No ordinary moments

Good morning folks. I don’t have much to share with you today and I’m a bit in a hurry so I’ll just give you a ramble-free day and wish you all a good one. Check credits below for the stuff used, most of them are new and all of them are nice!

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See you all next time.

HEAD: CATWA – Catya v3.0 (updated)

SKIN: ItGirls – Brigit (NEW!) (available on MP too) (shape is included)

HAIR: [monso] – Sohye @Kustom9 (NEW!)

TOP: AMITOMO / Outside (gacha) @Kustom9 (NEW!)

PANTS: Blueberry – DWL Jeans

BUILD: *cm*.MESH – The Blind Alley (NEW!)

Apartment no.6

Rora and I have known each other for a while now. She used to be my blogger manager and now she’s my good friend too. I have been stalking her and trying to pin her down to make a picture together for quite some time. I finally made it. This was one of the most enjoyable collaborations I’ve had so far. It took us a while but it was definitely worth it. Thank you for putting up with me and for being a doll!

This scene is by far one of my favorite. Soy collabed with Toro and created a neon apartment gacha for Kustom9. If you haven’t checked it out, you’re missing out. I added a few things from THOR too and everything was completed. Kustom9 ends on Monday so you should hurry.

neon with rora
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That’s all for now peeps. Have a lovely day and be kind to one another.



HEAD: .LeLutka. – Chloe 2.6 (bento)

HAIR: [taketomi] – Hera (group gift)

OUTFIT: AMITOMO – Focus on me @Kustom9 (gacha) (NEW!)



For Rora’s credits, please check her beautiful blog post


Soy + Toro. – Neon Night Apartment @Kustom9 (gacha) (NEW!) (ends April 10th)

Soy + Toro. Neon Night Apartment Skybox RARE
Soy + Toro. Metal Bed
Soy + Toro. potted butterfly palm
Soy + Toro. neon sign pinkpub
Soy + Toro. neon sign karaoke
Soy + Toro. neon sign ring-ring house
Soy + Toro. neon sign chinese restrant
Soy + Toro. Torovision TV
Soy + Toro. Plastic Chair
Soy + Toro. Old Foldable Table
Soy + Toro. Half-eaten Khao Phat
Soy + Toro. Heartshaped Ashtray
Soy + Toro. Unplugged Fan
Soy + Toro. mini kitchen sink
Soy + Toro.unwashed dishes
Soy + Toro. laundry basket
Soy + Toro. Hanged Calendars and etc.
Soy + Toro. water bamboo

..::THOR::.. – Man Cave Rules (SwagBag November 2016)

..::THOR::.. Magazines
..::THOR::.. Taxi Driver Poster
..::THOR::.. Bullitt Poster
..::THOR::.. Vintage Fridge with Giver
..::THOR::.. Semi-Acoustic Guitar (Juke)

Nicki 23rd May 2016

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

Catwa released a new mesh head last night. Her name? Nicki. I’m definitely not the most familiar person with Catwa mesh heads (although I find Annie and Sarah quite beautiful) but Nicki, for a change, is created to be static only. That basically means no add-ons and no upgrades. This is also the reason why it costs only 100L$ (wear your Catwa group tag and you will also receive 30 of those Lindens back as store credit).

If you’re into photography, modeling or just want to put something different on your neck, I’d say it’s a good deal. Also if you’re into thick, juicy lips, she’s definitely your girl. Hehe.

Happy shopping everyone!




HEAD: CATWA – Nicki (NEW!)
BODY: Maitreya – Lara V3.5
SKIN: L’Etre – Sarah (Cotton)
EYES: AMITOMO – Eye Collection 2 – 6
MAKE UP: [LF] – Ushio Lip gloss @TC (NEW!)
HAIR: Bold & Beauty – Cecile GACHA @WHIMSICAL (NEW!)
TOP:  villena – Cropped Sweatshirt @K9 (NEW!)
SHORTS: Addams – Electra Denim Short
SIM: Black Basalt Beach