Island Residence

Good morning world and happy Friday!

Following up my previous post, today’s one is dedicated to the latest release from the Abiss. It’s going to be a long one, there are 15 images for you to see, which are basically 15 out of the 53 I originally took. I can’t upload every single one of them though so I picked my favorite spots from this house. Grab a snack, this will take a while.

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I want to point out that these images were shot in Black Dragon viewer and I have edited them as little as possible, due to lack of time but also I wanted to make sure you get a clear, fair view of what this build has to offer, especially texture and light wise.


The skybox costs 19.500L$. Now, I know what you’re thinking, wow, that’s a lot! And apparently it is. However, when it comes to pricing, I think you need to consider what you’re purchasing and compare the price to the quality of the product. For example, what is included in the package, the longevity of it – in the sense of how long you’re going to use it for, the customer service and product updates and also consider your other options. Is there something else that offers what this build does, in a lower price? Abiss skyboxes always cost that many. But this time there’s a lot more to offer. I personally see no point in negotiating the price on any purchase; we can’t be the judge of how much money a person asks for their work and effort.



With the purchase you get 2 versions of the house a skybox version and a ground version. The skybox version has the land impact of 772 prims and requires a minimum land area of 44×62 meters and the ground version has the land impact of 754 and requires the land area of 112×112 meters – island size – usually 1/4 sim size.



The product is Adult only for now. There will be a PG version of the build released in the near future though, with less animation of course so probably at a lower price as well.  Almost everything is animated; there are literally thousands of animations. Some are even original and made from the creators themselves:

This entire house, tells a story and you are the writer. Fully animated to enhance your role play experience, from Kitchen to bedroom to bathroom and more. Each stage set for realism. From chopping vegetables while preparing dinner, to fine dining , to brushing your teeth before bed and of course all the intimacies the Abiss beds are known for. There is even a “panic room” hidden within, in the event of an unwarranted thief tries to “steal your treasures.”




The house comes with a texture control hud for day and night textures which looks like this. Using that hud you can also remove shadows in the Living room, Dining area, Bedroom and Pool area which have baked shadows under the furniture. The sky version comes in a capsule (which you can remove if you don’t need it) with sand and ocean surroundings which offer you the ability to change from day to night environment and an also, privacy:

“No more worrying about intrusive neighbors. No more worrying about mixing and matching your furniture to suit your role play. The creator has taken all the guess work out and done so with superior elegance, smooth modern lines, a minimalist approach, while maximizing every interactive space in the house with hundreds of top quality , bento friendly animations and props! Simply rezz ( follow the enclosed directions for proper placement) and you have reached your destination.”


Now be careful: Don’t unlink any part of the house because if you do, the texture change controller won’t work. If you need to remove something, you should probably resize it by editing linked parts or just move it somewhere out of sight. You can change textures on certain prims, for example the paintings, however, it is not recommended.





After you’ve purchased the product, make sure you leave a review in the marketplace and contact Frasha Boa to let her know. She will send you a pool Flamingo as a bonus.


Final thoughts? I do recommend this build. You won’t regret your money. It is a complete, furnished, animated and very well designed build that offers you a wonderful experience. I personally prefer the night version of it, because the lights give it life.


However, I highly recommend trying the demo and seeing it for yourselves. Just visit the inworld demo zone to do so and check out the notecard you’ll get from the vendor. Inside it you’ll fine detailed information.

No matter how many images you look at, you need to see the real thing, there are so many areas of this build you have to check out.

That’s all for today! Wishing you all a great weekend and I’ll see you in my next post!