What lurks in the dark

Good morning world. And happy humpday. Did you know that I recently found out why people call it a humpday? I had seen it before but I totally had the wrong idea about it. Until a friend called me a pervert and told me the real reason. But hey, we don’t use that expression in Greece so I’m excused.

Today’s post features more stuff from the upcoming Arcade round. The bodysuit and boots are from Azuchi, the rare ones from his gacha set. The head is by Genesis Lab, new bento one and her name is Flor. I know you can’t really see it in this picture but be patient, there are more pictures to come in the next days. Meanwhile, have a look at the gacha key here as it’s a huge one and you might want to see everything it has to offer. Last but not least, the build is the new gacha release by Remarkable Oblivion. It consists of 9 commons and 2 rares and it’s amazing. Click here for the gacha key.

Lurking in the dark
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That’s all for now peeps. Have a great one and I’ll see you all next time.


HEAD/SKIN: Genesis Lab. – “Up In Smoke” (gacha) @The Arcade (NEW!) (opens June 1st – 12pm SLT)

Genesis_Head_Flor_3.2 Bento (rare)

BODYSUIT/SHOES: [Azuchi] – Sasha (gacha) @The Arcade (NEW!) (opens June 1st – 12pm SLT)

[Azuchi] Sasha Bodysuit Black RARE
[Azuchi] Sasha Boots RARE

HAIR/MASK: [VALE KOER]&Moon. – Narcissist II (gacha rare)


Remarkable Oblivion – The Salty Sailor (gacha) @The Arcade (NEW!) (opens June 1st – 12pm SLT)

RO – The Salty Sailor – Tattoo Parlor RARE
RO – The Salty Sailor – No Pain Chair
RO – The Salty Sailor – Coffee Table
RO – The Salty Sailor – Artists Stool
RO – The Salty Sailor – Tattoo Frames