Good morning world. It’s going to be super hot in Athens today. According to the forecast, the temperature will reach 44C degrees (111F for the Americans) so if I don’t make it and the heat finally kills me, I would like to say that I love you all and that I leave all my millions of shoes to Julie. The rest of my items will be auctioned or something. Ok, jokes aside, It’s not new to us to get temperatures like this but it’s a too soon. I don’t even want to imagine what it’s going to be like in July. … Continue reading Indoorsy

As simple as that

Good morning world. It’s going to be a quick post today because, well, let’s face it, it’s only a portrait. After my 2 pages long list of credits yesterday I think that we all needed a break. Today’s post though isn’t less significant. Features the new skin and shape Genesis Lab. released at Shiny Shabby for their Flor bento head. The head is gacha rare, still at the Arcade but after the event is over on Friday, I’m assuming it will be in their mainstore. There have been notices sent in their in-world group on how to exchange your rare, … Continue reading As simple as that

A sentimental plea

Good morning world! Today’s post features the new stuff of HAIKEI from the current round of Kustom9 along with some older stuff of HAIKEI as well. This picture took a while to make as I didn’t like any of the set ups I was making, so I had to change it multiple times. I think the current one was my favorite or maybe I was too exhausted to bother anymore. The credits took even more to write down so now you have to read them all. There are also some stuff from [ keke ] featured in the picture but … Continue reading A sentimental plea

I can and I will…

Good morning world! I don’t have much to say this morning, so consider yourselves lucky. You won’t have to start your week with my irrelevant rambling. I’m probably still on a weekend mood, as everything is really slow. Yes, I am calling myself slow, I have the right to do so. Today’s post is a quickie. Addams made a new dress and named it Divine for all the obvious reasons. It’s pretty fancy if you ask me and since I wasn’t inspired enough to make a fancy, party or disco scene, I visited the Elysion sim to shoot this. Never … Continue reading I can and I will…

High tides

Good morning world. Today’s post is inspired by the Quicksilver ads. It’s probably my favorite brand when it comes to beach/summer wear and I’m sure their ads have a lot to do with it. I can’t ramble (bummer, I know) since it’s the weekend, so have a look at the credits below for every item used in the picture. Have a lovely day and I’ll see you all next time. ♡ STYLING HAIR: TRUTH – Scout BIKINI: #EMPIRE – Summer Time (gacha) @The Arcade (NEW!) SLIPPERS: #EMPIRE – Slippers (gacha) @The Arcade (NEW!) ● SCENE 22769 – Surfer Bar Beach Dude … Continue reading High tides

Beach more, worry less

Good morning world and happy Friday. I found this quote “Beach more, worry less” online this morning and it made me giggle. Of course, conveniently I read “bitch more”, which is kind of my thing. In either version, it makes sense anyways. I live in Athens and but I don’t live near water unfortunately. No drive is too long though when the destination is the beach. Now you might wonder, why all the beach talk all of a sudden. Don’t blame me, blame the new creations that keep on coming on SL. And it’s about to get worse, Summerfest is … Continue reading Beach more, worry less

Summer lovin’

Good morning world. June is about to end very soon, Summer is real and it’s here. I will use my post today as a reminder that it would be nice to finally have a vacation this year and I can’t blame anyone else but me, if I choose to do other things than actually live my life. There, I said it and now I can move on. June Fallon has created a store named Dahlia and she has made some earrings and necklaces so far that look super pretty. One set of her earrings I’m featuring in my post today, … Continue reading Summer lovin’

State of mind

Good morning world. It’s going to be a quick post today as I have to leave the house super early this morning. Well, who am I kidding, I’m already late. But let’s keep this between us. I’ve been told that I’m a shame to all the punctual and obsessively proper Virgos out there. So let’s not make it worse. Have a look at the credits below for a list of everything used in the picture. Have a great day and I’ll see you all next time. ♡ STYLING HAIR: Exile – Be My Baby @C88 (NEW!) TOWEL: Colivati Boutique – … Continue reading State of mind