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Still waters

Good morning! Friday is finally here and even though the weekend won’t be any better than the rest of the week, I’m excited. The closer we get to the end of October the better for me! Speaking of insufferable months, you probably know by now, there are many pop-up rounds

Life is a blessing

Friday is here again, soon comes around doesn’t it lol.   Nothing much to say today,  today’s post was another fun one to create.  The sexy little dress is by #bubbles add the awesome new tattoo by Ephemeral and the Le Poppycock wall pose and I’m feeling all badass again, seems


“In all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are Dirt” John Muir I’ve been taking time the past few days to visit Elysion since I joined recently, this sim is simply amazing and has so many wonderful areas to explore and yes take pictures

Sia 25th May 2016

  “I’m small and needy…Warm me up and breathe me” Sia – Breathe Me When Moon Hair released the new group gift for June, I was so excited. When I found out it was Sia hair I was enthused! She’s by far one of my favorite artists so less I

Express 6th May 2016

TGIF!!! Today I’m feeling cute! Maybe it’s the cute bowtie from Le Coq D’or or maybe it’s the weather that’s getting warmer and warmer…! Speaking of this bowtie, it’s the latest creation of Olikato, which you can find at new round of The Showroom that opens tonight! It comes in