Yes, Forever, because this is how long some days feel. Isn’t it totally unfair that time passes so fast when you’re having a great time and the exact opposite happens when you’re not? Some days at work, I’m staring at the clock on the wall, thinking that if I had any super powers, time control or anything to get me out of here, now it would be the perfect time to come out! However, it is Friday – TGIF – so I’ll stop whining, go to work (although I’m pretty sure I’m working tomorrow as well) and think of new ways to control time. Or what other cool super powers I’d love to have. Meanwhile, On9 opens today and I wanted to show you all some of the new releases. It is a holiday round which means you get event exclusives plus gifts from the designers. Group join is required but it is free. Type On9 Fan Club in group search and knock yourselves out.


The dress and fur I’m wearing are from Ana Markova, available in many colors and for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and TMP mesh bodies. You can also wear the fur in two different ways, either on your shoulders – sort of like a cape, or the normal way – like a jacket. Have a look at it here. The shoes are also new from Garbaggio, and as always, in many different colors to meet your needs. Bracelets are new from Kunglers available in 3 different options.


Now to the rest of the stuff. The skin applier is by PUMEC and comes from her Chapter Four gacha. A pretty big gacha for sure. You can get skin appliers (clean versions) as rares or make up huds, ears and eyes for commons. You can have a look at the gacha key here. Tattoo is also gacha from Nanika for the Liaision Collaborative. As always, she never disappoints. This is her gacha key.


Last but not least, Limit 8 has opened yesterday, which features exclusives from your favorite designers but limited in limited copies (I believe 200). That means that as soon as the copies run out, they won’t be available for sale any more. Two of the designers participating are Dead Dollz and Astralia. They collaborated with the gloves/nails I’m wearing. So if you’re interested, you have to hurry!

That would be all for now. Have a nice day/night everyone and a wonderful weekend. I’ll see you all next time.

HEAD: CATWA – Dyana V4.10

HAIR: Besom – Debrossi


DRESS/FUR: AnaMarkova – Marlena @On9 (NEW!)

BRACELETS: Kunglers – Efigenia @On9 (NEW!)

SHOES: Garbaggio – Lauren Pumps @On9 (NEW!)

TATTOO: Nanika – Lera @TLC (NEW!)

GLOVES: Dead Dollz – Lych @Limit 8 (NEW!)

CLAWS: Astralia – Minx @Limit 8 (NEW!)