Apartment no.6

Rora and I have known each other for a while now. She used to be my blogger manager and now she’s my good friend too. I have been stalking her and trying to pin her down to make a picture together for quite some time. I finally made it. This was one of the most enjoyable collaborations I’ve had so far. It took us a while but it was definitely worth it. Thank you for putting up with me and for being a doll!

This scene is by far one of my favorite. Soy collabed with Toro and created a neon apartment gacha for Kustom9. If you haven’t checked it out, you’re missing out. I added a few things from THOR too and everything was completed. Kustom9 ends on Monday so you should hurry.

neon with rora
click for full size

That’s all for now peeps. Have a lovely day and be kind to one another.



HEAD: .LeLutka. – Chloe 2.6 (bento)

HAIR: [taketomi] – Hera (group gift)

OUTFIT: AMITOMO – Focus on me @Kustom9 (gacha) (NEW!)



For Rora’s credits, please check her beautiful blog post


Soy + Toro. – Neon Night Apartment @Kustom9 (gacha) (NEW!) (ends April 10th)

Soy + Toro. Neon Night Apartment Skybox RARE
Soy + Toro. Metal Bed
Soy + Toro. potted butterfly palm
Soy + Toro. neon sign pinkpub
Soy + Toro. neon sign karaoke
Soy + Toro. neon sign ring-ring house
Soy + Toro. neon sign chinese restrant
Soy + Toro. Torovision TV
Soy + Toro. Plastic Chair
Soy + Toro. Old Foldable Table
Soy + Toro. Half-eaten Khao Phat
Soy + Toro. Heartshaped Ashtray
Soy + Toro. Unplugged Fan
Soy + Toro. mini kitchen sink
Soy + Toro.unwashed dishes
Soy + Toro. laundry basket
Soy + Toro. Hanged Calendars and etc.
Soy + Toro. water bamboo

..::THOR::.. – Man Cave Rules (SwagBag November 2016)

..::THOR::.. Magazines
..::THOR::.. Taxi Driver Poster
..::THOR::.. Bullitt Poster
..::THOR::.. Vintage Fridge with Giver
..::THOR::.. Semi-Acoustic Guitar (Juke)