Touched by golden blush

Good morning world! Yes, it’s Saturday and I’m posting. Been a while, hasn’t it? The reason I’m doing it though is new and simple. Remember how I’ve told you before that I suffer from “Changingmymindism”? Lately, I keep deleting all of the pictures that I make. I take them in the night and wake up hating them in the morning. So, the only solution to this problem that I can think of is, post them immediately. Then it’s too late to delete!

Today I’m bringing you new goodies from Apple Fall and Bad Unicorn at the current huge anniversary round of Fameshed along with the tractor Hive has made for the May edition of 6 Republic that opens tomorrow. I don’t have a landmark yet but I will update the credits as soon as the event opens.

Hopefully I’ve inspired you gardeners enough. Take a look below for all the important details and happy shopping!

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Have a great weekend!

Apple Fall Potting Shed & Deco @Fameshed (NEW!)

Apple Fall Alveena Potting Shed 
Apple Fall Copper Shovel & Pitchfork (gift for Fameshed group members)

hive // old tractor . cream @6th Republic (NEW!)

[Bad Unicorn] ‘Green’ Backwoods Lounger @Fameshed (NEW!)

hive // daisy’s cottage (gacha rare)

[ keke ] garden fence

[ keke ] garden fence . white . gate
[ keke ] garden fence . white . old . right
[ keke ] garden fence . white . old . left

{vespertine} – greenhouse storage shelf / white paint

{vespertine} – string of pearls plant sample.

{vespertine} – string of hearts plant sample.

{vespertine} – empty pots.

Apple Fall Blossom Wreath

PILOT & Can’t Even – Soil Bags

..::THOR::.. The Garden Life (gacha)

..::THOR::.. Soil Burlap Sacks
..::THOR::.. Shovel
..::THOR::.. Rake

Heart – Kitchen Garden – Apple Sapling

HPMD* WildGrasses

HPMD* Garden Tree07