Time for some chess! I used to remember how to play chess – I never really loved it and I was horrible at it – but it has been so long since I last played that I’ve forgotten it completely. In Greek, we use the French expression “Roi Mat” instead of Checkmate. This was my idea for this picture. Queen threatens King, King loses, bows to the Queen and Queen takes King’s crown.

I have mentioned before how psyched I get when I’m given so unique and special creations to work with. This was the case here as well, as Evolove collaborated with Nunu skins and created a wonderful gacha for the Tres Chic event. Consists of 13 gachas (1 ultrarare, 3 rares and 9 commons), all very impressive. The concept is the obvious. Chess! So you get the chessboard, the beautifully designed Evolove poses for pawns and the detailed designed Nunu skins. Skins are compatible with your Catwa, Akeruka or any omega compatible mesh heads and your Belleza, Maitreya, Slink or any omega compatible mesh female bodies (same appliers for the gents, but it’s also compatible with the Adam mesh body). You can have a better look at the gacha key here.

That’s all for now, I’ll see you all next time!

Have a nice day and be kind to one another.

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HEAD: CATWA – Sarah V4.10

SKIN: [evoLove] & Nunu – Black Skin (gacha ultrarare) @Tres Chic (NEW!)

POSE: [evoLove] & Nunu – Queen (gacha rare) (includes Crown) @Tres Chic (NEW!)


SKIN: [evoLove] & Nunu White Skin (gacha rare) @Tres Chic (NEW!)

POSE: [evoLove] & Nunu – Pawn 3 (gacha common) @Tres Chic (NEW!)

(King’s sword and crown are included in the gacha common King pose)


CHESS BOARD: [evoLove] & Nunu – Chess Board (gacha rare) @Tres Chic (NEW!)

BLACK PAWN: ::db:: – Decorative Chess Figur

WHITE PAWNS: Perkins Creations – Pawn Chess Piece