Maintain your mystery

Good morning world! It’s getting harder and harder to get out of bed lately and sleeping late might have something to do with it. Okay, okay I know that’s the reason mostly but still, I used to be able to sleep late, wake up early and still feel like I’ve slept for 10 hours. Do not tell me I’m getting old. They only explanation I will accept is either exhaustion or lack of energy. Thank you.

It’s going to be a quick post today. I’m working on a big post for tomorrow so I need all the time I can have. Stay tuned!

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Have a great one and see you all soon.

HEAD: CATWA – Catya v2.16

SKIN: itGirls – Lore (NEW!) (shape is included)

HAIR: Tableau Vivant – Mallongaj @Hair Fair 2017 (NEW!) (ends July 16th)

NOSE RING: PUNCH – Diamond Nose Ring


And yes, I’m back from the freezing cold Iceland. I’m actually back to an also freezing cold Athens. It’s definitely not equally cold and does not feel the same but it still is. Not complaining though. A) I had a wonderful time in Iceland and B) It’s winter and only 23 days away from Christmas, it’s supposed to be cold.

So I have a lot to share about my trip but it’s late so I’ll save that for another post. Few words about this post are necessary though.

The corset I’m wearing is from Lybra, new, for your Maitreya mesh body and available, as always, in 12 different colors. Very sexy and well designed if you ask me.lace_2

The collar is part of Dead Dollz new release for Uber, so are the gloves but they are sold separately. All hud driven for different colors and textures.


The skin applier is new from ItGirls, from same event. Comes in 5 different skin tones and each hud includes make-up appliers as well. Pretty cool! It’s for Fiore mesh heads only which have recently been updated to version 2.2. For more details and information about everything, check credits below.


Have a good day/night everyone and see you all next time.

HEAD: fiore – Contoured Mesh Head (2.2) (read about the update here)

SKIN/MAKE-UP: ITGirls – Shun @Uber (NEW!)

CORSET: Lybra – Eva @Kinky Monthly (NEW!)

HAIR: little bones – Scope

COLLAR/GLOVES: Dead Dollz – Mischief @Uber (NEW!) (sold separately)

EARRING: AvaWay – White Peal Earning

NOSE STUD: PUNCH – Diamond Nose Stud


Okay I have to go start packing. Yes, I’m leaving again! Sorry but I worked hard, I deserve it (or that’s what I keep telling myself every time I’m alone at the office working my ^&%# off). I’ll let you know more about my upcoming trip in my post tomorrow (I know, you may not care much about it but I still want to share and brag a little, hehe). But until then, all you Fiore mesh head owners out there, you have to try Pumec’s newest release for Whimsical. It’s beautiful.

Hugs and muahs, See you all soon.

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HEAD: .: fiore :. – Contoured Mesh Head (2.1)

SKIN: [PUMEC] – Marina @Whimsical (NEW!)

LIPSTIC: ItGirls – Amber (applier includes make-up)

HAIR: MINA – Farah @Fameshed (NEW!)

NOSE RING: PUNCH – Diamond Nose Ring


Yes, clothes are off again! Don’t blame me, blame the super amazing Evolove, that created the Moaning series poses for the new round of Expose event. Now can you imagine yourselves posing in them fully clothed? I’m just surprised I did put something on. I’m also glad my parents don’t read my blog. Ha ha.

I enjoy sexy photography in general. Erotica and artistic nudity always catch my attention. The human body is beautifully made and one could do wonders with it. Which is why I’m always impressed by the diverse and unique poses Evolove brings. The Expose event is now open and will stay open until the 27th of October.

Hair is from Alice Project, a previous FLF release. All arm/hands accessories are from Muka, apart from the rings that were also a FLF release from Plastik. The collar is new release from Tabou, which can be found at the new round of Kinky Event and the sexy corset is from CerberusXing (CX) and can be found at Whore Couture which is about to close doors.

That would be all for now lovely readers. Have a beautiful weekend and be kind to one another.

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HEAD: CATWA – Dyana V4.10

SKIN: L’Etre – Linda

BODY: Slink – Hourglass V1.5.2

HAIR: Alice Project –  Poison II

CORSET: CerberusXing – Risque Corset @Whore Couture (NEW!) (ends October 1st)

BOOTS: CandyDoll – Esme

COLLAR: TABOU – Alice Collar @Kinky Event (NEW!)

ARM STRAP: *MUKA* – Arm Strap


RINGS: Plastik – Derre Rings

BELLY RING: PUNCH – Nyan Belly Piercing

POSE: [evoLove] – Moaning @Expose (NEW!)

Turquoise 17th April 2016

Welcome back everyone, I’d like to start our introduction today, by thanking all of you who have visited our blog and supported our work so far. Both Julie and I are loving this and we’re so glad you do too.   As I’ve mentioned earlier, in Greece, right now it’s really warm. So today, I’m going to go to the beach actually and if not swim, you know, get some tan ; ) . Turquoise to me, has always been a color to wear in the summer, when your skin is darker and your hair is lighter.   In this particular project, I’m wearing Blueberry’s epiphany bra along with the amazing shorts Vincue, has created for KUSTOM9 and of course, Genesis new mesh head. Hope you enjoy.   Happy Sunday : )


BODY: Maitreya – Lara
SKIN: Genesis – Ellie
MAKE UP: Genesis – Sexy Smokey & Sugar Doll
EYES: Arise – Nona Eyes
SHORTS: { V I N C U E } Dolphy+Shorts @KUSTOM9
NECKLACE: [Modern.Couture] – Jewelry – Silk Blue Necklace
NOSE STUD: PUNCH / Diamond Nose Stud
BANGLES 1: *MM* Resin Bangles – Multiple Bangles
BANGLES 2: Zaara : Indra painted stacked bangles
TATTOOS: IAF – Neck Heart Tattoo//Perfect Tattoo//Henna Thigh Tattoo
POSES: BodyLanguage SLC SS POSE – Hand and Face @KUSTOM9
SIM: Black Basalt Beach


Seasons 12th April 2016

Good morning hunnies, As you have probably guessed by now, I’m a huge fan of Genesis Lab Mesh Heads. I’m constantly wearing Nicole, I have adjusted the size of it to make it sort of, personal and I’m not changing her for any other heads! BUT, I have experimented with a bunch of other Genesis Heads and I know I just love them.  First of all, heads are adjustable. You can edit the shape and size of it to make it fit your tastes personally. Once you do that, you play with the eyes, shape, size and color, to make your look sexy and cute.  Then it’s the skins. Now, Genesis Lab may not have the biggest variety of skins, but those they have are pretty decent. Lara Hurley also has one or two and a few other designers too. In the Genesis mainstore, you can get a designer’s kit and create your own skin among other things so that’s pretty cool if you’re feeling creative.  There are two new mesh heads by Genesis Lab in the Seasons Story event for 99L per pull. Picture of them can be found here: Check them out and good luck! Happy Shopping 🙂


BODY: Maitreya – Lara
SKIN: Genesis – Natasha Toffee @KUSTOM9 (March 2016)
NOSE RINGS: PUNCH / Diamond Nose Stud
NECKLACE: The Horror! Dichotomy ~ Mood Necklaces – Bae @THE SEASONS STORY
TOP: VidaLoca – cardigan @THE SEASONS STORY
PANTS: VidaLoca – sweatsuit @THE SEASONS STORY
POSES: oOo – Innocent
SIM: Black Basalt Beach
SIM:  Heavenly Grove

For information and ease, below you will find a list of stores that sell Appliers for Genesis Lab Heads.   Enjoy 🙂


Lure Skins

Glamorize and The Higher Coordinates


❤ PumeC Skins Mainstore ❤

Lara Hurley Skin

Mad’ – La Boucherie








-Rust Republic-

Love 10th April 2016

Hello my lovely bloggers,  Let me introduce you to the LOVE project…I love this lingerie…I love this robe…I love these heels…I love this hair…I LOVE this outfit…So sexy, classy, chic and seductive. I think it’s one of the best quality clothes I’ve ever worn inworld and by far, one of my favorite.   Ladies, single or not, this is something you MUST have…Happy Shopping.


HAIR: *~*Damselfly*~*Annalee @TFC
ROBE: erratic / allure – satin robe @UBER
LINGERIE: Erratic / valentina – brassiere
SHOES: fri. – Quinn.Platforms @PROJECT SE7EN
HEAD: Genesis_Head_Nicole
BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
SKIN: Genesis_Ellie_Toffee
NOSE RING: PUNCH / Diamond Nose Stud
HANDS: Slink Elegant

Record 4th April 2016

Mesh Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Mesh Head – Genesis_Head_Nicole_2.0
Skin – Genesis Lab_Latte_Skin
Hair – MOON // Hair // Echoes (md)
Top – Pixicat– Signe.Top Short – Stripes (Maitreya)
Shorts – LAZYBONES – Rolled Up Shorts – white – Maitreya Lara
Socks – fri. – Lazy.Socks (Maitreya)
Shoes – fri. – Nina.Booties (Gray) – Slink
Ring 1 – SECRETS Gacha @ Shiny Shabby  – Free Spirit Black – Ring1 L
Ring 2 – SECRETS Gacha @ Shiny Shabby – Free Spirit Black – Ring2 L
Ring 3 – Izzie’s – resize Celestial Midi Rings R silver (casual)
Necklace – Zenith=Magic Stone Necklace (Sliver)
Nose Ring – PUNCH @ Kinky Monthly Event/ Diamond Nose Ring L
Watch – Watch DIamond SILVER Gacha @ Shiny Shabby
Belly Ring – Misha J. Belly Ring (High)

Dare 3rd April 2016

Mesh Head – Genesis_Head_Nicole_2.0
Skin – Genesis_Skin_Nicole_LATTE
Mesh Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Hair – Besom @ Fameshed Event~ Ocra
Shirt – BUENO @ UBER EVENT-Breeze Shirt-Fitted-Spring Plaid
Shorts – Addams // Electra Denim Short // Maitreya
Sandals – fri. – Izzie.Sandals (Blush) – Slink
Hat – ARGRACE Cowboy Hat
Necklace – MINIMAL – Andrea Necklace -female- Sea
Nose Ring – PUNCH / Diamond Nose Ring L
Earrings – (Yummy) Dreamcatcher Earring – Silver