Find the joy in the journey…

Life is one long journey with many different paths we can take both in RL and also in our Virtual worlds too.   Paths which can lead us to good, to happiness and paths that can lead us to unhappiness, both are choices that at that time where right for us but ultimately once realised the paths that don’t necessarily bring us fulfilment or happiness we can then decide to either stick with it and hope for the best or we can change it.

I have been down many paths that have brought me extreme happiness and fulfilment be it a real life job or online adventures of which there have been many from being Moderator for chat rooms, to being an online DJ for an online radio station to my latest path of that of blogger of Second Life fashion.   This is bringing me challenges which I thrive on, happiness, well who doesn’t love to shop and buy lovely things, to meeting new people on a daily basis whether its in world friends or those we cross paths with daily on Flickr etc.   I feel very fortunate to be who I am and have the people I have in my life surrounding me in both online and the real world but one thing is for sure, each path and destination brings us to the person we are meant to be.   So as the quote says “Find the joy in the journey”  I know I do.

Have a wonderful day everyone ♥

Find the joy in the journey


BODY:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5

HEAD CATWA Jessica v4.9

SKIN:  amara beauty – Foxy 05 toffee (NEW)

EYES:  IKON Sovereign Eyes – Grey

HAIR:  =DeLa*= Boobs Mesh Hair “Abigail” Reds

PANTS:   [nn] Merula Pants

TOP:  [nn] Merula Top

SHOES:  =Zenith= Dolly Platforms (Black)

BRACELET:  Izzie’s – Sahara Bracelet R

NECKLACE:  Izzie’s – Sahara Necklace

POSE:  Lumipro HUD

SIM:  Rock Club

Temptation knocks…Imagination answers…

Have I mentioned how warm it has been in Athens lately?

The last couple of days, temperature has risen up to 45 Celsius degrees (113 for the American readers) and it is just insufferable. Everyone is advised to stay home, use air conditioning, drink a lot of water etc, but that is not possible when you actually have to go to work, is it?

In fact, that makes it even worse, as this weather is not made for people to go to work. It’s impossible to stay in the office, concentrate and actually do any work when it’s so hot outside. Instead, you want to be at the beach, sunbathing and swimming like there’s no tomorrow.

I often hear rumors about how Greeks are lazy, don’t want to work or do anything apart from drink coffee and smoke cigarettes all day. Well lately, I’m sorry, I’m one of them. I just can’t sit down when I’m melting like an ice-cream in my chair. I don’t smoke but the iced coffees (some of you might have heard about frappe before or even tried it) are more important to me now than even water. Lol.

Anyways, enough with RL and back to SL. You’ve all heard and read about the huge Belleza update, right? I had purchased all 3 of the Belleza bodies 2 months ago and unfortunately I never got to use them before. Sometimes when you’re changing from one outfit to another it’s so convenient to just wear the mesh body you had on already. But Lara has been worn out. Time to give her a break.

  I like all 3 versions (Isis, Freya and Venus). Difference between them, I’d say, is the curves. Breasts and thighs. Curvy, perfect, but not too perfect, I believe they can definitely meet every lady’s personal style and interest. If you’re interested in reading more about the update, I recommend checking out Daria’s amazing post about it.

Lybra has given me a great opportunity to start using them since she participates in the new round of Cosmo with lingerie (I never say no to blogging lingerie and doing sexy poses in them – not so sure if that reflects badly on my personality or not, lol), appliers, for Belleza, Maitreya and Slink mesh bodies.

So if you’re interested in sexing it up a little and in your “Bellezas”, you definitely have a nice option here.

Have a good day everyone!

click for full size

HEAD/SKIN: Genesis Lab – Julia 2.0 (gacha rare)

BODY: Belleza – Isis (V2 – LITE) (Updated)

HAIR: DeLa – Corinna

LINGERIE: Lybra – Victoria @Cosmopolitan (NEW!)


POSE: [Gos & oOo] – Pouffe

Indie Teepee

“I haven’t been so excited about Friday since last Friday”

TGIF everyone! And finally, the Indie Teepee festival is now open. If you haven’t heard about it before, you can read all about it here. You will find everything in the sim. Music, Theater, Stores, so whatever you’re after I’m sure you’ll have a great time. Make sure you check the goodies of FLF first and then go have a look. Collabor88 just opened as well so it’s going to be a very busy and expensive day! Ha!

Have a nice one and be good!

Indie Teepee
click for full size

HEAD/SKIN: Genesis Lab – Melissa 2.0

BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5

HAIR: DeLa – Elora @Summerfest ’16 (ends July 10th)

DRESS: [evoLove] – Midsummer @Indie Teepee (NEW!)

CLUTCH: [evoLove] – Lou Lou – Pochette @Indie Teepee (NEW!)

SHOT IN: Khaled

Sunset 2nd June 2016

“Sunset is still my favorite color and rainbow is second”
Mattie Stepanek

Fetching Poses created 8 brand new poses, exclusive for the new Tropical Summer Fair that opens on the 3rd of June. They’re all movie themed, 7 for couples and 1 for a single male avatar.

The featured movies are 50 First Dates, Dear John, Grease, Pretty Woman, Pride and Prejudice, Singin’ in the Rain, The Kiss and The Notebook.

Personally I was excited. First of all, some of my favorite movies are included and second of all, Dean Joe has done an amazing job.

Now whether you see it as a challenge and choose to pose in them, wearing the original clothes, hair and make-up or just be creative and add your own style to them, the fact remains. You can do wonders with these poses.

Once again, I asked for the help of my favorite couple, Jules and Lucifer, and they were more than happy to model for me. They chose Dear John to start with, but more are yet to come. Thank you for the helping out my lovelies. ☺

The event opens tomorrow so make sure you check them out!

Have fun and enjoy ❤




BODY:  TheMeshProject (Deluxe Body)
SHIRT:  [Vato Loko] Open shirt w/tee
PANTS:  -NU- Le7els Shorts
HAT:  punkd – Snapback [Backward]
ARM TATTOO:  Bolson Sagmeister
BEARD/MUSTACHE:  YUTH – Brock “Blacks” Mens


HEAD: Catwa – Jessica v4.9
BODY: Maitreya – Lara v3.5
HAIR:  =DeLa*= “Gardenia” Browns
TOP: Zaara – Ruhi Layered Blouse
SHORTS: Zaara – Mahi patchwork Shorts

POSE: Fetching Poses – Dear John @TSF (Opens June 3rd) (NEW!)
SIM: Black Basalt Beach

Tamale 12th April 2016

You’ve all heard the expression “HOT TAMALE” before, right? That’s used when a woman is so hot and so sexy, that just makes you go WHOA! That’s basically what I said when I saw Julie in this outfit.  It was long time ago, I was still a rookie back then and I remember just staring at her! Haha..  Hope you guys love it too…


BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
SKIN: Personnal collection
TOP/SHORTS – Dirty Princess – Supreme Society Princess
NECKLACE: [MANDALA]Pearl Rain season2 necklace/ MAPLE
BANGLES: **RE** Gift – Silver Bangles – R
GARTER: *T.C* Heart Garter Black White left unrigged (S)
HAIR: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Gardenia” Browns
RING: Personnal collection from Fiance
TATTOES: Personnal collection from Fiance
SHOES: Essenz Rotterdam (Black) Maitreya @ Shiny Shabby (March)
POSES: Purple Poses – Claire @ Collabor88
SIM: Nusquam