Tropical chill

Good morning world and happy Friday. There is a group on Flickr called “Photoshop Vandalized Photos”. I’m a member of it and I often add my pictures there, as I usually go nuts on Photoshop. We all know that I’m not an expert at PS and I’m, most of the times, experimenting. It’s one of the tips Daeberethwen Arbenlow had given me. Trial and error. Try on filters, layers, light leaks, photo plates or whatever and see what you like the most. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. The world’s future is not depending on the picture you’re going to post. Besides, it’s the only way you’ll learn.

My picture today is an example of that. It was a normal, colorful picture at first, that meant to showcase 22679’s new release, but I was feeling creative and this is what happened to it. So I will conveniently call this Art and move on. I guess you want to see what the decor stuff really look like though, so have a look here. All the rest is listed and credited below.

click for full size

That would be all peeps. Have a great one and be kind to one another. I’ll see you all next time.


HEAD: .LeLutka. – Chloe 2.7

HAIR: MURRAY – Magdalena (photoshopped)

DRESS: CandyDoll – Brenda Dress (naughty version) @Fameshed (NEW!) (ends May 27th)


RINGS: Kibitz – Love rings

BRACELET 1: MINIMAL – Knot Bracelet

BRACELET 2: MINIMAL – Nina Bracelet T

WRAPS: friday – Koko @N21 (NEW!)


22769 – Colonial Lounge (for The Challenge for Builders of SL)

22769 – Colonial Lounge Bench
22769 – Pinapple Lamp
22769 – Colonial Lounge Sidetable
22769 – Elephant Picture
22769 – Zebra Rug


I should name this post “The forgotten one”. Apparently, I had made this picture and completely forgot about it. I don’t know how you SL bloggers do it (and I would be very interested to know actually) but for me, blogging is, sort of, a certain procedure. Take picture (currently, without crashing – my new challenge), edit it, upload it on WordPress, do credits and post. Then of course, sharing on social media follows. Flickr, Facebook, Plurk, oh my, what a chore. And lastly, in the zero time I have left, I need to catch up on posts from other bloggers and photographers that I really want to see. So where’s the problem?


I work minimum 10 hours every day. I only have the weekends left, to work on my posts. I rush them, force them and sometimes skip some releases, I really, really, want to make, because simply, there’s no time. A typical Sunday for me, means waking up, having breakfast and then head to SL to take as many pictures as possible, edit some of them and save as drafts for the rest of the week. Then throw them all in my “to be posted” folder and enjoy the rest of my day. This explains why I had totally forgotten about this picture. It features no new releases apart from the backdrop from TMD event and the pose which is made by the talented Tyler De’Leon and named after me (blushes). Single female poses which are very handy for bloggers actually. So make sure to check them out. By the way, since a couple of ladies have already asked me, it’s me in the images of his ad and I did the styling, so if you want the credits for them you can drop me a message and I’ll let you know.


So, instead of The Forgotten one, I decided to name this post Unstoppable. Firstly because, it describes my blogging experience so far. No matter the circumstances, blogging is so much fun for me that I just can’t give it up. Secondly I listened to Sia’s Unstoppable song last night and can’t get it out of my head. I love Sia!

That would be all for now lovely people. Have a nice day/night and be kind to one another.

HEAD: CATWA – Catya (bento)

SKIN/SHAPE: itGirls – Alena

HAIR: tram –  E816

GLASSES: MURRAY– Round-Frame Sunglasses

TOP/SKIRT: tres blah – Carolina Dress (Luxe Box June 2016)

NECKLACE: Zenith – Crystal Scar

COAT: Asteria – Bella

CLUTCH: REIGN – SAY IT (gacha common)

SHOES: Rowne – Stella Pumps (gacha common)

POSE: [Hedon] poses – {Exis}

BACKDROP: No13 – old wall & the road @TMD

The rest of the decoration is a combination of random items I picked out of my inventory. If you’re interested in any of them, let me know and I’ll tell you whom they’re from.


Brain has stopped working since 7pm. That’s when I had a huge argument with a client at work for some really not important reasons. But doesn’t that happen to you too? You get upset over something, really bad, but later, thinking about it you realize it was not that important? Anyways, I can’t think or function properly at the moment so I’ll just get to the point.

This post is named after the new sim Busta Bad opened recently. I saw so many posts about and in it so, of course, I had to check it out for myself. It’s a beautiful and blogger friendly sim (I mean you can rez in it without having to join any groups). I used to go to sims and take pictures all the time when I first started blogging but, since I’m a terrible landscape photographer, now I just use my own studio. Much more convenient that way. But it was nice visiting a sim for a change. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. You can find the landmark of the sim in the credits below.

click for full size

The skin I’m wearing in this picture is from Pumec’s lucky boards at the mainstore. If you haven’t gone there yet, have a look here for more info. Who doesn’t like freebies right? The glasses and bag are new releases from The Oak for the new round of On9. I loved them as soon as I saw them.

click for full size

Shoes are from Purplemoon from same event. They come with jeans but worn separately as well which is pretty cool.

click for full size

That’s all for now folks. Hope everyone’s well! I’ll see you all next time. Be kind to one another.

HEAD: CATWA – Dyana V4.10

SKIN: PUMEC – / May \ (free – Lucky Boards)

EYES: PUMEC – / Mesh Eyes \  – HUD PACK #4 @WLRP (NEW!)

HAIR: MURRAY– Magdalena

EARS:  Swallow – Ears Pax (gacha common)

NECKLACE: paper.arrow co –  chevron necklace

GLASSES: The Oak – Astrud Round Glasses @On9 (NEW!)

BAG: The Oak – Elba Lock Small Leather @On9 (NEW!)

COAT: CandyDoll – Daria Black Trench

BOOTS: :: PM :: – Penelope Boots @On9 (NEW!)

SHOT IN: Yasminia

Block 29th April 2016

So you know how sometimes, you listen to a song, and it keeps repeating in your head over and over?  Woke up this morning, put my J.LO – Jenny from the Block song on YouTube and ended up with this outfit…


HEAD: Genesis_Head_Nicole_2.0
SKIN: Genesis Lab_Latte_Skin
BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
TOP: +MISSNOISE+ Girl Sweatshirt
NECKLACE: =Zenith=Crystal Scar Necklace
PANTS: Blueberry – Denise – Leggings
RINGS: ieQED laura.rings
EARRINGS: MG – Earrings – Kizzy Gypsy Hoops
HAIR: MURRAY Magdalena Hairstyle
SHOES: {Livalle} Chyna -Lace up Platform Boot-
SIM: Hoodlum



Wild 13th April 2016

Hello everybody! Hope you’re all having a great day! Decided to organize my inventory yesterday, make Julie proud…! So I came across these shorts from Addams. I really like Addams clothing, especially shorts or skirts. Was pretty easy to combine, as I was going for a simple look but yet trying to be feminine…! Because of that, I didn’t finish my inventory, but oh well… hehe.  Happy shopping 🙂


HEAD: Genesis_Head_Nicole
BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
SKIN: Genesis_Nicole_Latte
RINGS: Kibitz – Catherine Ring set @KUSTOM9
HAIR: MURRAY– Giorgia Hairstyle
NECKLACE: – .HoD. – Mercenary
SHORTS: Addams // Paloma Short w/Laces
TOP: paper.arrow slouchy.tank GACHA COMMON
WATCH: StyLovely Watch DIamond *BLACK*
POSE 1: Pose it – Stylish Sit
POSE 2: Frozen – Against the Wall
TATTOO: DirtyStories – LoveStory @BODYFY