“I came to photography by accident”

Eve Arnold

To be honest, I don’t consider myself a photographer. First of all, I know nothing about photography, second of all, my photo editing skills are limited and barely qualify me as a photographer. If there’s a title I must have, I’d prefer blogger. This is a blog and I’m writing on it. Plain and simple.

I started this in April 2016 and I’ve been a SL member since February 2016 . That means I was 2 months old when I first started blogging and I’ve been blogging now for seven months. I went back to my first posts/pictures, some of them are not even uploaded and would be long gone and deleted by now if it wasn’t for Jules. I remember like yesterday my conversation with her, where I was telling her I hated my pictures back then and I would delete them all. Jules, being the wise and amazing person that she is, told me “No, you keep them, to remind you where you were then and where you are now”. And she’s right. Going back to them, reminded me of all the struggling and experimenting trying to take a picture only and also all the fun I had making them. They also encourage me to keep doing this and try harder to be better. Watching yourself evolve and grow and your work being acknowledged and appreciated by, at least some, people, is a wonderful feeling.

This would be a great opportunity to thank from the bottom of my heart all of you wonderful people who spend a few minutes to actually read this, who follow and trust me for their SL experiences and keep inviting me back. I wouldn’t be who I am today without all of your love and support.

Today’s picture happened by accident. I had made a cute scene using Thor’s new releases (check credits below) for another project and I was about to wrap it up when I got my hands on the new release from Lybra for Haus of Swag event. So figured, why not, just sit down and take one more picture! It’s a comfy sweater, available for Maitreya only, in 12 colors and plain or striped versions. Dead Dollz leggings and legwarmers completed the comfy look I was going for, perfectly. Hair is new from Besom for the Epiphany. The skin applier is new release from Genesis Lab for the Keily head at Kustom9 event. Like every other Genesis skin applier though, I would highly recommend trying it on any Genesis version 2.0 head you may have, as you might be surprised with how good it looks.

That’s all for now and see you all next time. Until then be well and kind to one another.


click for full size

HEAD: Genesis Lab – Keily 2.0

SKIN: Genesis Lab – Milana @Kustom9 (NEW!)

HAIR: BESOM – Bae (gacha common) @The Epiphany (NEW!)

SWEATER: Lybra – Marta @Haus Of Swag (NEW!)

LEGGINGS: Dead Dollz – Fame Leggings @The Crossroads (ends October 28th) (NEW!)

LEGWARMERS: Dead Dollz – Fame Legwarmers @The Crossroads (ends October 28th) (NEW!)

Decor is from the scene I created using Thor’sย  – So Shabby Set – for the new round of Shiny Shabby Event. You’ll get a better look at it in one of my upcoming posts but, until then, have a look here.