Departure from reality

Good morning world. Super glad it’s finally the weekend. I got a few plans but I’m feeling superstitious today, so I won’t share in case I jinx it. I will tell you all on Monday if everything goes as planned. Also I’m not supposed to ramble in the weekends so I’ll zip it now.

Have a look at the credits below, they’re not many. Also, before I forget, the exchange for the rare Genesis Lab Sofie/Flor/Ethan bento heads has begun, join their in-world group to find out how to trade your non copy versions for copy and omega compatible ones. Have a look here for more details as well.

click for full size

Have a great one and see you all next time.

HEAD: Genesis Lab – Ethan 3.3 (bento) (gacha rare)

SKIN: Genesis Lab – Lambert @Uber (NEW!) (shape is included)

HAIR: Stealthic – Reach