Beauty horror

Hello world! I got carried away, working on a picture that I didn’t realize how late I am for work. So, I can’t really stay much longer, even though I want to. You can also tell by the fact that I couldn’t even come up with an original title for the post. Genesis has me covered though. Have a look at the credits below for all the details and I’ll see you all next time.

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HEAD: Genesis Lab – Eva 3.2 (bento)

SKIN/MAKE-UP/EYES: Genesis Lab – Beauty Horror (gacha) @Pocketgacha (NEW!)


HAIR: #Foxy – Morgana @Salem (NEW!)

OUTFIT: Dead Dollz – Fiona @Salem (NEW!)

SHOT AT: Gridrow Heights (for Elysion members only – open until October 31st)

Love aside, no more tears to cry

Good morning world! No sad posts, no hidden messages here. I have just been listening to Kiesza’s, Sound of Woman song constantly, lately, so it had to have an impact on me. If you’re not familiar with it, go ahead and listen, but I’m warning you – it’s addictive. Another busy day ahead, so no more time for chit chat unfortunately.

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Have a great day and see you all next time.

HEAD: Genesis Lab – Flor 3.2 (bento) (gacha rare)

SKIN: Genesis Lab – Stephanie



DRESS: Blueberry – Penny

BUILD: Apple Fall – Paris Loft Skybox (gacha rare)

Arsonist’s Lullaby

Today’s post is titled after Hozier’s song. I recently listened to it and got addicted immediately. I just love his voice, his music and all the images I create in my head whilst hearing it.

So, talking to a friend recently about my current situation, I realized that I have so much going on right now and I might be going through an artists’s block. It takes me a while to make anything, I end up hating it, deleting it then making it again, still hating it, until I feel tired and just decide to give up and go with it. I’ve lost my inspiration but thankfully I haven’t lost my interest. I keep telling myself that this is probably exhaustion and my muse is somewhere getting drunk or lucky. I can’t wait for her to come back! Ha ha. Bottom line is I’ve lost faith in me and my posts. Which is why it’s very important to have friends like Jules, friends to count on and to lighten up your days when they’re too dark.

 Picture features goodies from the On9 event that opened doors only few days ago. The theme for this round is Industrial Autumn and the creations are simply beautiful. Have a look at this round’s catalogue here. Lybra is one of the stores participating in this round with this super sexy corset with panties and stockings available in many colors and of course for all popular mesh bodies (Belleza, Maitreya, Slink). It’s really impressive how it is appliers but looks so mesh. That’s good designing!

That would be all for now. Hope you all have a great day/evening!

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HEAD: Genesis Lab – Adeline 2.0

SKIN: Genesis Lab – Daniella @The Book of Daniel (NEW!)

EYESHADOW: Genesis Lab – GOTHIC DRAMA (tear is drawn on Photoshop)



HAIR: ICONIC – Leona @On9 (NEW!)

BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5


GLOVES: Zenith – Leather Belt Gloves @Shiny Shabby (NEW!)


It is raining in Athens today. I’m feeling blue but loving it in at the same time. We only get rain for 2-3 months every year so when it finally does, it’s magical! I’m sure if a British person read this now, would probably slap me, I know Jules will sigh as soon as she reads it, hehe, but it is true. I personally enjoy it when it rains, even though Athens is not built or prepared for heavy rain or storms. Matter of time before the streets flood, get slippery, traffic jam is created in seconds, everyone is late for work and chaos takes over the city again. Speaking about chaos,  Greek health system is no better.

I’ve not been very active lately due to a personal family health issue that made it necessary for me to be in the hospital for a couple of days. Everything was supposed to be over by now and back to normal but sadly it is not. No need to bother you will all these, everything will be fine eventually, I only felt I needed to share with you all that I miss blogging and photography so much and I’m trying hard to find the time, but lately there is none. But enough with the drama. Few words about today’s post are also needed.

I’m incredibly amazed by the frequency mesh head creators, design and release their new heads. I know nothing about designing on SL and I don’t know if it’s easier to create a mesh head than a mesh dress for example, but I would assume, it is not.

I think it’s safe to say Catwa and Genesis Labs have been the most productive ones. Both stores release up to 3-4 new heads every month which is something I find very impressive and incredible. I appreciate how committed some people are to their work and how seriously they take it.

Genesis Lab’s most recent release is Keily, mesh head version 2.0 which means all current Genesis appliers work on her. There is a big resemblance to the notorious Kylie Jenner and one can easily see the anagram there. Just rearrange the letters and instead of Keily you get Kylie. Hehe. She’s now available at the new round of Uber, so I highly recommend trying a demo and see what you think of her yourselves.

Yesterday a new pic on Flickr was released, titled K&K which I’m guessing is the Jenner sisters (Kendall and Kylie). Probably GL newest release for the Book of Daniel fundraising event that is due to open in 3 days. Also, Genesis Lab. have blogger application open, so good luck to everyone that will apply.

Genesis Lab. blogger app:  (closes on the 9th)

Have a good day!

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HEAD/SKIN: Genesis Lab – Keily 2.0 @Uber (NEW!)

EYES: ARISE – Star Eyes

HAIR: Elikatira – Felicity

POSE: BodyLanguage SLC SS POSE (September Group Gift) (NEW!)

Second U

Who doesn’t like magazines? Whether it’s fashion, lifestyle or you name it, magazines are definitely a huge part of our everyday lives. I recently read a very interesting article on the influence of magazines in the fashion industry. According to the author “the history of fashion magazines shows that fashion magazines have been linked to fashion in the early beginnings. It reflects that the driving force behind the growth of magazines, is fashion itself. Magazines have become an essential tool for keeping customers close as they pursue their decision journeys on the way to purchase”. It’s a theory that definitely applies on me. No matter how busy I might get daily, I will always find ten minutes to go through certain magazines, catch up with trends and fashion tips or just read about random celebrity gossip (makes me feel so good about myself afterwards, haha). Lately though, I usually do that online. Most magazines now are available online as well, which is something I’m not against, even though I do enjoy the old traditional way of reading them.

I had heard about magazines in SL as well, but never had the chance to read one before. I wasn’t sure where I could get one or even which ones they are. To be honest with you, I still don’t. When I was asked to make a picture for a new SL magazine I knew I couldn’t say no. You probably know well by now that I really enjoy challenges. Also, I really love the Annex. The store has well designed mesh with great attention to detail and the sizes are available for all popular female mesh bodies. Store has recently added lucky boards too so make sure you check them out.

The Second U magazine has been released only a few days ago by the lovely Beloved Ruby and her team. I had a conversation with her about it and here’s what you need to know. Originally, the magazine was planned to be published 4 times a year. However, many people have expressed their interest in seeing the magazine published a lot sooner. So there are discussions now about the possibility of publishing every two months. The best quality and content are their main goals so they would never risk losing that over quantity. The magazine will be published online only with subscriber kiosks in-world where everyone will be notified about each new release. You can also follow magazine’s social media and be up to date with everything related to it. Most importantly, when they say It’s All About You! – it means that every single Second Life Resident is part of this magazine. Your comments, thoughts, work, suggestions, will all be listened to and may be published in the magazine as well.

This picture is for the premier issue of the magazine, for the Annex store in page 10. You can now read the magazine online here:

or use this link in case your Flash add-ons aren’t working:

Second U Magazine Social Media




Website: (under construction)

Last but not least, I want to specially thank my friends Tyler De’Leon for his support, guidance and advice, Beuanna and the Annex store for their faith in me and my bestie, Jules for always being by my side and believing in me like noone ever has before.

Have a nice evening.

Second U magazine
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HEAD/SKIN: Genesis Lab – Antonia 2.0

DRESS: The Annex – Natasha

HAIR: Elikatira – Elodie

NECKLACE: Maxi Gossamer – Knotted Shimmer Pearls

POSE: BodyLanguage SLC – BackShot A

Body and soul

This is probably my first blog post that has nothing to do with any recent or current releases. But there’s nothing wrong with that, right?

My friend Cameron and I had taken this pic a long long time ago but for some reason I never posted it. I had edited and saved in drafts folder so as soon as I saw it, I figured it needs to get viral. Hehe.

oOo Studio had just released this pose for FLF and I knew I had to get it. A. It has to do with dance which is my second nature and B. it’s simply beautiful.

Best viewed whilst listening to the magical masterpiece of Sergei Rachmaninoff!

Have a good night.

Up in the Attic
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HEAD/SKIN: Genesis Lab – Nicole 2.0

BODY: Maitreya– Lara V3.5

HAIR: tram – E816

LEOTARD/LEGWARMERS: Dead Dollz – The Rehearsal Collection (gacha)

POSE: oOo Studio – Acquiesce

Believe in yourself…

As you have probably already guessed I love quotes, I love to read them, I love to believe in them and in fact many times they have picked me up on what would or could be a bad day,  one of my favourites I saw today was “Live is short, break the RULES, FORGIVE quickly, KISS slowely, LOVE truly, LAUGH uncontrollably and NEVER REGRET anything that made you SMILE”  I just love this quote and it’s so true and something we should all strive to go for each and every day.

Saturday night has arrived for me and I’m off to a surprise party for a good friend of mine in Second Life, I’ve dressed up, added the makeup, nice high heel shoes, gorgeous outfit and I’m feeling great, here’s to a fun night ahead woot.

Happy Saturday Everyone, make it a great one ♥

Believe in yourself...



BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5


SKIN:   amara beauty – Riley 05 toffee

EYES:  .ARISE. Rema Eyes / Grey

HAIR:  +elua+ Noela_Darkbrown

BRA:  erratic / diana – halter bra / noir @ C88 (NEW)

THONG:  erratic / diana – high waist thong / noir @ C88 (NEW)


FACE TATTOO:  Erde: face tattoo Owl mind @ Pose Lover & Friends Event (NEW)


BODY:  Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1.3

HEAD:  CATWA HEAD Justin V4.10

HAIR:  RAW HOUSE :: Wolf [DkBrown 01]

EYES:  CATWA Basic Eye -Light Brown

TATTOO:  -7P-Beckham Tattoo Appliers

POSE:   BellePoses – It’s Alright @ Pose Lover & Friends Event (NEW)

Black & Blue

We’ve all heard at least one fashion rule, right? You know what I’m talking about, all the things that we were told ever since we started dressing ourselves on our own and creating our own personal style. This is something that didn’t interest much the boys, and probably still doesn’t, but fashion is unisex so I guess everyone could be concerned.

One of the rules my mom always used to follow and had me following as well is that black and blue don’t match. Personally, I wouldn’t use the word match, but I would most likely say, the contrast, fashionwise, is not interesting. It’s definitely a combination of colors I wouldn’t choose to wear.

Of course, as you have probably known by now I’m a huge geek and I google everything, so interestingly enough I gathered up some opinions and thoughts on the subject. Apparently there are a bunch of most common and popular rules, which people follow until today.

One of them, most pervasive of them all, would be never wear white after Labor Day. Frankly, I had never heard of it before and by reading about it, I understood that Labor day, to the Americans, means the end of the summer, so people shouldn’t wear white in the winter days. Also many people, again according to the article, seem to follow this rule and believe it is true. Well I’m sorry but I would totally wear white throughout the whole year.

Another rule would be, always wear shoes that match your bags (and belts if there are any). My thought on this one is similar to the author’s. If your shoes and bag match your outfit is enough. No need for them to be same color, and I quote: “forget about matching and start thinking about what goes together and what goes with your outfit”.

Next rule would be never wear red if you’re a redhead. I don’t have much to say about that, as I can’t see anything wrong with it. I know I’m not wearing red unless I really don’t have a choice. Not my favorite color.

Another rule would be never mix metals in your wardrobe, followed by never wear tights with open-toed shoes and last but not least, never wear black with brown or blue.

I can understand why there has to be a number of rules and stereotypes in fashion. It makes sense in a way. But then I’m thinking, there would be no such thing as creativity, or creating trends and owning a style, unless people actually didn’t follow the stereotypes and did their own thing. If you like it, wear it. That would be my rule I guess. You can’t please everyone and it’s impossible for everyone to like you or your style.

As I’ve mentioned previously, black and blue are colors I wouldn’t wear together. But I could use them together in photography instead.

What are your thoughts on the subject? I would love to read them all in the comments below.

Have a good night everyone!

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HEAD/SKIN: Genesis Lab – Giorgia 2.0

BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5

HAIR: elua – Celeste @C88 (NEW!)

COLLAR: Maxi Gossamer – Vallari

TATTOO: Nanika – Flying Monkey @Enchantment (NEW!)

CORSET: The Annex – Hotpants @Genre (NEW!)

GLOVES: RealEvil – Coraline

HEELS: Hilly Haalan – Mandy Booties

POSE: Serendipity – in a safe place… @Pose Lover & Friends Event (NEW!)


There is a reason why I don’t post anything after the sun goes down. I usually wake up very early, around 7am, sit on the computer and work on the blog, social media, etc. then, I leave for work and come home around this time, to pick up from where I left things. And that is on a quiet, less busy day. There are days when RL work gets even busier and inevitably I will sleep less in order to catch up with everything. I’m sure you’ve all been through that and you can tell how, in time, it exhausts and wears you out.

Usually, after 8pm, and especially after dinner (you know how Greeks usually have lunch and dinner, really late, right?) I get so sleepy and my eyes literally close. I’m probably embarrassing every person in my age right now, but it’s true! I just want to go home, take a super long shower and just get in bed until the next morning. Posting on the blog, replying to comments or even writing a few words for you to read, is a risk. A) It might make no sense at all and B) I will read it in the morning and think “awww, I could have done this better”. So make sure you come back in the morning, in case I have updated it! He he.

I would like to know how you manage RL and SL though. Blogging or not, how much time do you spend on your SL social life and how much time does it take from your RL one? If you’re blogging, when do you usually prefer to work on your pictures? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know.

Have a good night everyone!

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HEAD: Genesis Lab – Adeline 2.0 @C88 (NEW!)

SKIN: Genesis Lab – Alisha (gacha rare)

BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5

HAIR: Clawtooth – Windswept

DRESS: Lybra – Nadia @On9 (NEW!)

TATTOO: Nanika – Flying Monkey @Enchantment (NEW!)

BRACELET: RealEvil –  Zaria


POSE: BAXE – JUST WALK @Pose Lover & Friends Event (NEW!)

I Protect You

Poses play a very important role in photography, if not the most important one. Whether it is RL or SL photography, the pose has to be there and it has to be specific. The pose will usually be determined by the outfit you have on and the theme or concept of the picture you have in mind or vice versa. It will definitely inspire you and it will help you figure out what you’re going to do with the picture.

Couple poses have always intrigued me more than single ones. They are definitely harder to work with, so that to me, sounds like a challenge. I can never say no to a challenge, which is why I always end up disappointed in the end. Ha ha. But hey, at least I’m having so much fun, so, you know what they say. It’s the journey that matters, not the destination! So here’s why I think couple/friends poses are usually harder to blog.

First of all, since the designers create the poses in a certain way, using, probably their own avatar size and shape, there is always a chance of the pose not working well for you. In this case, do not panic! You can always edit the pose (by right clicking on it) and unlink it. This way you can adjust the poses individually, move them up or down, back or forth. There are also huds like Animare or Anypose that allow you to move parts of your body, in case your hand ends up in your hair or dress or even worse, inside your picture partner’s back for example. Be careful though! If you’re supposed to blog the pose, you can’t change it. Yes you can remove your fingers from your hair, but you can’t move your hand down for example. The creators needs to recognize their work and people need to know what they’re buying.

Second of all, couple or friends poses, require more than one avatars, obviously. In this case you can either use an alt or, in my case, models. Since for me personally, one account is already too much to handle, I’d rather work with Jules in case I have to make a females pose or male models for couple ones. Besides, how or why would I ever miss the opportunity of a) bugging and upsetting Jules with my OCD and need-to-be-perfect behavior and b) hugging a shirtless guy for like an hour and instead use a, most likely, bad-looking male alt that I would have created? He he.

Jokes aside, working with models, from my experience, has been a great lesson. They have been inspiring, helpful and they have taught me things I didn’t know before. For that reason only, I’m always looking forward to working with them. Besides, it’s always interesting to see, what kind of picture they would take and how they would, probably, do it differently.

Last but not least, styling is a factor. You probably know what you want to wear or what you want to look like in the picture, but, your picture partner, has to match it. For example, if you’re in a gown, all fancy and posh, you probably don’t want your partner to wear jeans. Nothing wrong with jeans, but they will, in my opinion, create a contrast and inconsistency between your style and theirs. So it is challenging, for the models mostly, to find something to wear that would meet your requirements for the picture. In this case, I’d say, gift them what you want them to wear. They’re helping you out so, least you can do is buy them a pair of pants…! Who knows, maybe you’re going to need them again in the future and your particular gift would come in handy then as well.

So, in this post today, I had the pleasure to work with Kael (I could hug him, shirtless or not, for hours and days, he’s adorable) and also with a very beautiful pose created by Drunk Panda. You can find this one and many many others, in this month’s round of Pose Lover & Friends Event.

Have a nice day everyone!

I'll protect you2
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HEAD: Genesis Lab – Adeline 2.0 @C88 (NEW!)

EYESHADOW: Genesis Lab – GHOST TOWER (edited)

EYES: L’Etre – Mesh Eyes [#8]

HAIR: little bones – Cross

TATTOO:  Nanika – Flora @On9 (NEW!)

UNDERWEAR: Maitreya – Hipster


BOXERS: Apple May – Dorkin’ Out Briefs

TATTOO: Bolson – Odric (previous MOM release, soon in mainstore)


Drunk Panda – I Protect You @Pose Lover & Friends Event (NEW!)


Black Basalt Beach