Lefki means white in Greek. Metaphorically it can also mean clean, pure or innocent. Adjectives I’d love to use to describe me, but oh well who am I kidding? He he. I came up with that name for the obvious reasons. Even though I’m a huge fan of the color black, white is always nice to work with. Easy to combine, mix and match.


I’m going through a weird phase lately. I’m not sure whether it is an artist’s block or just exhaustion but I find myself being easily overwhelmed with everything and also, lacking of inspiration. I keep telling myself it will pass with time and I am taking it easy with posts but at the same time, so many things are being released every day that I can’t help it.


Nothing too serious though so let’s not worry about my imagination and let’s get to the stuff. Rumor has it The Epiphany sim is still full. Both sims actually. Doesn’t surprise me really, as this new round is pretty good, but don’t give up. You will get in eventually. It’s been a week now so access should get easier. Once you’re there, take your time and have a look at all the new releases. You won’t be disappointed for sure.

That would be all for now lovely people. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. See you all next time!

HEAD: Genesis Lab – Eva 3.1 (bento)

SKIN: Genesis Lab – KARINA @Shiny Shabby (NEW!) (shape is included)

EYES: Genesis Lab – PERFECT VISION @The Epiphany (NEW!) (gacha common)


HAIR: enVOGUE – Jacquelyn (NEW!)

GLASSES: Rebel Gal – Clear Square @The Epiphany (NEW!) (exclusive)

CHOKER: ERSCH – Leaf Fall Choker (past On9 – gacha rare)

JACKET: Pixicat – Sassy Jacket @The Epiphany (NEW!) (gacha rare)

JUMPSUIT: LAZYBONES – Madeline @The Epiphany (NEW!) (gacha common)

SHOES: friday – Nina

BACKDROP: MINIMAL – Sights Background @The Epiphany (NEW!) (exclusive)