2016 Lessons Work never ends. Will always be there, no matter how much you try to get rid of it. Money doesn’t buy happiness but definitely helps you find it. When you have faith, anything is possible. People can actually be nice to you for no hidden reason. This is a damaged world I live in but there is still hope. True friends can be more important than family. 2017 Resolutions Take care of myself. Sleep and eat more, worry and stress less. Catch up on my dancing. Been so long I wonder if I fit in my pointes. Remind … Continue reading Yamas


The days before New Year’s have proved to be hectic. Work is crazy, I’m so behind on everything I’m supposed to do before Saturday, yet my will to take/make/post pictures never stops. I guess it’s some kind of therapy during the stressful times and as long as it’s not becoming a chore, I’m not planning to stop. That probably explains my constant blogging lately although I could use a few more hours of sleep. Otherwise I will need tons of make up on Saturday night. He he. This post features Lybra’s new release for Shiny Shabby. It’s a corset with … Continue reading Ava


I guess this is one of the moments when you’re supposed to say “It’s not what it looks like” but that is not the case with this picture. He he. Don’t judge! First of all,  isn’t creativity, part of being a blogger? Coming up with new, mainstream ideas in order to showcase specific products etc? Second of all, I’m a big girl and my dad doesn’t read my blog so I can get away with it unless one of you tells him! So, ladies focus on the shorts that perfectly cover the buttocks and the boots that so sexily caress … Continue reading Ascenseur


Month is about to end and so are a bunch of events on SL. We Love Roleplay is one of them, so I wanted you to see a couple more of the releases before the round ends. The event will skip January round so we will all have to wait until February to get brand new stuff. N-uno is one of the stores participating regularly for the last couple of rounds. In this one, with a dress and a jacket. An lar poses too with a set of very picturesque poses. The leggings are a new release from Blueberry and … Continue reading Onyx


Hope everyone had a great Christmas. I surely had a good one. Spent the day with family and friends, I ate and drank a lot and managed to catch up on my sleep too. Mission accomplished so far. I’m back to work tomorrow but I do feel better. Since it’s the holidays I had to make this quick post for you all to see, in case you’re trying to find gifts for your friends. Giftcards are always a great option but THOR made a game that is worth having a look at. You can buy it in the marketplace as … Continue reading Corky