Hope everyone had a great Christmas. I surely had a good one. Spent the day with family and friends, I ate and drank a lot and managed to catch up on my sleep too. Mission accomplished so far. I’m back to work tomorrow but I do feel better.

Since it’s the holidays I had to make this quick post for you all to see, in case you’re trying to find gifts for your friends. Giftcards are always a great option but THOR made a game that is worth having a look at.

You can buy it in the marketplace as well, but THOR has rezzed it at the entrance of his mainstore so you can all demo it.


So here’s how it works (copying THOR’S Notecard):

  1. Rez the Set On Ground (total prim with the Bricks Wall 7 Prims Land Impact  / 3 prims without the Wall)
  2. Mandatory to play the Game are:
    a)..::THOR::.. Pop Corky Game (Giver)
    b)..::THOR::.. Pop Corky Game (Barrel)
  3. Touch the Giver to deliver the Thrower [ ..::THOR::.. Bottle Cap Thrower (wear-me!) ]
  4. Accept it and wear as is or add it (worn on right hand)
  5. Once worn the system will log you automatically to the Game Server, the chat will announce the login.
  6. You have two Game Modes, you can select these clicking the barrel, touching the barrel will display a menu:
    a)Wild Mode: no turns, just throw the corks, the first player that reaches the target point wins.
    b)Turns Mode : Starting from the 1st logged player all player will throw and following the login order. The 1st player that at the end of the turns reaches the target point wins.
  7. Hover Text on the barrel will display the player points and turn.
  8. Go Mouselook and hold left mouse button to charge throw power. Min Power is 1, Max power is 12. Avatar will play a “charge” animation, point the Crosshair in the desired position, Avatar arms will be in “aiming position”, Upon the right hand you will see the |||||||||||| increasing till the maximum allowed (12). Of course you can release the hold before it reaches the Max to launch the corks at lower speed. Once the left mouse button is release, the avatar will play a throw animation, throwing the cork. While flying the cork will leave a trail (it will vanish in 7 seconds) to allow the players to see the  the ballistic trajectory, and adjust the aim in the following shots.
    //////////////////  Other Options  //////////////////
    1. Touch the Barrel for menu (just logged player will be able to display a menu)
    a) Select the Target Hit Point : 50 or 100
    b) Select : Reset to Reset the game
    (Game will store anyway the game mode set in his long term memory)

Hope you like it and have fun!

HEAD: CATWA – Catya  v1.05

HAIR: Exile – Eyes On Me @C88 (NEW!)

OUTFIT: LYBRA – Heather @TLC (NEW!) (ends December 30th)

SHOES: phedora – Monique

 BUILD: THOR – Pop Corky Game