Paint me Summer

Good morning world! I got some news…and it’s official until someone jinxs it or change their mind. I’m leaving for vacation next week! Not for long unfortunately, but I don’t really mind. As long as I get out of here and turn off my phone for a few days. So, this means that I will be spamming you with posts this week. I have to show you everything before I leave.

I’m starting with Anthem today. It’s another great round and if you haven’t visited it yet, I strongly suggest that you do so. Take a look here for the shopping guide and have fun!

See you all next time!

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Have a great one!

HEAD: GENUS Project – Classic Face W001 – v1.6

SKIN: ItGirls – Dani

EYESHADOWS: WarPaint* – Diaphanous @Anthem (NEW!)

HAIR: Moon // 1979 @Anthem (NEW!)

GLASSES: not so bad . DINA @Anthem (NEW!)

BRACELETS/WATCH: [ kunst ] – Hawaii Set @Anthem (NEW!)

OUTFIT: -Sorumin- Animalize @Anthem (NEW!)

BODY GLITTER: Izzie’s – Rainbow Glitter (Pulse Exclusive)

Bedroom favorites

Good morning world!

It’s September which means Autumn is on its way but also it’s Arcade month! A brand new round has only recently started and I will be showcasing some of the goodies in the upcoming posts.

Also, you’ll be happy to know that this year, there will be a very first pop-up round of The Arcade, named The Arcade’s Halloween Spooktacular! It will be opening in early October, after September’s round comes to a close and promises to showcase some of the grid’s greatest talent with a ghoulish gacha-twist; All collections at the October pop-up are required to be Halloween-themed! You remember I’m not a huge fan of Halloween since we don’t celebrate it in Greece but still, I’m excited!

So until then, take a look at all the information below and since this is all gacha, good luck!

Sim 1 • Sim 2 • Sim 3
The Arcade Gacha Event Flickr Page
The Arcade Gacha Event Shopping Guide September 2018


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Have a great one!


HEAD: GENUS Project – Genus Bento head v1.1

HAIR: Tableau Vivant \\ Lordie hair @Uber (NEW!)

SKIN/EARS/SHAPE: GENUS Project – Jessica (gacha) @The Arcade (NEW!) 

TOP: Moon. Thrifty Tank (gacha) @The Arcade (NEW!)

SHORTS: SPIRIT – Akima (gacha) @The Arcade (NEW!) 


NINA ROSARIO – Pose Set 67 (modified)


Wednesday[+] ~ Rainy Days (gacha) @The Arcade (NEW!) 

Wednesday[+] ~ Rainy Days – Laptop – RARE
Wednesday[+] ~ Rainy Days – Ideas Book – COMMON
Wednesday[+] ~ Rainy Days – Fall Palettes – COMMON
Wednesday[+] ~ Rainy Days – Fall Favs – COMMON
Wednesday[+] ~ Rainy Days – Bag – COMMON
Wednesday[+] ~ Rainy Days – Graphic Tablet – COMMON
Wednesday[+] ~ Rainy Days – Camera – COMMON
Wednesday[+] ~ Rainy Days – Chips Bag – COMMON
Wednesday[+] ~ Rainy Days – Gryffind – COMMON
Wednesday[+] ~ Rainy Days – Tablet Book – COMMON

{vespertine}-quirky rainforest plants

{vespertine}- elephant ear plant.
{vespertine}- peacock plant.
{vespertine}- monstera plant.

dust bunny . ivy room divider

dust bunny . dreamy outing . pillow pile . colorful .

dust bunny . summer picnic (gacha)

dust bunny . summer picnic . pillow pile
dust bunny . summer picnic . ukulele floral

dust bunny . wanderlust . bouquet teacup (gacha)

dust bunny . blanket storage table

dust bunny . knitted stool

dust bunny . woodland dreams . carved wooden screen (gacha)

dust bunny . storybook living (gacha)

dust bunny . storybook living . researcher’s journal
dust bunny . storybook living . old backpack

Apple Fall Hydrangea Bunch – Pink

hive // her own fairytale sideboard [white]

Pewpew! White Rustic Oak Bed

Time’s ruins build eternity’s mansions

Good morning folks! Now that is quite a title, right? And I thought of it all by myself. Hmm, ok I did not, but hey, I could have…I do believe I would make a great author. It would be a mess though as I can’t really seem to organize my thoughts well and I’m sure there’s a disorder for that condition but I choose to not look under that rock. Also, my books would be in Greek so you wouldn’t be able to read them anyways.

Today’s post is a fun post. Those are the kind of posts I promised myself I would make when time permits, where I would get to use stuff that are either new or old, sponsored or not but definitely personal favorites. And that’s the case today.

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That’s all for today peeps. Have a great one and I’ll see you all next time.

HEAD: CATWA – Catya v3.0 (updated)

SKIN: ItGirls – Joan (available on MP too) (shape is included) (NEW!)

HAIR: Moon // Fallon (Luxebox – September 2017) (NEW!)

TOP: *COCO* – Oversized Sweater

JEANS/BELT: Maitreya – Boyfriend Jeans

SHOT AT: The Salted Ruins (for Elysion members only)

Arabian Nights

Hello world! Woke up super late today which it’s only fair as I went to bed super late as well. Coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, plus it’s a Sunday (right?),  so no rambling necessary.

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Have a great one and see you all next time.


HEAD: LeLutka – Bianca 3.0 (bento) 

SKIN: ItGirls – Bia (NEW!) (available on MP too)

HAIR: Moon – Mim

LINGERIE: Addams – 10 Million Dollar (NEW!)


Scarlet Creative – Atlas Resort Pool

Scarlet Creative – Chaima Retreat (Luxe Box March 2017)

What lurks in the dark

Good morning world. And happy humpday. Did you know that I recently found out why people call it a humpday? I had seen it before but I totally had the wrong idea about it. Until a friend called me a pervert and told me the real reason. But hey, we don’t use that expression in Greece so I’m excused.

Today’s post features more stuff from the upcoming Arcade round. The bodysuit and boots are from Azuchi, the rare ones from his gacha set. The head is by Genesis Lab, new bento one and her name is Flor. I know you can’t really see it in this picture but be patient, there are more pictures to come in the next days. Meanwhile, have a look at the gacha key here as it’s a huge one and you might want to see everything it has to offer. Last but not least, the build is the new gacha release by Remarkable Oblivion. It consists of 9 commons and 2 rares and it’s amazing. Click here for the gacha key.

Lurking in the dark
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That’s all for now peeps. Have a great one and I’ll see you all next time.


HEAD/SKIN: Genesis Lab. – “Up In Smoke” (gacha) @The Arcade (NEW!) (opens June 1st – 12pm SLT)

Genesis_Head_Flor_3.2 Bento (rare)

BODYSUIT/SHOES: [Azuchi] – Sasha (gacha) @The Arcade (NEW!) (opens June 1st – 12pm SLT)

[Azuchi] Sasha Bodysuit Black RARE
[Azuchi] Sasha Boots RARE

HAIR/MASK: [VALE KOER]&Moon. – Narcissist II (gacha rare)


Remarkable Oblivion – The Salty Sailor (gacha) @The Arcade (NEW!) (opens June 1st – 12pm SLT)

RO – The Salty Sailor – Tattoo Parlor RARE
RO – The Salty Sailor – No Pain Chair
RO – The Salty Sailor – Coffee Table
RO – The Salty Sailor – Artists Stool
RO – The Salty Sailor – Tattoo Frames

Gold Canary

I plurked yesterday about my computer dying slowly. I have been experiencing the Blue Screen of Death. Have you heard of it? I sure hadn’t until I had to look it up online. What happens is, you get a blue screen, telling you an error occurred and had to restart your computer. Yes, no matter if you’re in the middle of something, just goodbye. Now, don’t be mean and think that I’ve been watching too much porn. I haven’t. Not without protection of course! Ha ha.

Gold Canary

At first it only happened once or twice so I conveniently chose to ignore it. Then it kept happening, made it impossible to do – pretty much – anything on the computer so I had to take it to the “doctor”. You know I know nothing about computers right? So when the computer expert guy called me to let me know what’s wrong, he was so specific. It’s either the hard disc, RAM or motherboard. I mean…ok, do I choose one in random? How do you fix it? He said he’ll have to keep it for a few days and let me know as soon as he knew.


So I had to be resourceful again. I secretly stole my father’s laptop, edited my pics best way that I could and there you go. I did consider taking some time off to rest but my addiction to blogging won’t let me.

Today’s post features the new metal dress Addams released at the mainstore and the cage Evolove made for The Liaison Collaborative. It comes with poses of course. Hair is from Moon at The Arcade. So are the nails, which are also compatible with bento hands. Skin is the second release from ItGirls for Skin Fair. I was going to make a headshot for it but my computer didn’t let me!


That’s all for now peeps. Have a nice day/night and be kind to one another.

HEAD: CATWA – Catya v2.10

SKIN: itGirls – Rosa @Skin Fair 2017 (Sim 1Sim 2) (NEW!)

HAIR: Moon – Laynie (gacha rare) @The Arcade (NEW!)

DRESS: Addams – Queen Metal Dress

CLAWS: S&P – Cat Lady (gacha common) @The Arcade (NEW!)


CAGE/POSES: [evoLove] – Captivity @TLC (NEW!)


I’m always quiet on Saturdays…I’m also in a hurry! Promise to ramble next time.

Quick overview: New Genesis Lab head at the Epiphany event. Rare of course, so good luck. I believe the GL creators listened to their fans and their couple of new releases have smaller eyes than the previous heads. Her name is Lorena and you’ll get a better look at her in one of my upcoming posts. Tattoo is new from Nanika for Tres Chic and the gown is sexy and revealing from The Annex for the new round of ROMP.

That’s all for now…see you all tomorrow, have a nice day/night and weekend!

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HEAD/SKIN: Genesis Lab – Lorena 2.0 (gacha rare) @The Epiphany (NEW!)

LIPSTICK: Genesis Lab– DEAD GROUND MATTE (gacha common) @The Epiphany (NEW!)

EYESHADOW: Genesis Lab – BLEEDING MASCARA (gacha common) @The Epiphany (NEW!)

HAIR: Moon – Funeral (Luxe Box – October 2016 )

TATTOO: Nanika – Bloody Rose @Tres Chic (NEW!)

GOWN: The Annex – Eden Gown @ROMP (NEW!)

EAR: Swallow – Ears Goth (gacha common)

POSE: Body Language SLC SS – BackShot


“People will stare. Make it worth their while”

Harry Winston

Please meet, Antonia.

Genesis Lab did it again. Created this new, gorgeous mesh head for new round of Collabor88.

If only I could count the number of times I have worn a Genesis head, fell in love with it, only to betray my love, as soon as I put on the next one.

Can you blame me?

click for full size

HEAD: Genesis Lab – Antonia 2.0 @C88 (NEW!)

SKIN: Genesis Lab – Antonia Cappuccino





SEPTUM: Yummy – Luxury Septum’s – Chain Link Septum GACHA COMMON @THE ARCADE (NEW!)

CHOKER: !IT! – Ra Choker


Sia 25th May 2016


“I’m small and needy…Warm me up and breathe me”
Sia – Breathe Me

When Moon Hair released the new group gift for June, I was so excited. When I found out it was Sia hair I was enthused!

She’s by far one of my favorite artists so less I could do was this picture!

❤ ❤ ❤



HEAD: Genesis Lab – Emily (GACHA RARE)
HAIR: Moon   Cheap Thrills (Special) (Early June Group Gift)
SKIN: Genesis Lab – Emily (VANILLA)
BLAZER: *COCO* – Stretch Blazer & Crop Top
BOW: Le Coq D’or – Bow (GACHA COMMON)
POSE: Le Poppycock – The Gossip Girl @ULTRA EVENT (NEW!)

Record 4th April 2016

Mesh Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Mesh Head – Genesis_Head_Nicole_2.0
Skin – Genesis Lab_Latte_Skin
Hair – MOON // Hair // Echoes (md)
Top – Pixicat– Signe.Top Short – Stripes (Maitreya)
Shorts – LAZYBONES – Rolled Up Shorts – white – Maitreya Lara
Socks – fri. – Lazy.Socks (Maitreya)
Shoes – fri. – Nina.Booties (Gray) – Slink
Ring 1 – SECRETS Gacha @ Shiny Shabby  – Free Spirit Black – Ring1 L
Ring 2 – SECRETS Gacha @ Shiny Shabby – Free Spirit Black – Ring2 L
Ring 3 – Izzie’s – resize Celestial Midi Rings R silver (casual)
Necklace – Zenith=Magic Stone Necklace (Sliver)
Nose Ring – PUNCH @ Kinky Monthly Event/ Diamond Nose Ring L
Watch – Watch DIamond SILVER Gacha @ Shiny Shabby
Belly Ring – Misha J. Belly Ring (High)