Somewhere out in the Hamptons

Good morning world. Everyone had a nice weekend? I did, even though it didn’t really feel as a weekend. Performances are over and were done successfully which was my main goal. Make it through them alive and proud. Both accomplished. I have yet to set a new goal for the next few days. I know the goal of posting “every other day” failed tragically.

Psychologists will often tell you that, you need to set realistic goals and ones you can achieve, so you can boost your confidence and be encouraged to try harder every time. I never learned how to do that. I keep setting the bar high and challenging myself more and more. It’s why I drive myself crazy in the end and never blame me but the universe!

Blogging wise for example, I see the work of so many talented bloggers and photographers and think, why can’t you make a picture like that Exis? Why aren’t you that talented as well? And I will push myself, as hard as I can. I always forget that there are other factors involved. Talent is one for sure, but then again it’s, years of experience, it’s time to work on your pictures and it’s of course, the basics. Your computer!

I guess the bottom line of this whole ramble would have to be, give yourself a break. Don’t make the same mistake I make and wear yourselves out. Be true to yourselves, enjoy the process and don’t forget what the point is. You’re supposed to blog because you love blogging. If you blog for the fame or the money (you’ll think you’ll get), then I can’t help you. I’m obviously doing it differently.

click for full size

Anyways, today’s post is featuring the new releases of ISON at the current round of Uber. The theme of the event is “the Hamptons” so I figured I’ll refresh my memory a little and make a post about it. If you ever get the chance to visit the Hamptons in real, do so. I have and it’s beautiful there.

That’s all for now everybody. Have a good one and I’ll see you all soon.

HEAD: .LeLutka. – Chloe 2.7

HAIR: .Entwined.  – Ruby @Fameshed (NEW!)

GLASSES: [Z O O M] – Valesk

TOP: ISON – lola wrap shirt @Uber (NEW!)

SHORTS: ISON – nautical shorts @Uber (NEW!)

LOCATION: The Serein

3 thoughts on “Somewhere out in the Hamptons

  1. There are photographers and then there are artist photographers. I think you just have to work on the sort of photos and scenes you really enjoy, initially. As time goes on you do get better at them and instead of looking at the pieces as just something you’ve got to blog, you start to really think about them and act more creatively. It’s at that point your photography takes a gigantic leap into the artistic zone *laughs*. Well, at least you hope it does!

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    1. I agree, yes. Although, what is artistic and what is not, is a totally different matter. I see pictures of a black background with a red dot in it and to some, that is art. It’s quite confusing but I think that’s also the whole point.

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