Second U

Who doesn’t like magazines? Whether it’s fashion, lifestyle or you name it, magazines are definitely a huge part of our everyday lives. I recently read a very interesting article on the influence of magazines in the fashion industry. According to the author “the history of fashion magazines shows that fashion magazines have been linked to fashion in the early beginnings. It reflects that the driving force behind the growth of magazines, is fashion itself. Magazines have become an essential tool for keeping customers close as they pursue their decision journeys on the way to purchase”. It’s a theory that definitely … Continue reading Second U


“Being comfortable with someone is one of the best feelings you can have” Anesis is greek for comfortable. Comfortable were these pillows EvoLove releases today at the new round of Liaison Collaborative. In the package you will find two sets of pillows (cool and warm) with a hud of 3 sitting poses already on them. Apart from these, you will also find 3 static poses, which we all know EvoLove is a master on. Comfortable has also made me feel the designer of them June Fallon. Apart from an incredible photographer and amazing blogger, she’s a designer, she’s a stylist … Continue reading Anesis


“The only real luxury is time. You can’t get time back.” I had a quite stressful week and I’m so glad it’s finally over. A very good friend of mine got married last Sunday. I was a bridesmaid so inevitably I was very busy with preparations, bachelorette parties and nights out trying to convince her to change her mind (lol). Jules has been pressuring me to take a break all this time and I believe she was right. I’m back now feeling more energetic and powerful than ever. So when you guys feel you’re drained or can’t think of anything, … Continue reading Piper


“People will stare. Make it worth their while” Harry Winston Please meet, Antonia. Genesis Lab did it again. Created this new, gorgeous mesh head for new round of Collabor88. If only I could count the number of times I have worn a Genesis head, fell in love with it, only to betray my love, as soon as I put on the next one. Can you blame me? HEAD: Genesis Lab – Antonia 2.0 @C88 (NEW!) SKIN: Genesis Lab – Antonia Cappuccino HAIR: Moon – Barracuda (PAST WHIMSICAL – LIMITED) EYES: Genesis Lab -AZURE (GACHA COMMON) EYESHADOWS: Genesis Lab – GLAMOROUS EYELINER (GACHA … Continue reading Antonia