After the End

Good evening! I have spent the whole day at the beach today and I’ve never felt more relaxed. Well I have, but I also feel that I can exaggerate a little. If you haven’t swum in the Greek beaches yet, I highly recommend it. There’s something therapeutic about it.

I have also watched a lot of superhero series lately on Netflix, which probably explains my picture today. I love happy endings, don’t get me wrong, but I also had to use the new DRD stuff somehow. It is not actually new, it’s a remade item from their line with updated furniture, mesh and textures. And when it comes to textures and mesh, DRD know well what they’re doing.

Have a look below at the credits for more information and where you can currently find the items.

click for full size

Have a great one and see you all next time.

DRD – PA – Sewer Shelter @Thereafter (NEW!)

DRD – PA – Sewer Shelter – Sewer 
DRD – PA – Sewer Shelter – Bed 
DRD – PA – Sewer Shelter – Couch 
DRD – PA – Sewer Shelter – Trash Grill
DRD – PA – Sewer Shelter – Canvas Seat
DRD – PA – Sewer Shelter – Table
DRD – PA – Sewer Shelter – Bucket Seat

DRD – San Mora

DRD – San Mora – More Wall – A
DRD – San Mora – More Wall – B
DRD – San Mora – Quarantine Fence – A
DRD – San Mora – Quarantine Fence – B
DRD – San Mora – Quarantine Fence – C
DRD – San Mora – Street Stuff – Street Light – A
DRD – San Mora – City Trash – Pile – A