No one’s little girl

Good morning folks! According to the forecast, it’s going to be a rainy and chilly week for us here in Athens, which is unusual and that’s why I love it. I was worried I’d have Christmas at the beach. However, it is Monday today, so you know it, I’m grumpy! So I’ll save you from the unnecessary rambling and go straight to the stuff. I will start with this screenshot. Cool, right? I have been trying for months to learn how to draw hair in Photoshop but obviously, I lack the talent. Practice makes perfect I guess, but that could … Continue reading No one’s little girl

Something grey

Good morning world! I’m at work already and it seems like it’s going to be a busy day so I can’t stay and ramble. I encourage you to scroll down and take a look at the details though. It’s everything you need to know anyways. • Have a great day! ♡ Architect. Kronos (gacha) @6 Republic (NEW!) Architect. Kronos Lake House Architect. Kronos Sofa Architect. Kronos Armchair Architect. Kronos Table • Fancy Decor: Spencer Console @Uber (NEW!) Fancy Decor: Spencer Painting – G. Earp Pastoral Scene Fancy Decor: Spencer Painting – F.G. Short Landscape Fancy Decor: Spencer Painting – Pocock … Continue reading Something grey

Bonjour monde

Good morning! How is everyone? It’s Thursday today, so be happy, week is almost over! It is Thursday, right? I’m bringing you new stuff, mostly from THOR today, whom I feel I need to thank because a) his pillow gave me a title for my post today and b) I’m sure he doesn’t know this but the number 6 in Greek is called “Eksi” or “Exi”…! Add the S he provided in the end of it and what do you get? Exis! Take a look below for all the details, I didn’t write them for no reason! Happy shopping! • … Continue reading Bonjour monde

Touched by golden blush

Good morning world! Yes, it’s Saturday and I’m posting. Been a while, hasn’t it? The reason I’m doing it though is new and simple. Remember how I’ve told you before that I suffer from “Changingmymindism”? Lately, I keep deleting all of the pictures that I make. I take them in the night and wake up hating them in the morning. So, the only solution to this problem that I can think of is, post them immediately. Then it’s too late to delete! Today I’m bringing you new goodies from Apple Fall and Bad Unicorn at the current huge anniversary round … Continue reading Touched by golden blush

The first requisite pt.2

“Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings…” And here’s the scene from my post this morning. ♡ NOMAD // THE BOXING CLUB (gacha) @6 Republic (NEW!) NOMAD // Warehouse Gym // RARE NOMAD // Boxing Ring // RARE NOMAD // Workout Tires (Seat) NOMAD // Gym Mat // Yellow NOMAD // Gym Mat // Red NOMAD // Old Folding Chair NOMAD // Speed Bag NOMAD // Boxing Gloves (Wall Decor) NOMAD // Boxing Bell Continue reading The first requisite pt.2

The first requisite pt.1

“Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings…” Hello from rainy Athens! I think it’s well known that Athens is not a city built to endure rains. It’s been raining since Monday and we’ve already had traffic accidents, floods and several people have lost their lives. A lot to blame for this but that’s not something I would like to write about at the moment. Let’s just hope it ends today and the people responsible, actually do something about it, for once! Today’s post is kind of a preview of the scene I made, using NOMAD’s stuff from the current … Continue reading The first requisite pt.1

In the white countenance confession

“Even as our cloudy fancies take suddenly shape in some divine expression, Even as the troubled heart doth make in the white countenance confession, The troubled sky reveals The grief it feels…” Hello world! I’m giving you a sense of Canada today, as promised! It’s still too warm in Athens to inspire me enough to make a winter picture, but I should start getting ready as we’re really close to Christmas. I won’t even mention how fast time flies. But I just did. Today’s post features more stuff from the current round of 6 Republic, so I should have convinced … Continue reading In the white countenance confession

My little innocent demons

“She has little innocent demons inside her eyes and they recklessly play with matches; I’ve never seen sparks so pretty” Hello world! ROMP is back which basically explains my somewhat sexy post today. Hey, don’t judge, I was trying to be creative! Pretty much everything in the picture can be found currently at the event, which will be open until the 24th. So, you only have 10 days left to check it out. The legwarmers are from Friday at the current round of Collabor88 and the neon sign is one of the signs you can get from [ keke ] … Continue reading My little innocent demons

When the evening star is rising

“When the evening star is rising and the shadows gather ’round…” Hello hello! Everyone had a great weekend? Did you also have to work, like I did? If so, hit me up and we can bitch about to each other later. I’m taking you to Japan again today (or at least what I think Japan looks like) using the new releases from Thor and Tableau Vivant at the brand new round of 6 Republic. Both are gacha, so good luck! Also, in case you’ve forgotten, the theme of the round is Tokyo vs Canada and since this is my second … Continue reading When the evening star is rising