Lefki means white in Greek. Metaphorically it can also mean clean, pure or innocent. Adjectives I’d love to use to describe me, but oh well who am I kidding? He he. I came up with that name for the obvious reasons. Even though I’m a huge fan of the color black, white is always nice to work with. Easy to combine, mix and match. I’m going through a weird phase lately. I’m not sure whether it is an artist’s block or just exhaustion but I find myself being easily overwhelmed with everything and also, lacking of inspiration. I keep telling … Continue reading Lefki


Time of post 8:00am. Fact #1: Haven’t had coffee yet. Fact #2: It’s Thursday a.k.a. Pre-TGIF. Fact #3: I’m not a morning person. Fact #4: I managed to wear Lelutka hair with Catwa head (read what I’m talking about here) Fact #5: WLRP is finally open. Fact #6: I have nothing else to say this early in the morning. Have a nice day all! ♡ HEAD: CATWA – Dyana V4.10 SKIN: amara beauty – Wendi HAIR: LeLutka – A-NV-0002 BODYSUIT: Pixicat – Necromancer @WLRP (NEW!) BRACELET: Kunglers – Isis (malachite) @WLRP (NEW!) SHOES: Essenz – Lancaster COLLAR: MG –  Vallari … Continue reading Raven


“Survive now, Cry later…” I need to tell you about my recent experience with Flickr safety filters. For those who don’t know, Flickr filters all posts in order to make it a safe environment for everyone. Makes perfect sense. Now, what is considered safe, moderate or restricted, is up to everyone’s tastes, likes and behavior I guess. I recently posted a picture I was in lingerie, nothing explicit shown, only an image you might as well see in a fashion magazine or even on TV. Someone apparently reported it as unsafe (I’m sorry that my bare arm offended you) and … Continue reading Feelings


PLUVIOPHILE (n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. I have never been a great fan of the rain myself. I’m sure it has to do with where I come from, Greece is not the rainiest country you can find, but when it rains, I’m desperately trying to find shelter. Maybe I was a cat in my other life. Ha! I have to admit, there are times, when at home, with a nice warm beverage in hand, and it’s raining heavily outside, that feel amazing. There is definitely something about the rain. … Continue reading Pluviophile

Magic 2nd June 2016

“Magic is something that you make” If you’ve followed my posts, you should know I’m feeling magical today. Magic is up to everyone to interpret. Good magic, bad magic, you choose which one you want to use. I’d say, why not both? Le Coq D’or will participate at the Gami Gacha Event that opens 3rd of June.  The rare items are wands, black or ivory, worn on the back or held in your hand and commons are horns, eye patches, chokers and books. I loved working with these products. I’m sure all you magical ladies out there, will enjoy them … Continue reading Magic 2nd June 2016