Good girl with bad habits

Good morning world and happy Friday eve. Or like Jules and I like to call it, Pre-Friday. It’s June 1st which means the Summer has officially started! Are you all excited? I woke up today, sleepier than ever, made some coffee, read some mail and decided to write a few words down but frankly, it’s impossible at the moment. And the funny thing is that I usually post only in the mornings, as I’m, only then, all rested and concentrated. I come home late at night after work, so attempting to post then would definitely take me much longer. And it would be a mess. So since I can’t properly ramble for you today, I’ll just move on to the stuff.

Yes, more Arcade stuff. The event is huge and the participants are many, so I’m not even close to showing you everything that’s there. One of the gachas you have to try out is the one by 22769. It’s called The Lake House and consists of 22 items. You can have a better look at the gacha key here.

The head I’m wearing is also at the Arcade, new gacha by Genesis Lab, and so are the eyeshadows and the cigarette. I will post a portrait of the head soon, but until then, have a look the gacha key here. Last but not least, the shoes are from Ingenue’s gacha, available for only Maitreya and Slink sizes.

The Arcade has just opened and I’m guessing it will be full for a couple of days but there are also 3 locations you can visit. So good luck and happy shopping.

The Arcade Info:
Sim 1 • Sim 2 • Sim 3
The Arcade Gacha Event Flickr Page
The Arcade Gacha Event Shopping Guide June 2017

click for full size

That’s all for now peeps. Have a great one and be kind to one another.


HEAD/CIGARETTE/EYESHADOWS: Genesis Lab. – “Up In Smoke” (gacha) @The Arcade (NEW!) 

01 Genesis_Head_Flor_3.2 Bento RARE
Genesis_Lab_Cigarette_3.0 Woman Bento CLASSIC

HAIR: [monso] – Twobi @Kustom9 (NEW!)

OUTFIT: CandyDoll – Isaria White Dress

SHOES: Ingenue :: Lykke Heels (gacha) @The Arcade (NEW!) 


22769 – The Lake House @The Arcade (NEW!) 

22769 – The Lake House – RARE
22769 – Hanging Lake House Chair – COMMON
22769 – Lake House Console Table – COMMON
22769 – Lake House Gallery – COMMON
22769 – Wood Sign – COMMON
22769 – Stormlamp – COMMON
22769 – Sailing Books – COMMON
22769 – Lake House Sofa – COMMON
22769 – Lake House Drapes – COMMON
22769 – Lake House Pouf – COMMON
22769 – Round Hemp Rug – COMMON
22769 – Frosted Glass Couch Table – COMMON
22769 – Boat Shelf – COMMON
22769 – Fishermans Lamp (Ceiling Mount) – COMMON
22769 – Wall Fishes – COMMON
22769 – Lake House Drawer – COMMON
22769 – Lake House Pottery – COMMON
22769 – Tray with Water Bottle – COMMON

22769 – Hanging Plants

22769 – Hanging Plant – Style One – on Plantstand
22769 – Hanging Plant – Style Two – on Plantstand

22769 – Home Dschungel

22769 – Pot with Areca Palm