One of the reasons why I barely go to sims to take pictures is crash issues. I take my pictures on ultra settings but apparently that is too much for my poor computer to handle. I really hate it as it limits me photography/blogging wise but at the same time it challenges me too.

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Using my studio is more convenient for sure but does keep me to myself. There are so many sims, especially winter themed ones now, perfect for photography, that I do visit but don’t even dare to take a picture in them. In fact, Soul Crimson recently made a list of all winter sims now available on SL. You can have a look at it here. Thank you Soul, that’s pretty awesome!

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One of the sims in the list belongs to Kess Crystal, the awesome blogger I’ve been stalking for a while now. Oops, she probably didn’t know that but now it’s out, hehe. It’s called Take Heart and you should read her post on how she came up with it and more info about it. I visited her sim as soon as she opened it (I even had an early access to it, yay me) but the night that I did, I crashed 23 times trying to take a picture in it. I know, I know, don’t blame the sim, and I’m not, but don’t ask me to fix my computer or upgrade it or whatever. I can’t do it. Computers and their service belong to the list of things I will never understand nor am I willing to.


Surprisingly though, being the daredevil that I am, this time I tried my luck and revisited for this post. Panavia released a big, beautiful winter tree for the Draftsman event and as always, I was challenged to make an outdoors picture. Take Heart was the first sim that came in mind and phew, I was successful. Managed to take a couple of pictures without crashing once! You can find the landmark of it in the credits below. Make sure you stop by, you won’t regret it.

That would be all for now everyone. Have a nice day/night and see you all next time.


HEAD: CATWA – Dyana V4.10

SKIN/MAKE-UP: Insol – Sarah @Tres Chic (NEW!)

HAIR: Wasabi Pills – Aspen

TOP: Stories&Co. – Sasha Tunic (LuxeBox November ’16)

TREES: Panavia – Winter Tree “Fagus”@Draftsman (NEW!)

SHOT AT: Take Heart