Addicted to Mesh

Good morning peeps! In case you were wondering how you’re going to spend your warm August days, here’s an idea: Mesh Body Addicts Fair. It’s back for the third time and promises to be amazing. I have been on SL for a year and a half so I’ve only been to the Fair last year but I still remember how much money I had spent there. The Fair opens on August 1st so you have a couple of days left to save up some money. If you love everything for Mesh Bodies and/or Mesh Heads… this is definitely the event … Continue reading Addicted to Mesh

The unfamiliar host

As you have probably noticed, I have started to create my own scenes for my pictures. It’s been probably a month that I have been doing so and I’m enjoying it so much. I started to do that because I was experiencing issues at sims. Apart from the fact that I like my privacy when I’m working and usually at the sims I would go to, someone would photobomb my pictures, my computer and graphics card wouldn’t allow me to take snapshots on ultra graphics and would eventually make me crash constantly. So finally, my gacha machines obsession, found its purpose. Ever since I’ve been … Continue reading The unfamiliar host

Worry less, smile more

The title says it all, I see so many people worrying lately about this and that, I too have my moments for sure, none of us is perfect, who wants to be perfect anyway, I know I certainly don’t, perfection is an opinion, what is perfect for one isn’t for another and so on, it’s also a lot to live upto and life is to short to worry, so yes live for today, worry about tomorrow when it arrives.  Worry less and smile more believe me it leaves you in a whole different frame of mind.   Worrying solves nothing at … Continue reading Worry less, smile more

Home 7th June 2016

“Home is not a place, it’s a feeling” I moved house/land at the weekend much to my fiancé’s dismay lol but I have promised this is the last time and that I just wanted somewhere cosy and where it feels like home.  Home to me feels comfy and cosy and where I can just relax and chill out.  Waking up to such a beautiful place made me want to slip on my gorgeous, summery Dead Dollz Dixie outfit and sit outside, coffee in hand just relaxing in the surroundings and yes I finally felt like “Home”  So I figured why … Continue reading Home 7th June 2016