Hotel Perrin

Good morning world! Happy Monday!

I had the pleasure of participating in the Winter issue of Gallant Magazine and my assignment was Hygge. If you haven’t checked the pictures out yet now’s the time to do it. Besides, you will have to since all the credits are written there as well.

In the words of Divos Titanium:  Gallant Magazine is kicking off 2020 with its all-new Winter Issue! With almost 300 pages of stunning visual masterpieces, this edition is sure to entertain and delight our readers! This month we feature Patrix Beck, a men’s fashion staple with his store Kalback, which has been a leader in menswear for over a decade. For our interior design enthusiasts, Alessandra Donato from Tarte. shares her inspiring story and is our featured Home & Garden spotlight for this edition.

Our Winter 2020 issue brings back a number of favorite stylists and photographers as well as welcomes new talent to the team. We also offer video highlights for the very first time this issue, offering Gallant readers more options in viewing our incredible content!

Many thanks to all the incredible people who assisted in making this issue of Gallant Magazine the best one yet! Sit back, get cozy and here’s to a great read! Enjoy!

Read the Winter 2020 Issue here


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