do what they’re told”…  …Speaking of which, the Kinky Monthly Event opens tomorrow. The Whoreshop participates with this incredibly sexy lingerie. Available in 6 colors but coral was the one to draw my attention. Make sure you check them out and don’t worry, it only seems kinky the first time…! Haha… ❤❤❤ CREDITS: HEAD: Genesis Lab – Ingrid 2.0 (Vampire) GACHA RARE@TDS3 (NEW!) BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5 SKIN: Genesis Lab – Ellie (TOFFEE) MAKE UP: Genesis Lab – SEXY SMOKEY (Eyeshadow) & … Continue reading Vanya 24th May 2016

Noir 22nd May 2016

“Crying doesn’t always mean you’re weak…It just means that you’ve been strong for too long” Have you ever been so overwhelmed you just burst into tears? Sometimes you can’t help it. And feel so good afterwards. My dad raised me as a boy. I remember him always saying, crying is for the weak. And then he played football with me. Haha. Well I’ll say crying can also be very sexy. At least that was my goal on this project. This beautiful hair from Rezology did the whole work. I’m sure you’ve all checked Rezology catalogue out by now, but in … Continue reading Noir 22nd May 2016

Pink 21st May 2016

“Do you have this in pink?” Has been one of my happiest weeks for sure. First of all Genesis releases four new mesh heads (Bianca, Ingrid vamp, Ingrid human & Kristen). Meanwhile Easterling releases this new dress, as hot as one can be, which comes with a hud of 49 patterns/colors! Also Le Coq D’or participates in the new round of the Showroom with Boho Gacha, where you can get, for only 50L$, jewelry, accessories and a couple of rare bags. What else do I need? Oh, I know what! Hair from Rezology! I had a wonderful time creating this … Continue reading Pink 21st May 2016