…what’s the point(e)?

“Without dance…what’s the point(e)?” Good morning everybody. Friday’s here and it’s a beautiful, sunny and warm(er) Friday. So many reasons to be happy today so I’m going to send that energy out to everyone. I’m late for work and it’s all Julie‘s fault, we started to talk on Skype so of course we can never stop, but that’s alright. I’ll just work faster and harder…(I guess). Today’s post is a mix of various items, new releases and rather older ones, which I had made a few days ago but had forgotten about it. So there you go. Better late than … Continue reading …what’s the point(e)?


After the horrific last post I made, I needed to relax and make something that felt more familiar and more… me! Luckily I was given the opportunity to do so quickly. I have been dancing ever since I can remember myself so you can probably guess my enthusiasm when I saw the new releases at the Crossroads. Dead Dollz sponsors the event and participates in collaboration with Astralia. Dead Dollz offers legwarmers, leggings, leotard and sweaters, all exclusively for Maitreya mesh body and available in many colors. Astralia offers a very cute skybox plus some decor for it, all gacha. … Continue reading Relax

Body and soul

This is probably my first blog post that has nothing to do with any recent or current releases. But there’s nothing wrong with that, right? My friend Cameron and I had taken this pic a long long time ago but for some reason I never posted it. I had edited and saved in drafts folder so as soon as I saw it, I figured it needs to get viral. Hehe. oOo Studio had just released this pose for FLF and I knew I had to get it. A. It has to do with dance which is my second nature and … Continue reading Body and soul


“Ballet is like dreaming on your feet” I studied ballet ever since I was 5. My mother used to say I first danced and then walked, but I have heard that phrase before so now I believe she was only trying to persuade me to pursuit a career in it. Those of you who have danced ballet, even for a few months, know how demanding, yet, beautiful it is. The only discipline I have in my life I learned from it. Only thing it has left me is ugly toes and straight back though! Ha! Vale Koer participates in Kustom9 … Continue reading Arc