Hello world! Hope everyone’s doing alright…! I know I am, if you leave out the fact that I’ve been working for 10h every day this week. I did manage to get together with the wonderful and annoyingly talented, Geena however, and we figured we’d show you a few of the goodies you can get at the current round of the Anthem event. It’s themed of course, “Spooky Soiree” and if you haven’t stopped by yet, this weekend is a good time to do it.

Until next time, enjoy your day!

Make sure you check out Geena’s awesome version here

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Exis (left)

HEAD: GENUS Project – Classic Face W001 – v1.6

SKIN: ItGirls – Candice

HAIR: Sintiklia – Shay @Anthem (NEW!)

NECKLACES/EARRINGS: Kibitz – Deep in the dark @Anthem (NEW!)

TOP: SAVIN – Selin @Anthem (NEW!)

JEANS: .miss chelsea. – Echo

SLEEVES: DRD – Gypsy Sleeves

TATTOO: Nanika – Sweet Poison

Geena (right)

HAIR: Exile – Nightfall @Anthem (NEW!)

SEPTUM/CHOKER: .Inkhole. Barbed Set @Anthem (NEW!)

NAILS: Ascendant – Ouija Nails @Anthem (NEW!)

TOP/PANTS: .miss chelsea. Adia @Anthem (NEW!)

COAT: Seniha. Morgana @Anthem (NEW!)

TATTOO: Bolson – Leonardo