My great escape

Good morning world. Since my post yesterday was too bright, here’s something darker today, to compensate. I haven’t had my coffee yet (unbelievable, right?) so this is as far as my caffeine-free rambling gets. Have a look below for every item used and have a great day as well. I’ll see you all next time. ♡ STYLING HAIR: TRUTH – Kare (VIP group gift – May 2017) JACKET: VALE KOER – KELLU BOMBER JACKET @Collabor88 (NEW!) BACKPACK: VALE KOER – TECHNICAL BACKPACK BOOTS: friday – Theo @Rewind (NEW!) ● SCENE anxiety – shoplifters @Rewind (NEW!) anxiety – shoplifters (build) anxiety %shoplifters (double … Continue reading My great escape


“When you’re standing at the crossroads, don’t know which path to choose” I’m so excited every time a new event is opening. I’m talking about Crossroads of course, which I visited yesterday and I’m so glad I crashed otherwise I’d still be there emptying my bank account. The place is huge and so well designed. Many, many designers participate, so will take you some time to go through all of them. I’m guessing place will be full for a couple of days, as soon as it opens officially, but it is so worth the wait. Don’t forget to grab the … Continue reading Crossroads