Good morning world! It’s Monday but feels like Tuesday. Only because I stop work on Thursday due to Easter holidays and I could not be more happy. I think I’m going to spend whole Friday sleeping. And it would still not be enough. Mood is great, let’s take advantage of that!

Today I want to ramble a little and write a few things about the Blogger and Vlogger Network. It had come to my attention by Kess, who is one of the people responsible for it. I’ve been following Kess’ work for a while now and I’m enjoying every single one of her posts. She always has a few things to write about her day or her life in general, which I adore, as it makes me relate to her and makes this whole thing, more personal. If you haven’t seen her post regarding the BNVN already, I’m quoting her vision about this:

“I mentioned briefly yesterday the new Blogger & Vlogger Network that I have been working on for a while now with my wonderful colleagues from Spotlight Magazine, Trouble Dethly and Delicate Flower. BVN is a new support, education and networking resource for bloggers, vloggers and photographers in Second Life with a website packed full of useful tutorials and articles and a programme of live events including talks and panel discussions for designers and bloggers. Check out the website and suggest anything you would like to see and join the group in world to keep up to the date with the schedule of events and network with other like-minded bloggers and vloggers. I personally am very interested in learning more about vlogging so I am very much looking forward to Cassie Middles talk on transitioning to vlogging in a couple of weeks time.”

Source: https://theglamoursauce.com/2017/03/07/bright-lights/

I think you’ve probably seen a bunch of the Network’s posts on social media already, regarding discussions, blogger and vlogger opportunities, picturesque sims and basically anything blogger and vlogger related. There is an inworld group you join for free and you can then be up to date with everything or simply ask for assistance or advice on the matter.

Last Saturday they had invited 3 well established SL brand owners to talk about their perspective when it comes to blogging, to give and share some tips and ideas on how to represent a brand better and what they think bloggers should or should not do. I was out Saturday night and couldn’t attend, but the whole discussion was being streamed live and recorded on YouTube. I watched it last night and I was excited. There were a lot of interesting Q&As. On Tuesday, Strawberry Singh will be on the panel talking about social media and the use of them. Can’t wait.

Blogger & Vlogger Network’s social media




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A mention to this beautiful head is also important! Genesis Lab. participates in the new round of The Seasons Story which opens today. The new release is a skin applier, created and worn on Jane bento head. There is a shape included as always but, like all bento heads, you can also modify it to your liking. She comes in all available skin tones and she has a very youngish doll face that I love. Genesis Lab. skins are also pretty affordable compared to most skin stores on the grid. Price is usually 500L$ and the body appliers (all tones included on the hud) are 200L$ and sold separately for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza (Vista bento hands too).

That’s all for now peeps! Have a lovely day and be kind to one another. See you all soon.

HEAD: Genesis Lab. – Jane 3.2 (bento)

SKIN/SHAPE: Genesis Lab. – Elisa @The Seasons Story (NEW!) 

EYESHADOW: Genesis Lab. – Wet Eyeshadow (gacha common)

EYES: Genesis Lab. – Orpheus 3.0 (gacha common)

LASHES: Genesis Lab. – Annice 3.0 (gacha common)

HAIR: Photoshop hair by Rayne Morgan