New fallen snow

Good morning world! There is a special Christmas round of Epiphany currently running and it has a collection of beautiful gacha sets from some of best creators across the grid. The round opened on the 29th of November and will stay open until the 28th of December. Christmas is very near, so I think it’s about time you started decorating. Take a look at the credits below to see which sets I’m using today.   Sim  • Mirror Sim  The Epiphany Flickr Group The Epiphany Shopping Guide December 2018 • • • Have a great one! ♡ STYLING HAIR: CHAIN – … Continue reading New fallen snow

behind the farmhouse

Good morning! Friday is finally here and I’m happy. It’s a feeling I get every Friday but it only lasts for a few minutes as then I usually get news like “you’re working on Saturday after all”. Let’s hope this one is different! Today I’m showcasing more Bloom stuff along with some from the Epiphany. Timewise, Bloom ends in 3 days so you don’t have much time left and the Epiphany, well, you still have a few days! Everything you need to know is listed below so grab a snack and happy reading/shopping! Have a great one and I’ll see … Continue reading behind the farmhouse

Paint it red

Hello peeps! It’s Monday but I don’t work today so it feels like it’s the weekend. I’m loving it, but I believe it will make it even worse going back to work tomorrow. But I can’t have it all, so I’ll just zip it. Today’s post features a bunch of new stuff mixed with older releases, mainly from Fancy Decor. I loved this black and red color theme and I hope you will too. All you need to know is listed below, have fun shopping! Have a great one and see you all next time! ♡ Fancy Decor: Jansen Collection … Continue reading Paint it red

Gone are those days

Hello world! I’m glad it’s Friday and I bet you are as well. There is a lot going on at the office right now, so I can’t stick around and ramble even though I want to. I’m going to let you have another quiet one and enjoy your day. Of course, you can scroll down below for all the necessary details. Have a great one and see you all next time. ♡ STYLING HEAD: LeLutka – Chloe 3.0 SKIN/MAKE-UP: Glam Affair – Judith @Uber (NEW!) EYES: ANATOMY – Gloss Eyes @District20 (NEW!) HAIR: [monso]  – Joy @Fameshed (NEW!) TOP: NX-Nardcotix … Continue reading Gone are those days

The dude abides

Hello folks! Did everyone have a nice weekend? I did, it wasn’t a very productive one – not as much as I would want to anyways, but oh well, I’m only human! I don’t have much time to ramble today so I’ll just give you the day off and let you read the super long list of credits instead. Sometimes, it is more interesting than what I have to say. Have a great day and week and I’ll see you all next time. ♡ ..::THOR::.. – Smell Like The Dude Spirit (gacha) @Man Cave (NEW!) ..::THOR::.. The Dart Game [C] ULTRA … Continue reading The dude abides

Hidden Cabaret

Good morning! This post wasn’t planned, so don’t expect me to be very talkative today. I’ll just wish everyone a happy day and weekend ahead and I’ll see you all on Monday. Have a look below for the items used. Most are new and super pretty. ♡ STYLING HEAD: LeLutka – Greer 3.0 HAIR: Tableau Vivant – Rossella (gacha common) @The Arcade (NEW!) OUTFIT: Addams – Kristie (NEW!) STOCKINGS: REIGN.– Sheer Stockings ● SCENE NOMAD // Hidden Cabaret (gacha) @The Arcade (NEW!) NOMAD // Hidden Cabaret // RARE NOMAD // Deco Bar NOMAD // Deco Bar Stool NOMAD // Floor Microphone NOMAD // … Continue reading Hidden Cabaret


Good morning! I overslept but on a Sunday, it is ok, right? No rambling today, couldn’t even if I wanted, my body is up but my head is still sleeping. Goodies from Summerfest are in this post so check the credits below. Have a great one and see you all next time. ♡ HEAD: LeLutka– Chloe 2.7 SKIN: Glam Affair – Kendall GLASSES/NECKLACE: Amala – The Alessia @Summerfest 2017 (NEW!) HAIR: Tableau Vivant – Seashore @Summerfest 2017 (NEW!) COVER-UP: NX-Nardcotix – Ivy @Summerfest 2017 (NEW!) SHOT AT: Whimberly Continue reading Camouflage

The Red Orient

Hard not to write anything about what happened in London last night and about everything that happens every day in the world. I will just borrow this quote I found online and wish everyone a good day. “We live on such a beautiful planet but such an ugly world” ♡ STYLING HEAD: .LeLutka. – Chloe 2.7 SKIN: *YS&YS* – Petal @WLRP (NEW!) (opens 1pm SLT) HAIR: TRUTH – Imani @Uber (NEW!) LINGERIE: Addams – Cerisse Bohemian (NEW!) ● SCENE 22769 – Garden Pagoda @WLRP (NEW!) (opens 1pm SLT) 22769 – Garden Pagoda 22769 – Garden Pagoda Lantern • [[RH]] Design House – YUUKAKU (gacha) @The Arcade (NEW!) … Continue reading The Red Orient

Flick on the red light

Good morning world! Guess who’s overslept and is definitely going to be late for work? Yes, me. I thought this through and discovered that I always want to sleep more on Fridays. I will google this of course (same way I google everything) but I think it kind of makes sense. It’s the end of the week, you’re reluctant to go to work and you’re struggling to wake up. I also discovered that I’m a creature of habit. I already knew that, but I was hoping that would change as I’m growing older. I basically do the same thing every morning. Get out of bed, brush … Continue reading Flick on the red light