A matter of choice

Hey world! I don’t have time to ramble today, unfortunately, so I’ll just post this and run back to work. Hope everyone’s having a great day. Make sure you check the credits below for the items used. Most are new and all amazing! See you all next time! ♡ Fancy Decor: Thulden Collection @Collabor88 (NEW!) Fancy Decor: Thulden Dresser Fancy Decor: Thulden Lamp Fancy Decor: Thulden Vases Fancy Decor: Thulden Bowl Fancy Decor: Thulden Clock • Fancy Decor: Modern Luxe @Luxebox (November 2017) (NEW!) Fancy Decor: Luxe Candelabra  Fancy Decor: Luxe Bench  Fancy Decor: Luxe Side Table • Fancy Decor: Magazine Stack 4 … Continue reading A matter of choice

The smell of autumn

Hello world! Work is crazy today so it’s going to be a super quick post. Lots of new and fairly new releases in the picture and everything is listed below so have a look and have fun shopping. See you all next time! ♡ STYLING HAIR: elikatira – Aviya TOP: .miss chelsea. Brea Sweater @Uber (NEW!) SKIRT:  Blueberry – (Luxe Box December 2016)  ● SCENE Porch hive / annamae’s abode (gacha rare) • Fancy Decor – Hasting Bench & Accessories @Uber (NEW!) Fancy Decor: Hasting Bench (white) Fancy Decor: Open Book Fancy Decor: Rain Boots • Concept – Garden @Shiny Shabby (NEW!) Concept} 02. Garden. Rocker. … Continue reading The smell of autumn

Time’s ruins build eternity’s mansions

Good morning folks! Now that is quite a title, right? And I thought of it all by myself. Hmm, ok I did not, but hey, I could have…I do believe I would make a great author. It would be a mess though as I can’t really seem to organize my thoughts well and I’m sure there’s a disorder for that condition but I choose to not look under that rock. Also, my books would be in Greek so you wouldn’t be able to read them anyways. Today’s post is a fun post. Those are the kind of posts I promised … Continue reading Time’s ruins build eternity’s mansions

Choosing paths

Good morning peeps! It’s a Sunday post therefore a quiet post. Read everything below and have a great day! ♡ HEAD: CATWA – Catya v3.0 (updated) SKIN: ItGirls – Joan (NEW!) (available on MP too) (shape is included) HAIR: Tableau Vivant – Lucy @Kustom9 (NEW!) TOP: ISON – isabella side cut sweater (NEW!) (Luxebox – September 2017) PANTS: Addams – Luna Rubberised Pants SHOT AT: Shijima Continue reading Choosing paths

Remember why you started

Good morning world! Not much to share with you this morning. Has been a pretty busy week for me at work so I’m looking forward to it ending. Weekend will be busy as well but no RL work hopefully. Today’s post features the new hair Truth released at mainstore, which is super cute and the styling options are many! Try it out, if you still haven’t, you’ll love it. Rest of the styling comes from August’s Luxe Box, so have a look below for all the details. Have a great day and see you all next time. ♡ HEAD: LeLutka – Greer … Continue reading Remember why you started

You never fail until you stop trying

Good evening! Some of you will understand what the title is all about today (very few of you, to be honest), and some of you won’t. It’s not really important that you do though. It’s important that I (or we) get the message. It’s pretty obvious and you either accept it or not. Personally, I won’t give up. I can be disappointed but I’m not stopping. That’s all! Have a good one and be kind to one another. See you all next time. ♡ HEAD: LeLutka – Chloe 3.0 SKIN: ItGirls – Jade HAIR: TRUTH – Elie (VIP group gift – August 2017) (NEW!) TOP: … Continue reading You never fail until you stop trying

Glitz & Glam

Good morning! Guess who overslept and now is trying to catch up on everything she was supposed to do this morning? Yes, you got it right, me! I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately but I’m feeling incredibly tired. It gets harder and harder to get out of bed, harder to go to work, even harder to stay there and actually focus and work. Frankly, the only enjoyment lately is blogging. It can get exhausting as well but I guess I’m super addicted. I think vacation is the only solution here and I have nothing planned yet but I’m … Continue reading Glitz & Glam

No distance is too far, no time is too long

Hello world. Super happy that the weekend is here even though it hasn’t stopped raining for a second. It’s still warm and kinda sunny though so my mood hasn’t been significantly affected. Today’s post features the build (there’s a decorated version as well) NEWCHURCH created for On9. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you do, as it’s super lovely. Rest of the decor is at the Arcade, have a look at the credits below for more details. Have a great one and see you all next time. ♡ STYLING HEAD: LeLutka – Chloe 2.7 SKIN: itGirls – Jade … Continue reading No distance is too far, no time is too long

Cause even a white rose has a black shadow

Good morning world. No surprises today, I am still completely blank! I have absolutely nothing to write about other than the weather or work. And I even am bored to read about the weather or my work. So… let’s move on to the stuff. Today’s post features more goodies from 22679. Their gacha set is called Under the Milkyway Tonight, is beautiful and consists of 16 items for you to collect. It is currently at Whimsical and in case you were confused like me and thought the event is over, it is not. I’m not sure whether it got extended … Continue reading Cause even a white rose has a black shadow