Veni Vidi Cycle

I’m finally embracing the autumn spirit. Weather in Greece has helped. The couple of heavy rains and quite some cold we’ve been experiencing lately, make me just want to put on some thigh high socks and a cool jacket and ride my bicycle in the forrest. Well, I live in Athens, so that’s not quite possible, but hey, one can dream and hope. For this picture I had the help of my super talented friend Cocolinox Decuir who had the patience to wait for me after every one of my 23 computer crashes I experienced that day. Yes, my own … Continue reading Veni Vidi Cycle


Time of post 8:00am. Fact #1: Haven’t had coffee yet. Fact #2: It’s Thursday a.k.a. Pre-TGIF. Fact #3: I’m not a morning person. Fact #4: I managed to wear Lelutka hair with Catwa head (read what I’m talking about here) Fact #5: WLRP is finally open. Fact #6: I have nothing else to say this early in the morning. Have a nice day all! ♡ HEAD: CATWA – Dyana V4.10 SKIN: amara beauty – Wendi HAIR: LeLutka – A-NV-0002 BODYSUIT: Pixicat – Necromancer @WLRP (NEW!) BRACELET: Kunglers – Isis (malachite) @WLRP (NEW!) SHOES: Essenz – Lancaster COLLAR: MG –  Vallari … Continue reading Raven


After the horrific last post I made, I needed to relax and make something that felt more familiar and more… me! Luckily I was given the opportunity to do so quickly. I have been dancing ever since I can remember myself so you can probably guess my enthusiasm when I saw the new releases at the Crossroads. Dead Dollz sponsors the event and participates in collaboration with Astralia. Dead Dollz offers legwarmers, leggings, leotard and sweaters, all exclusively for Maitreya mesh body and available in many colors. Astralia offers a very cute skybox plus some decor for it, all gacha. … Continue reading Relax


Yes, clothes are off again! Don’t blame me, blame the super amazing Evolove, that created the Moaning series poses for the new round of Expose event. Now can you imagine yourselves posing in them fully clothed? I’m just surprised I did put something on. I’m also glad my parents don’t read my blog. Ha ha. I enjoy sexy photography in general. Erotica and artistic nudity always catch my attention. The human body is beautifully made and one could do wonders with it. Which is why I’m always impressed by the diverse and unique poses Evolove brings. The Expose event is … Continue reading Moan

Bon mot

Bon mot noun [bon moh] a witty remark or comment; clever saying; witticism. That’s the definition that can be found online for “bon mot”. Now if you’re wondering how is that relevant to this post, it’s not. But I don’t care. I wanted to share, hehe. I’ve always admired people that are able to use their mind and talk back to me. I consider myself a brat, but in a sense of not being a conformist and follow the trends or believe everything everyone tells me, blindly. I also enjoy annoying people, every now and then, but only those that … Continue reading Bon mot


Not much going on in my RL lately, nothing worth mentioning anyways, apart from the regular every day drama and stress, so let’s just move straight to the post, shall we? Evolove is certainly one of my favorite stores on SL. They’re mostly known as an established poses store but they do have a boutique as well, where one can find apparel and decor just as unique and beautiful as their poses are. I have the privilege to be a part of their team for few months now, and oh my, what an amazing team it is. From the store … Continue reading Poncho


 Among the new creations released in this round of On9, you will find a beautiful skybox made by the talented Victor Newchurch, available in 2 colors (red and white) and with land impact of 33 prims. Blogging a skybox is definitely quite interesting though. Personally I’ve never worked on skyboxes or houses before, I didn’t even own any land until only recently, so of course, I was challenged. I had to ask a lot of people for their opinion on how they would blog a skybox, even the creator himself, only to realize there are no rules or preferences here. … Continue reading Boudoir


“Loneliness is dangerous…It’s addictive…Once you see how peaceful it is, you don’t want to deal with people.” ♡ HEAD: CATWA – Dyana V4.9 BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5 SKIN: amara beauty – Riley HAIR: Rezology  – Morning Kiss TOP/SKIRT: Lybra – Nina @Shiny Shabby (store’s location in the event)(NEW!) SOCKS: – Lazy Socks (new location) POSE: evoLove – Summer 3 @Pose Lover & Friends Event (NEW!) Continue reading Loneliness