After the snowfall

Good morning world! I’m having people over for lunch today and I have a lot to do around the house, which is why I can’t stay and ramble. Have a look at the credits below as there are a bunch of new stuff featured in the picture. And happy shopping! Have a great Sunday and I’ll see you all next time. ♡ Concept} – Limerick (gacha) @Kustom 9 (NEW!) Concept} 01. Limerick. Wood Fence with snow Concept} 03. Limerick. FireWood with snow Concept} 05. Limerick. Stone Well with snow Concept} 07. Limerick. Wall with snow Concept} 09. Limerick. Home with … Continue reading After the snowfall

In the white countenance confession

“Even as our cloudy fancies take suddenly shape in some divine expression, Even as the troubled heart doth make in the white countenance confession, The troubled sky reveals The grief it feels…” Hello world! I’m giving you a sense of Canada today, as promised! It’s still too warm in Athens to inspire me enough to make a winter picture, but I should start getting ready as we’re really close to Christmas. I won’t even mention how fast time flies. But I just did. Today’s post features more stuff from the current round of 6 Republic, so I should have convinced … Continue reading In the white countenance confession

When the evening star is rising

“When the evening star is rising and the shadows gather ’round…” Hello hello! Everyone had a great weekend? Did you also have to work, like I did? If so, hit me up and we can bitch about to each other later. I’m taking you to Japan again today (or at least what I think Japan looks like) using the new releases from Thor and Tableau Vivant at the brand new round of 6 Republic. Both are gacha, so good luck! Also, in case you’ve forgotten, the theme of the round is Tokyo vs Canada and since this is my second … Continue reading When the evening star is rising

The smell of autumn

Hello world! Work is crazy today so it’s going to be a super quick post. Lots of new and fairly new releases in the picture and everything is listed below so have a look and have fun shopping. See you all next time! ♡ STYLING HAIR: elikatira – Aviya TOP: .miss chelsea. Brea Sweater @Uber (NEW!) SKIRT:  Blueberry – (Luxe Box December 2016)  ● SCENE Porch hive / annamae’s abode (gacha rare) • Fancy Decor – Hasting Bench & Accessories @Uber (NEW!) Fancy Decor: Hasting Bench (white) Fancy Decor: Open Book Fancy Decor: Rain Boots • Concept – Garden @Shiny Shabby (NEW!) Concept} 02. Garden. Rocker. … Continue reading The smell of autumn

Outdoor inspiration

Good morning peeps! I wasn’t going to post anything today as I need to catch up on my pictures but Blogotex made me. If you’re suffering from OCD, like me, Blogotex surely can’t be fun for you either. Especially those notecards reminding you how much time you have left. Gosh! I’m pretty sure Blogotex will be the reason why I will quit blogging one day. But not just yet! Anyways, today’s forced post, features new stuff from Fancy Decor, Unkindness, [keke] and Thor! Have a look below for all the details and have fun shopping! ♡ The Vordun: Breviary ca. … Continue reading Outdoor inspiration

Bagni di foreste

Which means, baths of forests. And no, I don’t speak Italian but I know how to use google translate! Good morning folks! It’s Friday, are you all as excited as I am? I’m working tomorrow again and starting next week, I will be working from 10am until 10pm which is going to be a challenge, working and keeping up with my blog at the same time, but I’ll figure something out. And that should never be a reason to not enjoy a Friday! So, today I’m showing you the newest release of Concept – and not a gacha one this time. You can … Continue reading Bagni di foreste

Summer is gone

Good morning world. Is it me or was this a super short weekend? And this seems to be the case every weekend I have to go to work. Anyways I woke up early this morning but my mind is still sleeping and coffee hasn’t been effective yet, so I won’t be rambling much today. My post is featuring the new stuff THOR made for PocketGacha event. The event runs through October 14th, so you still have a couple of weeks to win them. Also, in case you don’t know already, PocketGacha gives you the opportunity to buy the whole set … Continue reading Summer is gone

Leaving it all behind

Good morning peeps! Right when I thought I was done with summer-y posts, Concept thought otherwise and made this. It’s called Bali, it’s gacha and currently available at Kustom 9. Many things for you to win there, so have a look at the gacha key and good luck. That’s all for today folks. Have a great day and see you all next time. ♡ Concept – Bali (gacha)@Kustom9 (NEW!) Concept} 01. Bali Cabin. RARE Concept} 02. Bali Bed. PG. RARE Concept} 03. Bali Canopy Concept} 05. Bali Tables Concept} 06. Bali Bench Concept} 07. Bali Panel G Concept} 08. Bali … Continue reading Leaving it all behind

Abandoned Farm

Good morning peeps! Weekend is finally here and even though I have to work today, I don’t care. It always feels better on a Saturday. The month is soon coming to an end and I’m not quite done yet with everything I wanted to show you, blogging wise, so I suppose you’re stuck with me for the next days, blogging every day and spamming you. Sorry in advance. Can’t speak for the pictures alone, but the items in them, are definitely pretty. So you’ll enjoy those at least. Today I’m showcasing the new Abandoned Farm set 22769 made for the … Continue reading Abandoned Farm