Hey guys! How’s everyone weekend going so far? I’m having computer issues apparently and I’m confident that I’ll get to fix them without the assistance of someone else, but it might take a while so here’s my post for today. I’m super proud that I managed to meet the required posts for the month on time, I was really stressed over it.

So, until next time, when it’s going to be October, everyone will be psyched over Halloween (I definitely won’t, I don’t get it!) and I hope my computer is fixed, enjoy your shopping!

click for full size

Have a great weekend!

HEAD: CATWA – Catya v4.0

SKIN: ItGirls – Abel @Access (NEW!)

HAIR: /TRUTH/ Delirium (NEW!)

NECKLACE: Kibitz – Saralie’s

JACKET/TOP: Addams // Emilia (NEW!)

JEANS: Blueberry – Elias (NEW!)

BACKDROP: MINIMAL – Kunstmuseen Graffiti Corner @Uber (NEW!)

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