I don’t like changes. I don’t like the routine either, but at least with it I know what to expect and there are no surprises. Changes sometimes, are for the best. It’s up to each and every one of us to be the judges of that. Time also tells. All we have to do is trust our instincts and listen to our hearts.

There have been many changes lately. First change, there is a new President of the U.S.A. And frankly, one I wouldn’t vote for. I am worried that he will be catastrophic for the world, but I’m also positive that things will change again. Let’s just hope and most importantly, be united. Worst thing that could happen now, is people fighting each other, arguing and trying to figure out what went wrong. It’s been decided. No reason for everyone to argue. Instead be kind to one another and see how you can change things for the best. Second change, as you have all probably read in Jules’ post last night, she’s starting her own new blog named Sunshine & Sparkles. I have already received some messages, asking me if I’m ok, if Jules and I are good and still friends, what happened and we’re splitting blogs etc. I really appreciate the concern and I thank you for it. Well the truth is, she did sleep with the boyfriend that I DON’T have. She did drink my coffee this morning, she wore the clothes I hung on the door to wear at work and above all, she ate my cookie! He he!

Jokes aside, splitting blogs is something Jules and I have been talking for a long time now. We started this blog together. Her help and support on the blog have been incredible! She’s the one that encouraged me to start blogging in the first place. She would do credits on my posts, proofread them, link me to feeds, give me tips and ideas, she has been a wonderful partner and an even more wonderful friend. But, people grow and change. Both Jules and I have learned a lot throughout these months of our blogging experience. We’ve both developed our own unique styles and we’re both evolving in our own different time and way. That’s the main reason why we both needed a different platform for showcasing our styles and to blossom even more. It was something that had to be done immediately, before more time passes and then it would be too late to start something new. We both also strongly believe that this will bring us even closer to each other. Supporting each other’s posts, following each other’s ideas and watching each other’s growth. Please, follow her blog and show her the amazing support you’ve showed me, as she deserves it all.

Now, a few words for this post. The dress I’m wearing is the latest release from Lybra for the Crossroads event. It’s available for your Maitreya mesh body only, in 12 different colors. The hair is from Besom from the collaboration with Reign. Comes with an unrigged mask to match Reign’s bodysuit. Shoes are an old release from another collaboration between Vinyl and Azuchi.

That would be all for now. Have a nice day/night and see you all next time.

click for full size

HEAD: Catwa – Dyana V4.10

HAIR: Besom – Glam Kitten

DRESS: Lybra – Kyra @The Crossroads (NEW!)

FUR: Dead Dollz – Quinn Fur (gacha) (not for sale anymore)

SHOES: Vinyl & Azuchi – Khaela Shoes

9 thoughts on “Changes

  1. Admit it the deal breaker was the coffee wasn’t it? not the none existant BF or the clothes, or even the cookie but the coffee 😛 lmao great post babes, I too have had a few asking the same “are you and E ok” 🙂 your my bestie, my brat, the little sister I feel protective of and will always always be beside you supporting you every step, same as I know you will for me too. Love ya huni ♥ *hugs you extra tight*

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  2. I’m sort of a newbie to both your blogs, but it’s nice to see you both continuing your journey together despite the separation of blogs. I look forward to seeing you both evolve and show us your styles. 🙂

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