Good morning world! Monday is here after a long, stressful weekend. I had to travel yesterday, to vote and in fact, I voted 4 times. No, I didn’t go 4 times but I had to cast 4 different ballots. 1 for EU parliament and 3 for local government. It was a nice trip on a beautiful day but at the end of it, I felt exhausted.

Anyways Flickr seems to be working, even though I don’t get any notices on my phone app, so I’m taking the risk and posting today. We will just have to wait and see what happens.  Everything is listed below as always, so take a look and enjoy your shopping!

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Have a good one!

FD & Commoner: Indio @Collabor88 (NEW!)

FD & Commoner: Indio Accent Chair
FD & Commoner: Indio Basket
FD & Commoner: Indio Books
FD & Commoner: Indio Boxes
FD & Commoner: Indio Cactus Planter
FD & Commoner: Indio Candle
FD & Commoner: Indio Chandelier
FD & Commoner: Indio Coffee Table
FD & Commoner: Indio Floor Lamp
FD & Commoner: Indio Horn
FD & Commoner: Indio Hourglass
FD & Commoner: Indio Mug
FD & Commoner: Indio Pottery A
FD & Commoner: Indio Pottery B
FD & Commoner: Indio Rug
FD & Commoner: Indio Side Table
FD & Commoner: Indio Sofa – white
FD & Commoner: Indio Storage Shelf
FD & Commoner: Indio Wall Art

Mithral * Vertical Wall Pipe Hanger @Shiny Shabby (NEW!)

Mithral * Wall Pipe Display @Kustom9 (NEW!)

{vespertine}– aglaonema plant.

{vespertine}– birds of paradise palm.

{vespertine}– starry fairylights

{vespertine}- starry fairylights closed deco box
{vespertine}- starry fairylights in opened deco box

Fancy Decor: Jansen

03 Fancy Decor: Jansen Vases
09 Fancy Decor: Jansen Art Books A
10 Fancy Decor: Jansen Art Books B

Fancy Decor: Miles

12 Fancy Decor: Travel Clock
13 Fancy Decor: Catch-All
17 Fancy Decor: Miles Slippers

dust bunny . potted cheese plant

Fancy Decor: Bradley Throw Pillow

Fancy Decor: Flora Book Stack

Fancy Decor: Hampton

Fancy Decor: Hampton Candle
Fancy Decor: Hampton Pillow A
Fancy Decor: Hampton Pillow B

Fancy Decor: Less Books & Candles

Fancy Decor: Prescott

Fancy Decor: Prescott Basket
Fancy Decor: Prescott Book Stack with Box
Fancy Decor: Prescott Lantern
Fancy Decor: Prescott Leaning Books with Urn
Fancy Decor: Prescott Petite Vases

Fancy Decor: Russell Magazine Basket A

Fancy Decor: Watson

Fancy Decor: Watson Stack of Books
Fancy Decor: Watson Stacked Boxes

tarte. pillow pile