Sunday kind of love

Hello folks!

It is unusual of me to post on a Sunday but it is common of me to complain about Blogotex. So put two and two together and there’s the reason. However, I’m still recovering from last night’s Eurovision contest gathering, so I won’t say more and leave you all alone.

See you all next time!

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Have a great one!

West Village Eleanora Bedroom Suite (NEW!)

West Village Eleanora Bedside Table – Chalkboard

West Village Grace Seating @Fameshed (NEW!)

West Village Grace Tufted Armchair – White
West Village Grace Tufted Sofa – White

West Village Magnolia Arrangement

West Village Maynard Paneling, Straight

..::THOR::.. Handmade Coffeetable

Nutmeg. Garden Getaway (gacha)

1. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Breakfast Tray RARE
4. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Books & Coffee
13. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Leather Bag

12. Nutmeg. Historian Paper Rolls

6. Nutmeg. Vintage Rotary Dial Brown

Apple Fall Aspidistra in Wicker Planter

Apple Fall Cosmos Flowers – White

Apple Fall Cushion – Cream, Hearts

Apple Fall Cushion – Cream, Stripes

Apple Fall Cushion – Cream, Trellis Thin

Apple Fall Ornamental Elephant – Bronze

Apple Fall Stacked Books

Nutmeg. Books & Keys v1

Nutmeg. Old Purse Bag

Nutmeg. Pencil Sketches

Nutmeg. Wooden Candlestick v1

Nutmeg. Wooden Candlestick v2

Soy. Green Plants Wall Panel